Monday, December 31, 2012

In the White Room

I have not sat down yet and thought about the best and worst of the year. 
Unfortunately as I get older and older it is harder and harder for me to 
remember what happened last week,, one of the reasons that my race reports are 
not as in depth and play by play as others. 
What I do know is yesterday I came out of retirement and strapped on my
tele skis and went and played with the young boy. 
I was nervous at first having been six years since i rode a chair and slid down a hill. 
Now where were going only claims around 345 feet vertical but when it comes to a cool 

funky little ski hill... Bruce Mounds was a good time.
The boy and I hit the T-bar right off the front and he show his old man what he could do. 
For the Rocket this was only his fifth day on skis and I am so impressed on how well he can handle him self. I am not sure if the skiing DNA can be pass on but if it can he sure has it. 
We made our way over to the chair and tackled the big hill,, which again for where we are I was impressed. We recently had gotten some fresh snow and they had the snow cannons a blazing. 
I wish that I had turned on my GPS so we could have tracked how many laps that we did,, all I know is we were getting dizzy with all the laps. I even found a small run with some nice pockets of fresh untouched powder for my knee dropping turns. 
It was fun and both the Rocket and I can't wait to get back on the sticks and make some turns. 
He asked why can't he ski everyday,, I smiled and said someday,, and then thought oh crap
don't want him to end up like his dad,, a recovering powder-hound. 

Friday, December 28, 2012


Three day work outs are the shizle and should be in effect every week of the year. 
I have to say that I have much better days when I don't punch the clock five days. 
Speaking of good days or bad days it looked like a tough day for racing in Belgium today 
and Sven was having a hard time and then this happened..
This guy little Rocket has been having some good days learning to slid down the slopes and ride the chair lift. At the end of todays lesson he did not want to be done and wants more and more. 
As a recovering downhiller still in a 12 step program I worry about what could happen.
Sounds as if I may be falling off the wagon on sunday and sliding with him here..
Now if his uncle could just get the helmet sent to him I could stop  renting them.. 
Grover that mean you. 
More of the white stuff fell from the sky and it was the light and fluffy kind which made for
a super fun commute to work.. Saw a few accidents but no problems here just kept spinning the 53x24 and got to work.
Home was a bit more tricky with the snow turning to slush and in places having the consistency of mashed potatoes which can 
pull you in some funky directions. 
Regardless after getting home and having fun in the snow I wanted more. 
And much like in the summer months I did a superman change from one super suit to another and headed out for a xc ski. 
Was able to do a lap as the light went away and then back to the car to get my light.  It was by far one of the best skis of my short season. Snow falling and dancing in the LED rays strapped to my head...and I went with out music and due to the clouds the air was quite and still.
Going to wax up the sticks and get more tomorrow. Got to love it. 
Like the cool kids say I like to move it move it ....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Back to work after a nice six day staycation.  I know a few things in life and one is
that no matter how you shake it below zero is below zero.
With that said,, I am layered up like a seven layer cake,, and thanks to the holiday binge their is a 
nice layer of fat to help keep me warm.
Don't get me wrong I got a good bunch of skiing over this time off from 
work but any calories that were taken off were
put right back on. 
Now more than ever time to get moving and planing for the up coming season
is now.. as Fu Manchu says "the Action is Go"
Hope everyone had a good celebration  with friends and family and 
all travels were safe.. Now I must go and polish some turds.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

HeRe Like It Or Not

The Snow came and went and it was more blow than show... As of wednesday night the new was
calling for up to 16inches of snow and blizzard conditions. Schools closed and travel was not recommended.
Woke up Thursday to little to no snow on the ground and no work.. 
Snow Day!
The Rocket and I moved snow and then got on bikes and tooled around the hood,,shortly
joined by the pip..
By the time that it was all said and done I think that we ended up with 6inches of snow.. and that works out to an inch of snow  for each of the days that I have off of work...
I have my XC skis ready to go and the sun is shining on the shortest day of the year.
It should be a test of fitness and leg strength as I will head up to the home of SSUSA to go ski at ST Marys. The hills don't stop and the grooming is world class.
Tomorrow will mark the first day on sticks for the boy but,,,not the xc style we are going to send him out on some downhill gear and see what he thinks.. I truly think that he is going to love it as the gravity bug runs deep in the family jeans.  For me I have my lift access gear ready to go,,, but not sure when I will hit the slopes for the first time in 5+ years.  My plan is to the Levis Mound and ski the 30k of skate trails that they have all set up and ready to go.
I got my Pickle in the mail yesterday and as stated it wont be taken off anytime soon..
The world has not ended yet so get out
and enjoy the return of the LIGHT!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Weather man says that the S#!t is about to hit the fan here in the Drifless region
but by the time it is all over we will be more drift full..
Blizzard warnings have been blasting my phone all afternoon and I wonder if this is going to 
be the Armageddon that the Mayans spoke of. 
My biggest dilemma is how in the hell and I going to get to work. I Have not driven a car
to work in well over a year and a half. And I a have not dove into the fat bike Koolaid. 
My current snow bike has 32mm cx tires and a 53x22 and this may bring a bit of pain to the legs.
May have to after dinner play with gearing to get things right. The news is telling people not to drive,, unless it is an emergency... Funny that is what I do for work and I am pretty sure that they will
have me out and about driving in places that should not be driven in. 
But all this said it should hopefully mean that the skinny skis will get to come out and play. 
I have been aching to ski and with five days off  from work I should get my wish. 
Bench is set up and wax is ready to get melted,, I know the boy wants to wax up
his new sticks and get to sliding. 
Until then I need to figure out if and how I am going to be riding to work or if I 
just need to break down and drive a car,,,,Boo to that.. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tickle my Pickle

I had to take a deep breath yesterday AM when I woke up to the 
sound of Rain drops pinging off the Air Conditioner. It has happened three years in a row if not more.
We get some good snow in December nice deep snow pack good for skiing or what ever it 
is you do with the white stuff. 
This year it did not even last a week,,we got six inches last sunday and things looked good,,
like we would be skiing both down hills and on the xc gear. 
But after yesterday morning it is all gone except for a few piles on
some north facing aspects. 
Working over over the ski tuning bench I started playing the old switch-a-roo with tires and
With the King/Hed wheels back on the Gunnar I made a break for the last few minutes of daylight. It has been a few months since I rode a shifting bike let alone a true road bike. 
Felt real real good to get out and spin the legs and take in the mid december air. 
The one positive from the rain is that most of the salt and deicing material was washed off the roads.
Quite damp roads took me up in to a cloud and light precep. With my music turned down I could hear the sound of angry bees chasing me through the Coulee .
Not sure what today will bring,, going to do a quick family Christmas with Anna's family
and then the Pack plays, who knows with all of that I may need to get out again.
I did this morning find the Pickle Have you?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Not Sure Why?

Sitting down in front of the computer I was getting ready to 
type a bunch of words and rants like I normally do about bikes 
and riding them and things like that.
But as I sit back and scratch my brain I think WHY???
Today..... after another mindless act of Violence and Senseless Rampage that
has turned peoples life's upside down and inside out.
Nothing that I think or will say can mean anything. 
I am 
shocked and stunned
and trying to figure out how I am going to explain to my 
eight year old son what happened.
is all I can 
come up with.
I am saddened......... No Fiscal Cliff or he said she said
political bull shit can add up to the pain and suffering that these kids and familys
but mostly kids will live with for the rest of their lives. 
We should be a people of great good and care..
Not pain and destruction.
What I try to bring to you here who ever you are that reads my ramblings is a 
positive outlook and enforce that each day counts and make the most of them.
Hug your kids,, tell your parents that you care about them
pay the love forward,, 
No one should have to suffer like the family's in Connecticut are today.  
Love makes the wheels go round and round.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Girls

Kwood wife of Hollywood Henderson has brought some new goods to market.
Check out what these ladies are doing and while you are 
there grab a Shirt for the cyclist in your life.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bandit Crossing

So damn glad that I got one last Mountain Bike ride in before the winter blew in. 
It was a long and fun year on the fat tires and now it is time for the bike to get cleaned up and 
start think and planing for next year. 
I got out saturday morning before the sun broke through the clouds and the woods were
quite and the trail was still frozen so not a single knobie left a mark in the dirt.
Followed the day up with some enchilada's  and then a spin over to the Moon with my Sweet Lady for beer and wings that never got ordered. 
Riding home through the hood it was all lit up with holiday cheer, and with no snow on the ground and warm temps sure seemed like winter was never going to come. 
The we went to bed and woke up to a winter wonderland.
After moving some snow off the driveway the boy and I headed out to ride our neighborhood cross course, with the white stuff flying and piling up on the ground it sure changed the way our wheels moved. And it made for some great snowballs.. 

Knowing that the commute to work would be one for the story books with the snow falling all through the day, I knew that I needed something to get me to work. 
Not wanting to destroy my cross bike for the forth year in a row I started digging around the garage to see what I could put together. 
Pull the winter commuting wheels out of storage and took the Vittoria CX wheels off my King Wheels and got to work.  This here bike is something that came about years ago and has never really had a purpose... With a few tweaks and  some spare parts I got it up and running. As a winter commuter it will work,, could use some studs  but with out it will just make for some more funner spinning.

Winter is here at least for now so time for crazy commutes and if and only if the snow holds we will be sliding on snow on waxed missiles..

Going to leave you with one From Jeff at All City and Bike Jerks he has the right idea.

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.


Friday, December 7, 2012


Winter has no desire to show it's head in these here parts,, so this guy is making hay while the sunshine's ..I have been finding deep solace in morning spins up the quarry road avoiding the crappy morning traffic and getting to climb one of my favorite hills. 
I can leave the house in a crappy mood about work,, bills,,, kids,,etc,,, and  the next thing that I know smiles are stretching across my face,,,,,,,,,that is until I get to the job site.  
I dream about stuff take in the fresh air do dandy boy moves and just take in the freedom that is 
wheeling around. 

Fixing things i think is a noble trade ,,, even when the stuff that i am wrenching on is nothing but a big pile (fill in the Blank)...
I at times think of my wrench friends in all the bike shops all across this land that have to hoist up a Magma or Freespirit or even the walmart Schwinn. 
I can see their faces drop to the floor as they have to true some shitty wheels or re-cable the pos..
But the funny thing is it could be a Madone or a some fancy full boinger or even worse the racer guy who does not clean it after a nasty race and can't figure out why it does not shift. 
It all boils down to things break and need to be fixed,,,cheep or through the roof expensive. 
When it is all said and done and the day is done being able to unwind and forget it and let
all slide off like you like you are made of Teflon is key.
And once again it is the bike that unlocks the door to sanity. 
Walking out the door I can make the choice to just hit the path and head home or I can 
turn the opposite direction and head through town and back up the bluff... then I can make the choice of single track fun or just bombing down some loose gravely fun. 
If all goes well my week is full of ups and downs and all on two wheels,, and if winter does not want to come and make things impassable these knobies are going to keep on spinning. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I keep telling my self that as for now the season is over and it is time to shift gears and do something else for awhile. But this keep looming in the distance and with the severe OCD that i have 
I keep looking at it.
No No I say 85 dollars for a 40 minute race is too damn much.. I am going to save my dollars and 
go on sunday and Heckle my friends and shake hands and slap palms with the
sponsor folks who will be in the 608 for this big event.
Unit till the next line up work will be done on two wheels and in the mid-evil chamber of pain.
And hopefully sooner than later the work bench will be changed from a tool shop to a wax bench 
but would require snow??

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fading Lines Taned

I know my place and I know where I am the happiest..  That being said I want to spend every day that I can in that happy place.  I finished off my work day and headed home on my SSCX with a 
light on my head I rode into the darkness. Last time I checked I is December but other than the lack of daylight you would not know that with the 60 degree temps and rain showers we got today.
Only two
days out since my last race of the season and I can already fell that felling of " what in the hell am I going to do now?" I spent yesterday chilling and playing with the boy,, we made our own urban cross course across the way at the middle school,,,,sure is a shame that kids bikes are so damn heavy.. I have been stretching him on a mid-evil rack so he can get on to a snappper bike..
Saturday was full of Cross Bike Racing ToMfOolery..  A windy chill day in the 612 and a well though out cross course.. The boys who put this one together used every inch of every bit of off camber tight twisty sandy bits of fun that they could.  After Checking in with the Twin Six Crew,
we (pip) set off to watch the 3's race,, what a kick ass race it was as we got to watch the young Bavers hit the Top Step with Hwood on the third step,,! Good Job you Red Headed Stud!
I was up next and was stoked when I got my call to the line, and what a line it was,,, next to me was Dan C World Track Champ and Brandon K the winner of the ROY and the Raganork,, Ezzra T on his crazy wide handle bars that give the man so much torque and another 25+ guys ready for a ton of pain.  Brandon punched it right at the start and we were off,, a small group of around 8 or so formed until we it the sandpit for the first time,,,, here things stretched out a bit and we all came back together at the stairs.  By the back side the yo-yo was in full effect. i could see the lead group for the next 4 laps but could never bring back.. I sat for a while where I wanted to be on Dan Casper's wheel,, he would pull on the flat straight and I would ride the more techy stuff,, but duder is strong and running a tooth or two more and was 
able to ride away after the sand pit with two to go.. 
I came in where I normally du Seven,, so yes it was another ride of Sevin Curran.
For a Cross season that was thrown together at the last minute I think that I did well over the 6 weeks of racing.. Had some moments where I felt fast and like I knew what I was doing ,,,,then others when I just wished the bike would break in two.. The level of riding and riders was top notch and the singlespeed class was riding as hard if not harder than the 1-2's. 
I am thankful for the weekends of fun seeing teammates and old/new friends.... For beating my body and equipment,, for going crossed eye off the line and smiling the whole time. 
I could not do it with out the support of my family here at home and all the kind sponsors who keep me moving..   Two Thousand and Twelve's racing may be over but the next season is just about to begin and start all over.. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

TaStE Of pAiN

Tomorrow may be the last line up and last number pinning for me this season. 
Heading up once again to the 612 for the Mn State CX Championships.
There are more races or at least one more this season,, here in Wisco, but for what it is worth it has been a long long season of racing and it  may be time for a  break. 
Pip and I may head over to Madtown for the National Race the first week of January,
but my desire to spend a bunch of dough to race just is not their.
If registered with in the next week it is only 65$ but it is also a new year so a renew of ones
USA Cycling license which is another 150 so by the time it is all said and done I would have over Two Hundred dollars wrapped up in to a CX race... The math just does not add up.
But tomorrow should be fun,,,,,this race has been one that for years that I have wanted to do and now that Pip has a rig and enjoys the pain we can head up and Party On with the rest of the Hollywood Cycles crew.
Bikes are tuned cleaned and ready to go,, weather will be somewhat good mild temps and a slight chance of rain. So bring it on make it hurt fell the pain and ears ringing and the tasted of blood in the back of my mouth.
I am ready and the bike is ready time for game on. It will be METAL! and it will hurt but it has all been fun..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For the past few years now I have been working with the good folks at Chris King..
Is was kind of a dream come true to have one of if not the best and most progressive companys
stand up and help promote an independent racer. 
When it comes to the gear Hubs, Headsets, or Bottom Brackets I never have to 
worry about performance when it comes race day.
Here is a link to their Chris King Buzz Blog.
Take a look and check out some of the other post, as they show you the cycling world through their eyes. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


It is time for some detox.....after a week long gorging of food and drink I feel like a 
sloth.  I even make sure that I move everyday but I think that the consumption out weighs the motion. 
I was the only one in the house that had to work on Black Sabbath Friday and it was a slog of a day fixing and working on more than my fair share of stuff, and all I wanted was a midday winter nap. 
And after crashing out early that evening I was ready to go saturday morning. It would be the first weekend in five or so that we did not have any racing so the whole weekend would be free to do what ever.  With the sun shining the Pip and headed out on cross bikes to smell the fresh air. The only issue was that air was colder than either of us expected,, not a whole lot of warming up happened until we go to the hill of Bliss. Climbing always makes things get warmer that is until you get to the ridge top and the wind blows right through you.
Zipping through the quarry on skinny tires is a blast and makes you have to think quickly about where you place those tires. We only bumped in to one group of hunters who had a buck in a sled and were working their asses off to drag the thing out of the brush.  I was so happy to make it home and warm up with some Whiskey and second thanksgiving which was as always super kick ass. 
Sunday was mountain bikes,, I can't even remember my last Mtb ride. Felt real real good to be on the fat tires. The climb up the quarry hill did suck but it did not hurt me as much as it kicked the Pips ass. 
The woods were quite with most hunters being done as it was the last day of the nine day hunting season.  Fat tires Fat Bellys and much needed rest. Now it is time for a mental shift and that detox so I can get 
ready for the SSCX Champ race this saturday.. Hope I remember how good that pain feels. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


A seat at the table? Flashing back through years and years of family and friends.
Many things to be happy and thankful for.
I miss my grandma and hope that my grandpa can get through his 
days on earth all alone. 
This will be the last Thanksgiving where the whole family is 
together,, Pip will come home from college next year and we will be all back as a unit. 
What holds this family together is strength and determination and the ability
to get Rad on two wheels. 
We will not take part in spending america back to health on friday.. We will celebrate Black Sabbath Friday and instead of shopping we will be rocking. 
This week of rest will becoming to an end and the it will be time to get back firing up the engine
and getting ready for one last CX fight. 
Pin it on line it up and go fast!
Be good to everyone do nice things eat lots of food.. Remember what is important in life it is not stuff.
As a wise man once said " you are not what you own " !!
Go fast and have fun..   

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pins and Needles

Plans change people change and hair styles change.. and after some soul searching of what to do with the boy(Rocket) we decided to drive up north to get into some more cross racing.
A bit of pavement was in between us and what some were calling one of the worst cross events on the MCF's calendar, but with Jingle CX out of the picture it was my only shot at some more practice.
Barry,, one of my Hollywood Teammates was planing on being there and I knew that later in the day that I could take the boy to the science museum,,,since were going to be in the big city. 
The venue was not to far away from where I spent most of my young and I got 
to point out different sk8 spots and talk in my old man voice of "back when I was a Kid"..
They had a super cool park for running and playing and before I knew it James was the 
pied piper was a flock of kids doing is bidding. 
After meeting up with Barry we got a good look at the course and the first thing I noticed was that the barriers were taller than normal and all on up hills which was going to make for some interesting jumping as the race went on. 
Smaller fields were on the line with the most of the CX riders down south and the rest fizzling out.
The turnout was so small they were saying that 1-2 race would not happen.
Got some help on the line getting my number straightened out as this mountain biker still does not know how to pin a number and we were off. 
Barry and got to the front and worked together through the single track and over the sand pits. 
Thirty minutes in we came through to see we had five to go,, which means the officials decided to make it an hour race,, and more than anything it meant the suffering would continue longer. 
As it all shuffled out Barry and I came up the last run up together and being gassed and not wanting it have to sprint up hill to get the win I wave my teammate on. 
Five weeks of racing and racing hard now I get to take a bit of break as it is hunting season and i don't want to be in the woods. 
December 1 is the Minnesota State Champ race and I hope that I am going to be read.. As for know I am tired and ready to put my mind brain to sleep.. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Older Men

Paper cuts are annoying especially when all you want to do is break down all the beer boxes that have stacked up in front of the beer fridge. Trying to save time in a bottle or for that matter a 12oz can can make you run in circles. Never seems to be enough time to du the things you want to 
The Darkness is almost coming to an end, a touch over a month and 
Light will start making it's return.
As said before I have been bitten by the cross bug and have been having a 
good time on the skinny tires fighting the onegear to get to the finish. 
Now my last minute thrown together of a season I over looked that the famous Jingle Cross 
was moved to the week before Thanksgiving. I was planing for an escape from the holiday, and some Pure Sweet Pain for CX racing. 
Unfortunately I was late on planing and just can't get it thrown together. 
A bit of a bummer after four strong weeks and feeling pretty good on and off the bike. 
Last sunday was a workout and I want more.   
There is a race up in the cities not to far from where I grew up and I could see the boy and I heading up and getting in line to go. Before I know it the Mn State race will be here and then Nationals here in Wisco.
One of my trips of the stairs as the Hecklers were doing their job I was not only told I was winning the old man race but also told that I had the Raddest Bike.. Yep 10 year old CX with a Quill some Shiny King Hubs and Hed Wheels and a Thomson Post attached to San Marco saddle yep
Pretty Kick Ass.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rather Ripped

Week four in a row of Cross racing,,,, This time the whole family went over to Ripon to see what will be the new home of Sophia and for me and the kid to do some racing. 
For the kid it was going to be her first ever cross race and other than some practice on saturday
it was going to be trail by fire. 
The course was one like I had never seen before... A set of double stairs,,with a landing in the middle
a volleyball pit twice in a lap and a decent down some sketchy single track.. 
The kid did awesome just settling in and fighting through the pain,, her soon to be team and new Coach rallied around and cheered her on. 
For me I was on the line with 8 or 9 college kids and only two other 1-2's.
I learned right from the start that I was way over geared,, more than I have ever been.
And after watching Drew go down pretty hard I just rode to get some work in. 
The race took you through one of the dorm quads and the students were out ringing cowbells and shouting. There were places to get rad and catch some air and the old guy was having fun until
I almost ate shit going down the single track back to the football field. 
Flatted with one lap to go and made it to the pit and swapped out my front wheel,, the Official was confused and said that I was done,, which he later learned that I was not and just placed me where I was. 
Now the question is what to do now,, Jingle Cross is next weekend and me and the boy would have to go together as momma is out of town or I could just take a week off... 
Only issue with that their wont be much racing before the Mn state chams race. 
I'll get it all figured out. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He Double Hockey Sticks

I have got a bit of the  bug..  The Cyclocross bug.
I got a late start but I am also not going to be guy on July fifth gluing tires and getting all excited for cross season.
This last week was the self proclaimed Midwest Single Speed CX Championship. 
For me it was the third time for to try to come out on top.  No riding in the velodrome this year but they found a good way to kick or asses. 
Some high speed straight-a-ways tight curves,, and obstetrical made for a hard lap.
Found my self up towards the front and trying to manage the pain. At some point in time 
I missed a wheel and just that fast I was in nomansland. 
I want more ....more of that feeling when the official says 30 seconds. Then go and the pain that comes along...Another one this weekend and then off for a week or so.. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hollywood Cycles

If you are not getting your bikes here you should If you are not getting Fit to your bikes here you should, if you are Dreaming about racing Black and White you should....The Fastest Shop in the 612!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding It

Since the kid has not been cleared to race her bike we cut the weekends trip up to the cities short and only went up for the CX race on saturday.
This was only my second CX race of the fall and I think that I am still trying to feel my fitness out. 
I armed my self with the King/Hed wheels off my road bike and a fresh set of rubber.
The Red Barn is one that I have always wanted to do,, almost pancake flat with some tight turns and 
one evil run-up. Got a few warm up laps in with Barry checked out the small barrier that went straight up in to a small hill,,, which if your line was right you could just hop it and carry speed up and over the hump.   Staying warm was the hard part waiting for the race to start, so I did what I do best ran my mouth and jumped up and down as the young Bavers went on to win the 3 race. 
When it was our turn to line up I got a much better position and on the whistle I hit it hard.. off the front I had Tall Tom set the pace with me on his wheel trying to create some separation,, second lap I came around Tommy and told him to sit in,,,, I pushed it the rest of the second lap knowing that Brandon K and other were not to far behind.. At this point I decided to start working with Brandon and his teammate,, In hind site I should have stayed up front and just pushed it but did not want to do all the work in to the wind.   I was moving well and felt like I was flowing well,, With 4 to go a Freewheel rider on a onespeed joined us as we kept pushing up front,,dodging and weaving now through the women and the backend of our field. 1.5 to go another singleminded rider showed and that is when I heard the rubber band snap trying to latch on to the fresher surging legs. 
Across the line singles went 2,3,4,5, and I missed the podium by a few seconds.  But as a moral victory I went from 17 last week and getting my ass kicked to 5th and feeling   much better about my self on a CX bike.  Now I need to try to figure out next weekend so I can keep up the fitness and the fun.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foaming at the Mouth

I feel bad for having the Pip out on her bike over the past week after getting the 
lab results back last night. Momma bear took the kid in to have her liver functions checked and to see how the mono is moving through her. News was not good still high and the doctor says no racing.. if she falls she could rupture her spleen and that would be bad. As it goes she has been feeling much better and was even riding strong in my eye I thought she had a good chance of winning at buck on her 32x19. This high school racing was just something to do nothing that she had to do to get noticed, I just feel bad for her I know she is bummed.... But this kid has so much more coming her way now that she is going to be racing as a Red Hawk.
Regardless still loading up the SSCX bike and heading up to Taylor's Falls to give cross racing another shot.. The kid is going to come along to ring the cow bell and see if her old man can go fast. 
The Boss has a new set of Vittora Tires for me and the King/Hed wheels are all set up and ready to go. Lots of driving for so little racing but well worth it,,getting to see some friendly faces and feel that bit of pain that will rattle my body.  So here is to miles of driving and time spent around bikes and bike friendly people,, and maybe just maybe a stop in at the FFF?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bull Shifting

Pinned a number on again on saturday. Forgot how much the first 10 minutes of a 
cross race can be. 
Starting third row was going to be a challenge also,, not to mention that the 
SSCX races goes off with the master 3-4's. At the line close to 80+ riders, and all I could think was
keep the rubber side down..
Made it up the hill following Barry into the single track...around a field and the down some ski hill like switchbacks. Group was still a bit together when we hit the sandy run-up and was strung out by the flyover. With my awesome start position I watched the race up fold a head of me...I had a ton of fun  getting to rail the corners and descending the hills riding the skinny tires. 
Finished ok for not having raced as cross and no mass racing since Laddies Loppet. 
Photo TMB
Needless to say I want more and hope to make it back up to the 612 to do some racing this weekend. 

 Got to get back to where you were? Right??
So change the way you look at stuff ? 
Go faster?
 That was the idea for the ride sunday with the Pip.I changed things so she could see the trail a bit different.
Not sure the last time that I got out and rode bikes with the kid,, and since she is still coming off  a month log virus and needing to get back at it. She rode great strong and surprised
her self a few times with what it was she could and did ride.. Good job kid making that 32x19 work for you. 
It was a good time in the woods, leaving me wanting more and Pip thinking that she wants to line up with out a shifter.. 
A OnefUcKnInG SpeeDer She may Now be!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


After a week of self-deportation and felling low and sorry for my self,
I made a last minute adjustment of attitude and got my CX bike as ready to go as I can.
Yes the season change and lack of light get me down,, but more than anything it is so hard
for this guy to stop racing cold turkey. All cx races are at least two hours away and most of the gear that I have is subpar for racing. Cross has been a category of cycling that I have had a hard time of putting a lot of money into. Back in Breck it was a quick drive to the front range for the racing and with family down there I could always find a place to crash. 
All that said I took the wheels off the kids cross bike since she has proper tires and did a quick BB swap as I found the one in there going bad. 
Threw it all together and rode it around the soccer pitch across the street and it felt good with the 44x19, a bit different of a gear that has been on when I am just playing and exploring. 
Todays race is being put in by two great sponsors Twin Six and Hed, both pioneering company's out of the 612.
All I can say we'll see,, the boss wants me to line of for the 1,2 race after the ss.. again we'll see.
Regardless this is going to hurt.. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shaking it

These short days are messing with me.. I start to feel the effects of the lack of hours and the lack of riding the lack of sun on my face. I spend my day driving around in some encoline ford going from broken convince machine to the next watching the dog days of summer slip by. 
I have been sticking with my routine of climbing up and through the quarry on the way to work and on most days go home the same way. Darkness is upon us and I know that I should have come home and got my stuff together and gone out for a sunset ride but the days of work have 
been long and motivation goes quick when you are hungry and there is beer in the fridge. 
Trying to get things lined up for next season,,,, a good number of hands that were shook at the Interbikes are back on board for next racing year just a few loose ends to tie up then I can start daydreaming of single track and races to come.  It may be time soon to switch up the work bench from bikes to skis.. But I am hoping that we are at least a few more weeks away from that.. 
Until then pushing through seasonal cycling depression.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Off'd' Racing

As weeks come and go by far the weekends are the best time. Not that this is a ground-breaking statement but the truth is everybody is working for the weekend. 
The whip has been getting cracked a ton at the salt mine,.,more more more is all they every want. 
The shorter day and extended work has been making it harder and harder to get out and and move.
Had the thought that I would head up to Portland East and do some cross racing with the Boss and crew,,, and then got the thought in my head that the last WORS race could be a good idea. 
Spent saturday getting the Spot ready for a war, put on some new fresh Geax tires with some new TnT Sealant. Cleaned up the drive train and bike and race bag was pack loaded and ready to go.
I knew that it was supposed to be moist as it rained off and on yesterday and today was supposed to be just windy with showers ending early,, Woke up to the sound of rain pounding the house and checked the radar and saw nothing but green and yellow on the way. Gave my ride a call and told him I was out then went back to bed.
Flash forward 8 hours I get a call from josh saying that the trail and race were nothing more than shit. 
Deep mud hard to pass streams, hard rain+ slop= a crappy day to race bikes,, not even racing I won.. my bike looks like this..

Ripon College Athletics
Now the weekend comes closer and closer to being done and not much to look forward to next weekend other than the weekend,,,no idea what the weather will be like and no races that I know of at least no mountain bike racing.  Time to get the Pip, back on the bike and healthy hoping that she can do the last MN High school race,, This virus she has had has kept her off the bike for over two weeks now. With all the kid has on the horizon time to get back to work..  Her team that she will be racing for next season is on their way here