Monday, December 3, 2012

Fading Lines Taned

I know my place and I know where I am the happiest..  That being said I want to spend every day that I can in that happy place.  I finished off my work day and headed home on my SSCX with a 
light on my head I rode into the darkness. Last time I checked I is December but other than the lack of daylight you would not know that with the 60 degree temps and rain showers we got today.
Only two
days out since my last race of the season and I can already fell that felling of " what in the hell am I going to do now?" I spent yesterday chilling and playing with the boy,, we made our own urban cross course across the way at the middle school,,,,sure is a shame that kids bikes are so damn heavy.. I have been stretching him on a mid-evil rack so he can get on to a snappper bike..
Saturday was full of Cross Bike Racing ToMfOolery..  A windy chill day in the 612 and a well though out cross course.. The boys who put this one together used every inch of every bit of off camber tight twisty sandy bits of fun that they could.  After Checking in with the Twin Six Crew,
we (pip) set off to watch the 3's race,, what a kick ass race it was as we got to watch the young Bavers hit the Top Step with Hwood on the third step,,! Good Job you Red Headed Stud!
I was up next and was stoked when I got my call to the line, and what a line it was,,, next to me was Dan C World Track Champ and Brandon K the winner of the ROY and the Raganork,, Ezzra T on his crazy wide handle bars that give the man so much torque and another 25+ guys ready for a ton of pain.  Brandon punched it right at the start and we were off,, a small group of around 8 or so formed until we it the sandpit for the first time,,,, here things stretched out a bit and we all came back together at the stairs.  By the back side the yo-yo was in full effect. i could see the lead group for the next 4 laps but could never bring back.. I sat for a while where I wanted to be on Dan Casper's wheel,, he would pull on the flat straight and I would ride the more techy stuff,, but duder is strong and running a tooth or two more and was 
able to ride away after the sand pit with two to go.. 
I came in where I normally du Seven,, so yes it was another ride of Sevin Curran.
For a Cross season that was thrown together at the last minute I think that I did well over the 6 weeks of racing.. Had some moments where I felt fast and like I knew what I was doing ,,,,then others when I just wished the bike would break in two.. The level of riding and riders was top notch and the singlespeed class was riding as hard if not harder than the 1-2's. 
I am thankful for the weekends of fun seeing teammates and old/new friends.... For beating my body and equipment,, for going crossed eye off the line and smiling the whole time. 
I could not do it with out the support of my family here at home and all the kind sponsors who keep me moving..   Two Thousand and Twelve's racing may be over but the next season is just about to begin and start all over.. 

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