Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Hero

It is the time of year where the fight between daylight and night wage a  constant battle. 
Luck for the Bringer of the LIGHT we are only 30days away from it's return.
As of now I am trying to keep what little fitness I have left so I can line up next week for 
Today was going to be a good day to get out and do some laps but as of now the temp is in the teens and the wind is whipping making for some nasty early winter windchill. 
What ever happens next weekend will be good it,
The whole THC team will be out going around in circles,
and we will Party,, as always. 
Pip will be home and we are going to 
take James up to the Third Layer so he 
can Trash indoors for a bit.
The Post Thanksgiving food babies will be 
fresh in everyone's guts making all
look more than normal goofy in their skinsuits. 
 We saw our first smattering of
snow thursday night, into friday
morning which made travel in cars interesting,,
for me the 1/2" of snow and 1/4" of ice 
gave me flash backs of riding the mud
at Green Archers,,
No sudden movements keep the bike straight and keep pedaling,,
I made it unscathed and   as the AC/DMC
cx bike has been it riding it kicked ass..
Still not sure how I am going to transport my self over the heart of winter if it does become snowy,, do not want to trash the new rig with all the different treatments they put on the road..
I do know that i need to get it in the Feedback stand and clean it up from the past few days of riding... I think that I am ready for spring..
Who wants to go to Fruita?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sand in the Vaseline

So This Kid here is racing in for lack of better terms her first season of Cyclocross.
She did line up for two last year coming back from illness and rocking a borrowed SSCX machine,,
But this season is the first real deal. 
Two weeks in and taking her lumps and learning that even though it has two wheels,
The pain and agony that comes with going around in circles for 40+Minuets...
Making you eyes go cross and tasting blood in the back of your throat.
Two races in one at her school and one Saturday in the windy city.
But with these two races she has got her self qualified
for Nationals in Boulder this coming January.
    I am cheering this kid on, and she tackles this new 
discipline of cycling and works on finding that pain cave 
and while there setting up residence for the sole purpose of going faster. 
As I told her on this Steel Horse she rides and it can take 
her anywhere.
Make it Hurt Go FAST Then do it all Over Again..

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Short days and long nights on top of extended work hour,, been finding it hard
to motivate to get out and ride. One of the nice things when racing
cross on the weekend,, kind of forces you out to move. 
No racing this weekend, even though I would like to be
down in Iowa race the Jingle Cross,,, someday.
No now I am all dressed
and ready
Go and play,, skies are grey and a foggy mist hags over the valley, making me not want 
to take out the shifter bike.
Would like to be able to watch the kids race in Chicago will have to rely on
twitter updates, and what ever comes across the interwebs. 
Spoke to Pip not to long ago and she said that it looks 
wide open golf course style and the big
swingers are there so it should be an interesting day for sure.
More Coffee and interweb surfing will help me decide what to do, I may just have to take the purple reign out and rip up some the tiny sections of single track that don't require much effort....but even that takes motivation,, which I am lacking. 
Luckily I got to beat the sunset and climbed a big old hill.. 
Go PiP GO!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Eye's Crossed

We were Blessed this weekend by the one and only Pip on loan from Ripon College
She came home so we could get her cx bike dialed and so we could head up to the 612 for the end of the season awards at QbP.
Along the way we got to have some quality time with the Bauer Clan all but Jake from State Farm,
had a quick stop at THC headquarters so we could knock in a King Headset for the kid 
then off to Bandit Cross. 

Jeff over at All/City puts on a good show and I have been wanting to be able to do one of his races,, just never fell on a good day for me... With the freaks all mounted up  we took Pip down to the Dog Park and christened her in some underground Cyclo Cross Racing 
A very fun course and with a lot of stairs,, Both me and the kid did not have a clue on what or how all things were going to happen.. We did a lap for practice as  group and found that rout finding could prove to be a challenge. Pip ask if it was ok before the start to just roll a few laps and get used to the bike then hang out with the on lookers and party people.
For me it was a flash of light and stair climbing I think we agreed  to  5 laps and for the most part I  was
there with Hollywood at the start but kept over shooting turns or finding ways to lay the bike down. 
Two laps to go I hear something go pop in my back and I had to soft pedal into the finish,, 
Josh B got the win Hwood in 3 me 5th.. Fun yep ,,,do it again ,..,.For Sure.,.,
Up next was the party
the Team Scored First Place Pro/Elite Division 
Pip was 1st overall Pro/Elite
Me Turd Overall with Josh Bavers in 4th
Jay 3rd 40+
And Many Many more,,, It was a Killer Night and a Kick Ass Team..
Soon their after I went to be as I had to be up early to get to 
Ripon for the Cookie Cross Race.
I had not intention of racing seeing as I could not stand up straight but 
with enough Advil and some heat on my back I was felling pretty spry when I saw the 
course stretched across the campus. 
Up first was Pip and I could tell at the get go that she was fighting the bike.. 
She is set up 1x9 a 39x11-25 which for this course with the amount of up hill may have been too much... But she rallied and worked it,, still only her 3 cross race ever.
I was next up lining up next to the College A's with the 1,2's.
I warmed up and felt ok,, and knew that it would all happen fast as we headed straight to the double stairs.
Made it through and was able to hold on to the charging young collegiate racers.
Coming trough the second set of double barriers and decided to get it a go never trying before and bunny hopped them... At this point my fun factor went off the charts as I now did not have to dismount in such a fast section.. Rallying the course getting cheered up pip's team and parents I was having fun,, and we kept it together till 4 to go,, 
At this point I start to ease up a bit and with two to go on the stairs as I shook hands with the onlookers,,, the leaders came around.. Knowing that the day was done I punched it and got on their wheels.
I finished one lap down but still managed to find the 5 spot and 1 for the 1/2's,,
but more amazing than that my back did not give out.
For me I am going to be keeping it local this weekend and the kid is off to Chicago then to 
Purdue for some racing as she works her way to Boulder and Nationals. 
She has some work to do but is totally stoked on the new bike so I believe she can do it..
Now if my old man back did not hurt so damn much.. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cider House

Yesterday was the first Cyclocross event here in the Lacrosse area.
A tough weekend to get a big turn out with all the other races going on in the Upper Midwest, but you have to start some where. 
Fields were small but excitement was high and owners of the Apple Orchard were happy
to have the extra lot of people through their shop. 
The course consisted of a couple access roads through the lower orchard with some nasty sand sections. Then it wrapped past the bee hives and up a good sized hill similar to the one at Green Archers CX just a touch longer and less rode in. From there it twisted through the upper section of the Apple trees then back down a loose double track to another sand pit and then into some ill put barriers  and then all over again. 
I got there early enough to scope out the course and test my gear. 
I got to watch one off camber corner that was pinching and rolling tires off,, then watched someone 
pitch their front wheel in the same hole and high side it to his collarbone. Not sure if he broke it but i needed to help him down the hill. 
I put an extra tooth on the rig and was set to go. 
5 of us at the line and we headed up the road into the wind up the false flat. 
I went to the front to get through the sand and get to the climb first,, when local 
legend and native Hill Pig ,, Chris Ames on his shifting bike came around,,, he was able to 
stretch out a gap on me that I could not shut down,, he was getting a big pull
on the double track and then back up the false flat section.
Gaps started to form and at this point I just wanted to point the rig and make this cx racing look good for the hand full of folks watching. 
The Nature Boy rode like a dream, solid on the tight twisty sections and mashed the climbing, I do wish for some tubeless tires soon but if wishes we assholes???
Up next we are going to get the Pip home and then Her and I will head up to the 612 for the end-of -season party.. and Maybe Bandit Cross or just a team group ride.
Then back off to Ripon for their Cross race the Cookie Cross.
I was going to go to the cities and race today,, but gas and entry plus nasty winds did not sound good. 
I'll get out on the Mountain Bike and enjoy a nice slow sunday.. 
Get up get out and RIDE YOUR BIKE!!