Friday, September 28, 2012

Fork It

The last two days of the Bike Show are a bit of a blur,,,
not from some kind of drunken haze but more or less from my ear drums being blown apart by Ozorn.
Stevil and Swobo and Soulcraft and Ritte, put a party for the Rest of us in the bike industry. 
I finally found my self walking the streets of sin city looking for the 
Double Down Saloon for what would be a loud rocking Party. 
The best part of the night was beer was only 4 dollars a bottle the only trick was getting 
the bartenders to get to you to take your money,, but 4 bucks that is a deal in the shit hole that is Vegas. 
Waiting for the band to come on ran in to some Northerner who had been at Maplelag for the Laddies Loppet race. The the first cord was struck and i knew that I was in for something. 
Wobble my way back to the Hard Cock after watching Geano do his best bouncer act,, the Hotel was still jumping du to the hall and oats concert,, bed was all I wanted. 
Friday came and went and the show was over with very little fan fare. I did make it over to the cliff bar booth, to give Georgia one last hug and thank her for all the support and kind words that she sends the Pip....

As I wandered I saw some more stuff and tons of hipsters, and some others that I have cheered on for years.. 
The lion king was walking around and that was damn cool.
All said and done I was glad that the show was over and I was going home to the warm arms of those that I missed and my Family..  Until next time you slim hole of a town... 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Last Wednesday was a long day as I learned what the great InterBikes is all about. 
A long day on my feet and lots of lights and ton of bike related stuff. I survived a lot of standing to make it out to the Deseret Breeze Park for the big Cross Vegas event. 
Chamois Butt'r was going to be one of the title sponsors and we had a long day a head of us. 
I ran in to the Rapha crew that was helping the soul with shots of Espresso.
After one of those I was full charged and checked out the course.. 
I ran in to a few old friends and made a few new ones.

Race started with a 1/2/3 at 5 o'clock and these poor guys had to race in some hot hot heat some where around 100,,,damn hot. 
Things really got cooking when the industry race kicked in with 150+ racers on the line. 
The race was blown up by a single speed racer and messenger world champ racing on one of these.

By the time that the Pro's showed up things were getting real and even the top level racers need help from time to time.. getting numbers pined on can be hard, and get you bent over a rock.
Eighteen hours and it was all done back to the Hard Rock a cold beer and 
sleep,,, Wednesday was done and all that left was thursday and friday..
Bright Lights and Big Jugs? is that what Vegas is all about? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Point A

I am not  sure where to start?? Still a bit dizzy from all that went on over the past 10+days.
It all started with a drive to the cities and a night ride with Hwood and the Chucker,, Fast and Furious ripping single track around the lakes in the dark.. Next morning off to the airport to go to grandma's 
funeral. Was luck to be picked up by coach and we headed off to Golden to get some food and a bike for me to ride. Rode Hall Ranch up in Lyons,, real good fun even if I warped the rear wheel, had to stop in Boulder to get it fixed and got to an old friend Bear. 
With all that was going to coming my way I needed to get higher.. 
I made a quick drive up to Breckenridge to ride one of my all time favorite after dinner rides from back in the day. Weather was perfect and the trails rode great,, climbing the single out of Carter Park all I could think about was all the times spent in the mountains with Grandma. 

Back down the mountain to start the family time,, grabbed my Cousin Nick and we headed over to see Grandpa and we were both happy that we had each other walking in to the home for the first time with out Grandma. Grandpa was in as good of spirits as he could be and ask Nick to play a song for Grandma and it brought us all to Tears.  I ask Nick later what song it was and he said that he just went with it,,, I have never heard a Piano sound so good. 
After all that it was time for.............

Monday was hard and harder than I thought that it was going to be, have to say good bye for the last time, and holding on to Grandpa as she slid in to her finial resting place. 
             After seeing some more family and eating some food it was time to get to the Airport and 
head off to Vegas for the Interbike Show.  I got in late to the Hard Rock and meet up with the 
Crew at the Pink Taco some grub and a few beers and I was done. Crashed hard in bed at 9:30
and yes I know that no one goes to bed that early but I did,,
Stick a fork in me I was done. 
And to think that this is only the start to my crazy week. 
More to come,,, Bikes,, Racing ,, Olympic Medalist, and a whole lot Butt'r .

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing yUo

Grandma Virginia Curran passed today at the age of 92.
This is a photo from 1943..
She went peacefully surrounded by family.
She was a strong woman who did not take any BS, but had a gentle loving side that brought you in.
She was my friend and copilot on many summer adventures, showing the mountain streams and 
amusement parks. As long as I did not bug her during her stories I could have some ice creme in the afternoon. 
My parents would go on vacations and leave us kid at home and grandma and grandpa would come and take care of us,,so loving and so nice. 
She took care of a young Anna when we came through on a spring-brake trip and she was the first person that we took a infant Sophia to see coming home from the hospital, we were so young and so scared but she just held that baby and told us all we had to do was love her. 
She came to our weeding here in Lacrosse and got to meet Anna's grandma 15 years ago and they hit it off like old friends.  As she got older she traveled less and less and that was strange for them...grandpa work for United so they could fly for next to nothing.
Living in Breckenridge we got spoiled being able to see them drop by and just say Hello. 
They kept getting old and grandma fought many different aliments,,then we move back 
to wisco. With much distance the heart grew sad no longer being able to pop in.
Over the past five and one half year we made sure to make it back to Colorado with the only true reason of seeing them.. The visits were never that long but they were long enough and meant something to all of us.
The last one was over Christmas, they were our first stop after getting off the plane. 
I thanked my wife for making sure that this happened because I got to see her one last time. 
Two weeks after a rough day of putting our little dog down on a bright and sunny saturday morning I call and got grandpa had a great conversation but grandma was still asleep.. Grandpa told me to call back later and I said ok,, As time has a way of doing I never got to speak to her that one last time. 
She was a wonderful woman and a role model in my life.
I will miss her and for ever be in debt for all that she thought me.. 
I love and will miss you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Grandma Can Beat Up Yours

Got out on my black hearted steel rig to shake out the cob webs from last weekends racing,, it was exactly what i needed with all that seems to keep going on in my world. 
For Ninety two years my Grandma Curran has been a spark plug. 
She is the reason that i fell in love with the mountain and all that is the rocky mountain west. 
Summer after summer I would go out with the family or by my self and get to spend time with her and grandpa in the front range and playing in the mountains. 
Grandma has been like the energizer bunny or like the old Timex watch commercials "takes a licking and keeps on Ticking"..
The past few day have been real real tough for her, body is shutting down and I think the end is near.. was moved to Hospice this afternoon. Grandpa may be alone soon and i am more worried about him than anything else.  Grandma ride strong into the next chapter of your life you were/are loved by many and will never be forgotten..

Ok now turn the page something new was started today in the land of the 612.
Minnesota is the next state to launch a High School Racing League.
Even though we live in Wisco Sophia is able to race as an independent and was excited to get on the line.  Three girls total lined up for the Varsity Race,,4 laps of the Salem Hills single track. 
An up hill start got the girls on the course and into the single track,, Pip took the hole shot and set the pace for the next four laps..  Being dad and coach I saw young Jordan Horner sitting on her wheel as a problem as the  lap count ticked down, until midway through the forth lap when pip put the hammer down and got a gap that stuck.  Sophia got the win and was all smiles. It was great to see all the kids on their bikes and all the parents excited to have these kids racing.....This is the future if the sport get them hooked young and they will ride for ever... Good Job Minnesota!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Call it Easy?

Saw a quote this morning from Tillford " I love riding my bicycle I love racing my Bicycle, if it were only that Easy"
This says a lot to me,, yes if it was only that easy, I have had to ask for and rely on lots of help from many different places in my years of racing. Hard work and dedication can only take you so far. 
Help comes in many different forms, it could be something simple as the local mechanic helping with a wheel build or finding a unsuspecting group ride to ride with. 
It could be like this last weekend when a friend and race promoter invites you and your family to him home to race.
I get help from wonderful sponsors that have over the years made sure that this blue collar racing can take place. Many of which I have never met face to face.    That will all change in 
about a week when I head out to the desert to help work at the Chamois Butt'r booth and work the cross vegas event.
 Now places that are not helping me,, my 9-5 job has screwed me  over on vacation days making it now hurt a bit to take a week off work. I have some race winning set a side that were going to 
my wifes MTB but now go else where.  Again I love my bike and love riding it if was only that easy. 
I hope to come hope with all kinds of stories and who know what else. 
Until then i'll suit up and pedal on and deal with things as they come. 
Thanks to all of you that help keep my dream alive.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New School is Cool

This is cool and exciting and should be fun to watch. 
Go fast Kids and Have FUN!

Wag the Dog

A long time coming and much needed was our break in the great north woods of Minnesota. 
I was coming into the race weekend with what I thought was decent form and a plan in my head of what needed to be done. Over the past few weeks my work load on the bike has shortened and I was a bit nervous about that, not to mention the emotional roller coaster of the Tanks passing. 
Saturday morning was a warmer start than the Time Trial usually is,, past few years it is has been a chilly start.. Got warmed up and to the Line.. I was going to start behind Brendan and SKJ with Doug and TJ starting behind me.. At this point I am already in my own head.  Went out hard and found a grove, pushed it as hard as I could through the short climbs and flowed the single track. When I popped out on to the ski trail  I dropped in to my highest gear and pushed it.  Crossed the line in 5th place and got what I hopped to be the first of more payouts to come. 
The second event of the day came many hours later ,,,the Short Track.... 
I have never finished this leg of the weekend and new to this year it was based on laps and no one was getting pulled. The Start was violent and I was able to get into the group. I stayed here for the first 7 of 12 laps,,coming out of one of the last corners I did not match the acceleration and slid back into the chase group.  This group has a two teammates and they also had one in the break.. So getting anyone to work with instead of against me was impossible. I went to the front and tried to make something stick but was hit hard at the start of each lap. Bell lap came and I was attacked hard, and crossed the line ninth. Not loosing too much time just pride. 
Never once have I gone into Sunday near the GC,, I was seventh and only a few seconds off of fifth place.  My two goals on sunday were stick the GC and don't let young Mcburnie get too much a head.. By the time I hit the first single track section I was failing at both. 
It was a fight for position and elbow were being thrown,, I got into the trail and went past the 
comfort zone,, popping and getting passed on suicide hill..  Head down and charging I pulled with in fifty seconds of the spot that I needed but being such a thickly wood course I had no idea.. 
I lunged for the line and nipped a young and up-in-commer for the ten spot. 
Good weekend and good racing,, just watching all my hard work of the summer slip through my fingers with all the late season fitness that is out there. 
I can not say enough about the Richards family and the show that they put on up at Maplelag. They made us fell so welcome and took such great care of me and the family. 
Special thanks goes out to Chamois Butt'r for supplying products for goodie bag and race winners. 
Now time to get ready for the show in the desert and get ready for the last few races of the MTB season.