Thursday, February 27, 2014


Becoming a connoisseur of ice...Not because I like mixed drinks or have become an ice fisherman,, or have gone back to making ice carvings for a sunday brunch buffet.
No the last two mile of my commute is all covered with ice. 
All kinds of ice..... smooth ice, ice with ruts,,, ice with waves,,, ice that has been salted.. off camber ice.. patchy ice,,, and small ice islands. 
The rest of the commute is dry and not slippery,, so I have been 
riding the cross bike. It allows me to have a bike that is better for doing workouts etc.
I have to play a game that is almost like frogger hopping from dry patch to dry patch and hoping that the ice that I choose to ride on is the salted textured kind so the bike stays upright.
Last year in march I wreck my self one to many times,, so bad that for a week before we headed down to AZ I drove the car,, so I could go on vacation in one piece. 
In other ice news.... I drove up to the Cities on saturday 
to go hang out with Hwood and crew and to pick up my new LaMere Mountain Bike frame for this coming racing season. 
The nasty weather that was supposed to hit us last Thursday slammed the roads between Rochester and the metro area.. I chose to go up the river and the and things went well until Red Wing and the ice came.. And with the way people were driving you would have thought it has never snowed in Minnesota. 
Made it alive... Picked up my new frame and had dinner with 
the Bavers.
The the crazy stuff started on the way to the Cutters Ball as JP got him self pulled over I thought the night was over. A burnt out head light,, missing plate light and no insurance card,, I thought I would be calling from the side of the road to get picked up. 
Nope some smooth talking and big smiles and no ticket and we were on our way. 
Got to the party just to catch the end of the Shop Bike Shoot Out.. 
A short track alley race with high bank corners.
This happened by the one and only Geneo still killing it and crushing dreams..
 I survived another trip to the 612,, and another night of beer drinking and staying up late.
The bike culture in the midwest is strong and on the forefront of 
And they can party and put the Grain under their Belt.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I have head it said that the weather Terrorist are scaring the pants off of the local population. 
After 5 inches on tuesday we saw a heat wave of back to back days of 40+ temps.
Now we are looking at 9+ inches and back to the cold weather of winter.
Cabin fever and stir craziness is in full effect.
Normally at this point and time of the year I have a good base of miles in other than my commuting miles.
I feel like I am behind for February, though other than outside miles I have been getting the work done.. Sophia's room has been transformed to  a weight room and the skiing has been good. 
With the temps this afternoon and the lack of broken appliances I was able to slide out early.
As I left this morning I stood in the garage door looking at the semi dry roads and went back and forth about what bike to ride. 
The clapped out commuter has studs and fenders,, but the Nature Boy would allow me to play. 
I chose the All-City and just made sure with all the snow that melted then froze that I  kept the bike up right...
The ride after work was good I knew that I was going to get a wet ass but was ok with that..
I did have my gore pants in my backpack if I needed them, but more than anything I just wanted to soak in the sun.  Spinning the smallish gear of 59inches felt too easy at first but once I got to the hill it felt just right. In years past going into Birkie weekend I have been up this hill a few dozen times. 
This year not so much and no matter how bad it hurt it was great to be moving. 
So glad that I could make it out,, because tomorrow it is back to studs and lobster mitts. 
This is a marathon not a sprint the season is long quality not quantity is important for strong riding all year long. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I spent last saturday super productive. Had a nice morning with the family and got a 
ton of stuff done in the garage with not only getting 
the All-City Nature Boy cleaned up and shined from all the salt and slop.
But also pulled the parts off the Team Bike "LaMare Cycles"
it is going back to HQ and I will be riding on the newer version of the Hard Tail frame.
The day was kicking and going great,, Skis were waxed and ready for a 
shred in the woods.
The ski was great just a touch over an hour and a tich over 1k of climbing.
When visibility is down or conditions are the best on the golf course I like to head out and just crush the hills over and over and over. 
Flash forward to evening and nothing out of the normal. 
Then comes Sunday morning,, I woke up thinking that maybe one of the beers that i drank did not agree with me. After my shower I realized that things were not good. 
As the day progressed I got worse and worse. 
Four days later riding the couch and this boy had him self the full on Flu..
Now I know people get sick from time to time and say 
oh it was the flu,, I say horse shit,, unless it is the real deal why would you want to cop to it. 
Four days of hot and cold and nasty body aches. Sweating through 
blankets and not sleeping through the night and sleeping the day away. 
And to boot I missed three days of work which will all be use as vacation days..
How in the hell is that a vacation.? No eating no coffee no beer 
and no doing anything. Not riding a bike not skiing no trips to the skate park.
Full on shitsville. 
So here I am on the mend and feeling about 80% needed to get back after all the 
bicycle style training activities that I had been doing. 
I am four days behind where I should be,, I have work to do,, 
I have a time frame to stick to and now I feel that I am going to be cramming. 
As I tell the Pip no matter how hard you are working their is always someone else
working that much harder than you. 
It is time to get the bikes in order for outdoor riding, all of them  and time to have the body ready for the next level of work to be had.. Now if I can only hope that this winter of Cold , colds and now 
flu is all over.
Come on Spring I know that you are out there.. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Never Let Me dOwN

Pealing off the layers on a friday night after a slog ride (commute) home
the smell of some of my gear made me gag a bit.
With all this damn cold air you would not think that a whole lot of 
sweating would be going on. 
Regardless I was going to hold on to that stink and add to it over the weekend. 
Inspiration comes in  waves and some times in the strangest of places if you look at it right. 
I was all geared up to watch some World Championship CycloCross and 
Ski till it hurt. 
The first of the two became a bit of a chore to find and get to see.
The UCI had the Stream blocked to the US,, so saturdays race I watched in 
some foreign language with a choppy feed.  It was a bummer to watch KFK have such a bad start but was totally awesome to see her kick ass to try to get back to the front. 

This was followed up by some downhill skiing with the boy in what seemed to be fresh snow if you worked for it. 

My gear is old and tattered and I am not planning on getting anything new anytime soon. 
I dig skiing down hill and riding lifts,, spent many many years doing this, and now it is just 
for fun when conditions are right. Not like I am going to drop everything and head to 
New Mexico to go get rad with that guy three years and a day older. 
Wanting more or needing more maybe one too many Espressos I was back out on two stick this time the skinny kind and fresh groomers, this time I made sure that my legs cried out for me to stop. 
Sunday more Cross Racing and what was Called the Superbowl..
This time I found a way around the UCI's block and was able to cast it to the TV.
That race was killer and to see Stybar hang in hang on and 
make the move that stuck till the end. I thought for sure that Sven was going to win but wrong I was.
 The wax on sunday was the wrong color and was like riding the rollers with towels rolled up under them or riding in 53x11 in a stiff head wind. The coverage on the trails is the best that it has been in years and the groomers are keeping the corduroy in prefect shape. 
I gave up after a touch under 50 minutes I was shot,,, but hard to give it up when it is this good. 
All this was lead up to what was to be the Broncos winning the big football game. 
We all know what happened their. 
Yes I wanted to see Payton win again but I really wanted was my 
old grandpa who has been a Broncos fan through thick and thin all these years 
get to see One More Championship.  Their is always next year and the way that he 
is living he'll probably be there to see it. 
Days are getting longer just not warmer. But the wheels are turning
almost like taking a ride with my Best Friend.