Thursday, February 27, 2014


Becoming a connoisseur of ice...Not because I like mixed drinks or have become an ice fisherman,, or have gone back to making ice carvings for a sunday brunch buffet.
No the last two mile of my commute is all covered with ice. 
All kinds of ice..... smooth ice, ice with ruts,,, ice with waves,,, ice that has been salted.. off camber ice.. patchy ice,,, and small ice islands. 
The rest of the commute is dry and not slippery,, so I have been 
riding the cross bike. It allows me to have a bike that is better for doing workouts etc.
I have to play a game that is almost like frogger hopping from dry patch to dry patch and hoping that the ice that I choose to ride on is the salted textured kind so the bike stays upright.
Last year in march I wreck my self one to many times,, so bad that for a week before we headed down to AZ I drove the car,, so I could go on vacation in one piece. 
In other ice news.... I drove up to the Cities on saturday 
to go hang out with Hwood and crew and to pick up my new LaMere Mountain Bike frame for this coming racing season. 
The nasty weather that was supposed to hit us last Thursday slammed the roads between Rochester and the metro area.. I chose to go up the river and the and things went well until Red Wing and the ice came.. And with the way people were driving you would have thought it has never snowed in Minnesota. 
Made it alive... Picked up my new frame and had dinner with 
the Bavers.
The the crazy stuff started on the way to the Cutters Ball as JP got him self pulled over I thought the night was over. A burnt out head light,, missing plate light and no insurance card,, I thought I would be calling from the side of the road to get picked up. 
Nope some smooth talking and big smiles and no ticket and we were on our way. 
Got to the party just to catch the end of the Shop Bike Shoot Out.. 
A short track alley race with high bank corners.
This happened by the one and only Geneo still killing it and crushing dreams..
 I survived another trip to the 612,, and another night of beer drinking and staying up late.
The bike culture in the midwest is strong and on the forefront of 
And they can party and put the Grain under their Belt.

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