Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I have head it said that the weather Terrorist are scaring the pants off of the local population. 
After 5 inches on tuesday we saw a heat wave of back to back days of 40+ temps.
Now we are looking at 9+ inches and back to the cold weather of winter.
Cabin fever and stir craziness is in full effect.
Normally at this point and time of the year I have a good base of miles in other than my commuting miles.
I feel like I am behind for February, though other than outside miles I have been getting the work done.. Sophia's room has been transformed to  a weight room and the skiing has been good. 
With the temps this afternoon and the lack of broken appliances I was able to slide out early.
As I left this morning I stood in the garage door looking at the semi dry roads and went back and forth about what bike to ride. 
The clapped out commuter has studs and fenders,, but the Nature Boy would allow me to play. 
I chose the All-City and just made sure with all the snow that melted then froze that I  kept the bike up right...
The ride after work was good I knew that I was going to get a wet ass but was ok with that..
I did have my gore pants in my backpack if I needed them, but more than anything I just wanted to soak in the sun.  Spinning the smallish gear of 59inches felt too easy at first but once I got to the hill it felt just right. In years past going into Birkie weekend I have been up this hill a few dozen times. 
This year not so much and no matter how bad it hurt it was great to be moving. 
So glad that I could make it out,, because tomorrow it is back to studs and lobster mitts. 
This is a marathon not a sprint the season is long quality not quantity is important for strong riding all year long. 

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