Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I spent last saturday super productive. Had a nice morning with the family and got a 
ton of stuff done in the garage with not only getting 
the All-City Nature Boy cleaned up and shined from all the salt and slop.
But also pulled the parts off the Team Bike "LaMare Cycles"
it is going back to HQ and I will be riding on the newer version of the Hard Tail frame.
The day was kicking and going great,, Skis were waxed and ready for a 
shred in the woods.
The ski was great just a touch over an hour and a tich over 1k of climbing.
When visibility is down or conditions are the best on the golf course I like to head out and just crush the hills over and over and over. 
Flash forward to evening and nothing out of the normal. 
Then comes Sunday morning,, I woke up thinking that maybe one of the beers that i drank did not agree with me. After my shower I realized that things were not good. 
As the day progressed I got worse and worse. 
Four days later riding the couch and this boy had him self the full on Flu..
Now I know people get sick from time to time and say 
oh it was the flu,, I say horse shit,, unless it is the real deal why would you want to cop to it. 
Four days of hot and cold and nasty body aches. Sweating through 
blankets and not sleeping through the night and sleeping the day away. 
And to boot I missed three days of work which will all be use as vacation days..
How in the hell is that a vacation.? No eating no coffee no beer 
and no doing anything. Not riding a bike not skiing no trips to the skate park.
Full on shitsville. 
So here I am on the mend and feeling about 80% needed to get back after all the 
bicycle style training activities that I had been doing. 
I am four days behind where I should be,, I have work to do,, 
I have a time frame to stick to and now I feel that I am going to be cramming. 
As I tell the Pip no matter how hard you are working their is always someone else
working that much harder than you. 
It is time to get the bikes in order for outdoor riding, all of them  and time to have the body ready for the next level of work to be had.. Now if I can only hope that this winter of Cold , colds and now 
flu is all over.
Come on Spring I know that you are out there.. 

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