Friday, August 21, 2015

Going Mobil

I am still squatting in my cousins house and almost a week has gone by with out my family. Still looking for a new home and enjoying the new job.. Things are coming together..
 Today is my lovely wife's Birthday and she is driving up here to the 612... To celebrate and house hunt..

 This happened..

One for the weekend.. Or am I just living for it?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Just another Story

Getting  the last few pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together..
Today should be a bit of a whirlwind as I need to try to cram everything in and not miss out on anything.
We are still waiting on the people in IGH about their home that we put an offer on...
And may end up having to jump ship and put an offer on another one. 
This is by far the most stressful part of moving,,,,dealing with homes,,, money,, and people. 

I got to go out last night with this girl..

I'll be gone for the next few weeks as I start working and #ANNA and James 
wrap up our life down here. 
My plan is to be able to get down the river and see them on the weekends..,
Especially next weekend as it is her birthday.
We did do our best to celebrate as we tore up downtown 
on a Thursday Night.
I hope with all that I have going on that 
I can 
get out and play one last time in the woods..
Yesterday was short but sweet it feels good to push the pedals up the hills,,
Knowing that I will be back again..

So this may be one of the last post that I du for a while as I wont have a computer to 
play with.
I figure it should to be that big of a deal as I am sure not may really read this.
So their you 
have it time to Turn the Page and start a new Chapter..
23 years this 
boy comes back to the 612.
Party On!
to all and to all 
Ride ON!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Back in the summer of 1992,, I drove down from the cities to hang out with my older brother while he was at college here in Lacrosse.
Now I am done with high school and have been to orientation where I just so happened to meet the love of my life...#ANNA..
But the real reason I was down was to be a Punk hang out in a college house,
which was by far one of the grosses places I have ever been in,, and to ride 
my new Mountain Bike.
My Blaze Orange Gary Fisher.
My brothers house mates were a rag tag bunch of guys that either had bikes or would find one and go up the bluffs then back down,, usually at and or after the bars closed. 
For me I had never ridden up a hill for as long as we had to.
Decked out in my Ski Hut kit,, which I was the only one wearing a super suit,,
we headed out off the campus and out to Old Vineyard road.
This was and still is a very steep and twisty road,,paved but old and forgotten when eventually led to a gravel climb to the top of Hedgehog Bluff.
From here is was single track heaven,, ripping around onto of the bluff through open pastures of wildflowers and steep sandstone cliffs...
Then came the down...
What I can remember it was a mix of single track and maybe an old logging or mining road all over grown and fast.
As I descended and tried to keep up with Paul Gnay I missed what should have been a right hand turn and dumped my self and the bike into a old rottened out tree/stump.
My toe clips were on so tight that the bike and i were still one and thanks to the old decayed tree my young 18 year old body was in one piece.
As the rest of the riding party came around they all checked to see if I was ok..
I earned some street cred for this ride and from here on out
I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
Their was only one thing left to do.
That was open the Phone Book and
Call about a Girl.
I did this and spoke
to #ANNA on the phone for a while.
Don't think that she was impressed with the dorky
city boy on the other end of the phone..
Thankfully that did not last for ever.

Monday, August 10, 2015


As I sit here in front of this glowing screen I realize that I am still
wrecked from playing on my bike saturday.
Quick backstory,, since I have not been riding much and dealing with selling my house and
then buying a house and all that is involved. 
Bikes have or had been ridden leading up to this day of craziness. 
Just not for anytime longer than and hour and a half. 
Saturday turned out to be an almost three hour ride but we got to touch every inch of trail. 

The Fam and I rolled into the campsite under the cover of darkness and for the first
time ever I put up the Pop-Up in the dark.
The found wood and got a fire started ,,,, got all of this done and had a beer in hand 
sitting by the fire all in Thirty Minutes.

As morning finally rolled around breakfast was cooked 
and coffee consumed ,, and I was off to see what was happening at the 
Levis Trail Head.

As I pulled in and saw a number of weary faces the landscape look as if 
Burning Man him self had been here the night before.
High Fives were slapped and some stories were shared, 
then it was back to the camper to get my shit together. 

In years past we have had our bikes laid out and then messed with,,
last year we just rolled out up a road that went straight up..
This year they had us lay our bikes in the field then 
walk around like sheep.
This had all wondering what was going to happen??
As the information was given out,, they finally yelled go and it was a mad dash to 
our bikes.
Nothing had been messed with and we were all off up the ski trail.
The ski trail lasted a good bit and the groups were forming fast with 
Creepy-Friendly off the front.
Sliding into a group that happy with 
I eased just a bit was not comfortable on the overgrown trail,,
then through a mud puddle that rendered drinking water non-drinkable.
We went up around and over and was flying up on some 
single track trail,,,, when my phone started to ring..

Now it is a saturday and it is not work because I don;t work there anymore
and my phone never rings,, makes all kinds of other noise,,
I am thinking that it one of the family or my real estate  guy something.
So I stop and answer,,, nope kid for the bike shop wanting to 
come over and pilfer through all my old bike gear..

Back on the bike passed by 15 or so racers and now i have to put my head down and 
try to make up time.
As the rest of the ride went I pedaled and rode over and around stuff,,,
my hands became bloody pulp..
and my body was screaming.
I crossed the line and my name went on a board some where in the 
Top 20..
Not bad for some adult like guy who has not been him self. 

I had a blast riding some of my favorite trails and getting to party with 
a fun crew. 
Now I need to get this whole finding a house under-control.
Up to the 612 with the boy to look at schools and homes..

More to come Party On and On!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Fat lady Is SiNgInG

Yes it is,,

I never thought that I would have made it through the last six years doing what I do 
and dealing with the daily issues that is working on domestic 
household appliances. 
But much like Sid Vicious I did it my way and now I have come out the other side
with a big smile on my face.
All I have to du is get through this day and my time at
Wettsteins is done.
I am thankful that I learned what I did so now I can go to the Major League 
and work on only the top shelf high end 

And what a good weekend to be done and moving on...
We'll have the camper all loaded and ready to go and then head off
the Black Shiver Camp site 
to get our freak on for the Single Speed USA..
This will be the third and more than likely last year that it will be in the 
Middle East.

This Rig will be the Whip of choice this weekend and the whole time this 
will be playing in my ears..
Party On My Friends.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Holy Cow Man,,,
It is crazy here,, our house sold in less than 24 hours and now we sit and wait 
and try to figure out when we close on that while still trying to figure out where we are now going to live. 
My head is spinning,, and I still need to get my much better looking other half up there
so we can find her some employment.
All things are moving in the right direction we just have so 
many balls in the air and I am not the best juggler.

This little guy is going to do well with what ever happens. 
I just need to get him there and let him 
start putting some roots down.

This weekend brings Single Speed USA one last time to the Middle West
and it is being held at one of my all time favorite 
places to ride on bikes. 
I first found Levis Mound during my first year of College. 
Back then it was mainly ski trail and now has evolved into the 
Moab of Wisconsin. 
All the trails are hand cut and travel up over and around the sand stone 
bluffs and cliffs. 
It is going to be an asskicking good time. 
I just need to figure out if I will be there the whole weekend or 
if I will be up in the 612 sunday looking for a home. 
My brain hurts. 
Trying to keep the wheels moving.