Friday, August 7, 2015

Fat lady Is SiNgInG

Yes it is,,

I never thought that I would have made it through the last six years doing what I do 
and dealing with the daily issues that is working on domestic 
household appliances. 
But much like Sid Vicious I did it my way and now I have come out the other side
with a big smile on my face.
All I have to du is get through this day and my time at
Wettsteins is done.
I am thankful that I learned what I did so now I can go to the Major League 
and work on only the top shelf high end 

And what a good weekend to be done and moving on...
We'll have the camper all loaded and ready to go and then head off
the Black Shiver Camp site 
to get our freak on for the Single Speed USA..
This will be the third and more than likely last year that it will be in the 
Middle East.

This Rig will be the Whip of choice this weekend and the whole time this 
will be playing in my ears..
Party On My Friends.

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