Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Holy Cow Man,,,
It is crazy here,, our house sold in less than 24 hours and now we sit and wait 
and try to figure out when we close on that while still trying to figure out where we are now going to live. 
My head is spinning,, and I still need to get my much better looking other half up there
so we can find her some employment.
All things are moving in the right direction we just have so 
many balls in the air and I am not the best juggler.

This little guy is going to do well with what ever happens. 
I just need to get him there and let him 
start putting some roots down.

This weekend brings Single Speed USA one last time to the Middle West
and it is being held at one of my all time favorite 
places to ride on bikes. 
I first found Levis Mound during my first year of College. 
Back then it was mainly ski trail and now has evolved into the 
Moab of Wisconsin. 
All the trails are hand cut and travel up over and around the sand stone 
bluffs and cliffs. 
It is going to be an asskicking good time. 
I just need to figure out if I will be there the whole weekend or 
if I will be up in the 612 sunday looking for a home. 
My brain hurts. 
Trying to keep the wheels moving. 

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