Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing Gears

I went for the double dip yesterday....
After dinner I was all fired up to go ride the new Spot.
Cruzed through town and got on the crushed gravel to the 
bottom of the Quarry Hill. First impressions were good 
and then better after I got my seat height where it need to be. Had some ghost shifts 
which I need to address to day but it shifted well.. Strange saying that but it worked.
The Paul Chain Keeper held the chain in place and the new WTB tires floated over the sandy parts. 
With the frame being a bit smaller than the old version it was much quicker which is
something to get used to. 
Rode up to the HPT to have a look at the trail conditions and look at the
new DNR devastation.  Seems that some of the trails according to the DNR are not  to have
bikes on them. In the Grant that was use to buy the land in the fine print it said no bikes.
Now the total trail loss is not huge but what is huge is that the sections that 
they closed are parts of the loop and now sections go to dead ends. 
Some of these trails have been in operation for 4-5 years. 
To me it seems like a pissing match between the DNR and the city..
Not sure what is wrong with bikes in the woods. And  I am also sure that this is the same
state the befits from the bike industry with the TREK company bringing in large dollars and employing many. You would think that the more trails and the more opportunity's  to people outside and fight obesity would in the states best interest. 
We still have some places to ride and I am sure that more trails will get built but the way that 
the DNR is going about this is stupid. With all that is going on in the state with the Dumb F$%Ks 
in the Government you think that they would have other places to waste money. 

Got to love politics!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


 The sun came out this morning which was something that we have not seen since 
we have been back from AZ
I decided to head up bliss to get out of the
fog that had settled in to the Lacrosse area.
Getting half way up bliss the 
cloud broke and the view from up top was great.

 The weekend weather is going to be a roller coaster with rain tomorrow and wind on sunday. Still thinking that I am going to line up and race some road bikes.
See what happens. Maybe some dirt after dinner as an appetizer.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Trying hard not to be a Debbie Downer,
but the weather has been zapping my will to be.
It sucks and it is not good,, but all that aside not as bad as the poor people in 
the South. So I will try to be positive.
Wheels have been moving just not as much and as hard as I would
like. Need more,,, need to ride the new Spot more than to the park 
with the Boy.. Goal tomorrow to ride around on some of the crushed gravel with the girl.
Still going to be some time until the local trails open, and if it ever stops raining maybe 
a trip to Levis is in store to get some single track fix. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It has been really hard to adjust to life back here in Wisco.
We had some of the best weather that we could have ever asked for
last week in AZ. For to think that last wed.. I was riding single track
at 7000 feet. Today I was freezing my toes off.
Cleaning up my side of the room on saturday I said I don't want to 
have to wear these booties, but yesterday I found
my self wearing my craft winter booties DU to the 40 degree rain that was
Today I dressed mid to lite and my toes payed for it as I came down bliss.
Last week was supposed to be an easy week and it was even though
I still logged up to 13 hours on the bike.
This week has been ok making sure that the rides count. 
We were going to race dirt this weekend but with the weather and the kid
can't find someone to cover her shift we are going to stay around and race some road. 
The weather needs to break it feels like life back at 9700 feet. 
Come on spring I know that you are out there it would be 
nice to get to play.
And not have to dress in layers.

Sounds good

Last Wednesday

The way out

Gnome sunbathing


Sedona in the distance


After 6 or 7 years it was time for a change.
Still have some work to do the old site had 
a lot of love into it but the title kept getting me spam or people thinking that I 
was looking for some kind of dating game?!?

Nope Bike Bike and more bike that is what is here.