Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Flashing back to racing my bike on saturday has me wondering about more and 
how to get my self there.
I still have a way to go to get to where I should be or at least where I was. 
It felt good to punch it off the line and get off the front.. even though their were not 
that many behind chasing. I kind of felt like Ricky Bobby when he remembered how to 
go fast. 
Redefining my self as a bike racer but continuing to be a cyclist. 
Are they different?
I do think so,, to be able to compete at the sharp end of the knife a lot of work 
has to go into the craft.. That means hours of riding before the sun comes up
and lots of time thinking about HR and Threshold.
This is where my new definition comes in to play,, for what ever reason,, 
be it my crash or just a bit of burn out... this is what I am struggling with ..
How do I maintain some of the needed fitness and stay competitive while still trying to stay with in the bounds of what life is throw at me this summer. 

So far it has just been balance and trying to have fun with what it is that I am doing. 
Fun has been the mantra all spring and summer,, and it is a constant
battle for the inner cyclist in me to find the fun. 
More time spent on this rig than any other,, while the skinny tire bikes collect dust in the garage. 
More time pushing a gear that I would have never dreamed of in years past.
Now while the miles have not been huge the smile factor has been,, and it is the 
pursuit of happiness that is keeping me moving.

That and again as my wife calls it my midlife crisis.. 
And this hear clip speaks to me as old guys can still get it done. 


Stories from the road to come.. 
The famdam is heading out to the 303 to do some family time and take part in a 
Yes high country Sk8boarding will take place, and I know that it is unheard of to go to 
Colorado and not ride a bike,, but their just wont be enough time.
Westbound and Down. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

No one said it would be easy

Dads are cool things,, and I have been able to call my self one now for
twenty years. I was just a little pup when I became a father to 
baby Sophia,, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
I was young dumb and a clueless ski bum,, skiing off of and through anything that I could.
When the child came around it changed my view of lets see if I make it to thirty.
I have made it that age and beyond,, and 
over the years have seen a lot of friends go to the great abyss.
Now I am not saying that I am the best dad or even close to perfect,, but I put my head down and try my best to give my little assholes all that they need and 
spend good quality time with them  to help them grow and live the good life. 

Yesterday was Go Skateboard Day on top of fathers day so 
I headed out with the rocket to Warrens Wi to our buddy's skatepark.
It was a good change ,, and nice to ride something different.
Both of us had a blast ripping around and work out new trick in a different spot. 
I was happy to still have some legs left over from racing bikes on

Levis was hosting a WEMS race and I jumped into the two hour event,
From the gun I put my head down and pinned it at the front with the hope of 
getting to first climb with no one in front of me.. 
This plan worked and I was able to get away for a minute or two till I was finally caught and 
ended up pulling two guys around until the last 1/4 mile.
Nipped at the end for the line.
But for a guy who does not race like he used to and does not Train...
I'll take the place that I got,, and more important than that it was FUN.. 

Finnish the weekend off with Beers on a deck with my lovely wife and 
I can say that it was a good weekend..
And their is more insanity in store for this rock and roll
Cheers to all the Fathers out there 
be good to yours and 
love the one you are with.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Green turns Blue

Mondays post was a cop-out and I am fully aware of that..
But then again for the three people that read my rants and rambles I am pretty sure that 
their day was not ruined.
To say the least I was on a mental recovery from a weekend of 
travel, family and partying. 
I even managed to get in some riding on skinny style tire bikes.

This summer  I have been lacking motivation due to many factors,
one being that I am missing a riding partner..
Even though my daughter and I did not ride and train everyday together we
at least good for a ride or two a week. 
She has a summer job that is working her more than she is used to and he team at school has lost another coach,, which is the team almost disbanded,, if their is anyone left..... And all of this has her riding very little if at all. 
So needless to say it is a summer of Flux here.
For me it is about renewal,, rebirth,, and remembering why it is all done in the first place.

That brings me to yesterdays ride. 
Me a gear and two wheels.... Leave out the garage with a plan in place,, 
Ride, Smile,, Sun,, All the good thing..
The Freedom of bikes
the places you can go the things that you can see...
This is what keeps me coming back for more and more..
I love,,,live and breath two wheels..
Not Back on it Never Left.. 

What is this?

Fresh Goodness.


Friday, June 12, 2015

One flew Over the

All the weather man could talk about the past few days is 
the 6 inches of rain that was going to come our way.. 
All it did was scare people and get them all building their arc's so 
they could float down river with two of every animal.
It did rain yesterday but if we got more than 
two inches I would be shocked. 
Things are wet and the dirt biking is shut down for a while until 
it drys out which means road style of bikes will need to be ridden if ridden at all. 

Some where in this mess is what i am looking for.. Or at least I think it is there. 
Bench is a mess.
It is kind of a good description of my cycling season so far, and where I stand 
when it comes to things in the future. 
Had a customer ask me some cycling questions yesterday while I worked on 
his oven.  He know my history and used to be a regular at the bike shop that I work at 
years ago..
After talking about gear and tire pressure he started hitting me up about my summer plans of racing and riding,..,,.., and his face dropped when I told him as I of now I just don't care.
He was shocked and tried to talk me out of my current state of burn out, fatigue, completeness.. 
I explained that I am still riding and a good bit but mainly on dirt,, and 
that after my last race and having that comp racer get tangled up with 
me,, and all the travel and all the Training that is needed.. That I am just taking a step back and reevaluating.
And more than anything that I am ok with this..
And after all that was said he looks at me and says "well what in the heck are you doing for fun anymore"?
Safe to say he did not hear a word that came out of my mouth.

So once again I am still here I am still a cyclist and still love all things two wheels, 
Not Back on It,, Never Left. 
The fire just burns a little different. 
Crap I may even line up over fathers day weekend over at Levis for the WEMS race. 

I came across this yesterday.. Thought that it was pretty cool
Stoke comes in all different ways and Genders..

And then their was this which is neater than cool.. 

So if you see me out on the road,, yell or holler at me..
If I pass you on the dirt just give me some room.
And if you are wondering I 
am Still here..

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We saw the most heat yesterday than we have in a few years.
Hot not humid just warm.
I had planed on waking up and riding,, but it a chore for me to 
get out of bed and be riding by 5AM.
So after a frustrating day of work I headed out to the trail to meet up with a few and 
just shake the legs out. 

That is all that it was,, 
it was good but nothing to go on and on about.. 
I  think that i am stuck in a funk of a rut and I am having a 
hard time getting to excited with
all that is supposed to be my cycling life.
Working on bring the fun back..
I see and hear it deep in my mentals.
I just need to dig deeper. 
Finding happiness in the strangest of places as long as you 
look at it right.

A golden haze of sunshine..

Skate Wednesday ,, Here is this

And Can't go wrong here

Get your Hump on and 
plow through this day..
Your favorite hero is not lost he just has not been found..
Party On to All!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monkey Shine

Simply said I took a vacation from my self this weekend..
It was much needed and much enjoyed.
Skipping a bike race that was three hours away from the house and just spending time 
at home doing the things that needed to be done was a prefect prescription for awesomeness. 

Friday was the last day of Fifth Grade for the Rocket Man,,
One last time skipping down the road,
hard to believe that he is going to be in middle school..
And for him the walk to school just got closer,, just across the street. 

Summer like weather showed up and greeted us with wonderful temps and blue
Again a prefect recipe to just get out and ride..
To soak it all in..
To not worry about watts, miles, kom's you name it just ride it all in.

Spent a good amount of time watching
                                                        the X games.. and saturday we got to
watch young
Curren win him self a gold in the Park contest. 
Kid is smooth and go real big when he needs to,,
now if I can just get that style to flow through the boy,,

Sometimes taking a step back and looking at things though a different 
pair of lenses helps the situation. 
Now just need to see what becomes of all that is flowing down the 
Glad that I have new waders cuz the river may run high. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Patient Boy

Not a cop out just all I got..
I am going to fight for what I want to be.
Turn It Loud! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ripping Flesh

I have not woken up and headed out the door to ride this whole spring.
No I have been getting up and making coffee then
taking a nap.
But I needed to break the cycle and get out and pedal..
The single speed was just right and 
always goes where I tell it.. This morning was up,, then down.. It did not mind..
Felt good just an titch over an hour but it is what I needed,,
although that nap sounds pretty sweet now.

Yesterday was new wood Tuesday,, the boy and
I got some new Maple as we get ready for a 
trip to the 303
at the end of the month.
I went with a more traditional shape, which 
took a few laps to get used to again,, but once I got into it the 
board was really laying it down. 

This gem was put up to celebrate the Birthday of the 
mad scientist Mark Gonzales

He continues to inspire and keep the vibe buzzing. 

Here is the Vans Raw clips from Curren Caples this is the
young ripper that the Rocket Boy likes 
to watch,, this kid is smooth

Now time to get out and hump this day.

Monday, June 1, 2015

BB King

Three races in to my shortened racing season and I am happy that a break is in my future.
I was super excited for yesterday and a bit nervous for the young Rocket,,
having to race the onespeed around all the hills that Mount Kato 
has to offer..
He started strong and came through on the second lap and started to push up the hill..
After a while of watching from a far i pedaled up to him and asked if he was ok..
He was but said that he would like to "DNF" at which point he turned and continued,,
Super proud of the kid for sticking it out.
It turns out that he just had a day of it making it his ride and 
going through the motions.. He even found a turtle he said and stopped and hug out with it for a while.. But more than anything he finished. 

For me I was as ready as I was going to be,, with a bit of trepidation
I found a spot in the starting gate behind all the fast guys. 
At the sound of the word go we were off and once again I slipped a pedal..
On and chasing I worked up the hill dangling off the front group.
As the selection was made I found my self with a group behind me..
Head down and hammering trying to get some separation little was found..
I tried to use the tech downhills to gain some and may have for a bit done so..
Second lap went ok but I could start to feel the pain creep in.
Third lap became it became more evident that I was doing to much and needed to sit in for a 
bit and was thankful to have the Chucker come along. Together for the forth we rode strong, but the whole time I could fell my legs starting crap if I pushed too hard..
Race almost done,, middle end of the lap.... a comp racer says hey you want to pass,,,
Yep,, he pulls off to the right of the trail to let me by and as I go past he wobbles hooks my bars takes us down "slow speed" and proceeds to bounce his face off my barend.. rendering my handlebars almost useless and knocking out one or cracking a tooth,, Ugly..
At this point in time I am done,, chasing back on to my teammate with nothing but carbon on the right side of the bike to hold onto,, I shifted into just get this done mode. 
I would not say that the thrill is gone,, but I would say I need to figure out what it is that i want to do from now on.. I have lost some of the love and luster for going in circles. 
I am over lap traffic and the mixture of different classes out on course while the elites are racing. 
It is my deal that I need to figure out. 
I just hope the kid that used my bars as a toothpick is ok. 

As for the rest of the Team they did awesome.. Jeff won and the Ginnerhammer
came in second.  The Black and White was on fire and even in the 
women Fisk pulled out a fifth place.
As for this guy their is not a lot if any racing on the calendar  for   June,, we have 
a lot going on and racing just wont happen. 
For now it is just time for head down Monday Bull Plop..