Monday, June 22, 2015

No one said it would be easy

Dads are cool things,, and I have been able to call my self one now for
twenty years. I was just a little pup when I became a father to 
baby Sophia,, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
I was young dumb and a clueless ski bum,, skiing off of and through anything that I could.
When the child came around it changed my view of lets see if I make it to thirty.
I have made it that age and beyond,, and 
over the years have seen a lot of friends go to the great abyss.
Now I am not saying that I am the best dad or even close to perfect,, but I put my head down and try my best to give my little assholes all that they need and 
spend good quality time with them  to help them grow and live the good life. 

Yesterday was Go Skateboard Day on top of fathers day so 
I headed out with the rocket to Warrens Wi to our buddy's skatepark.
It was a good change ,, and nice to ride something different.
Both of us had a blast ripping around and work out new trick in a different spot. 
I was happy to still have some legs left over from racing bikes on

Levis was hosting a WEMS race and I jumped into the two hour event,
From the gun I put my head down and pinned it at the front with the hope of 
getting to first climb with no one in front of me.. 
This plan worked and I was able to get away for a minute or two till I was finally caught and 
ended up pulling two guys around until the last 1/4 mile.
Nipped at the end for the line.
But for a guy who does not race like he used to and does not Train...
I'll take the place that I got,, and more important than that it was FUN.. 

Finnish the weekend off with Beers on a deck with my lovely wife and 
I can say that it was a good weekend..
And their is more insanity in store for this rock and roll
Cheers to all the Fathers out there 
be good to yours and 
love the one you are with.

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