Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Flashing back to racing my bike on saturday has me wondering about more and 
how to get my self there.
I still have a way to go to get to where I should be or at least where I was. 
It felt good to punch it off the line and get off the front.. even though their were not 
that many behind chasing. I kind of felt like Ricky Bobby when he remembered how to 
go fast. 
Redefining my self as a bike racer but continuing to be a cyclist. 
Are they different?
I do think so,, to be able to compete at the sharp end of the knife a lot of work 
has to go into the craft.. That means hours of riding before the sun comes up
and lots of time thinking about HR and Threshold.
This is where my new definition comes in to play,, for what ever reason,, 
be it my crash or just a bit of burn out... this is what I am struggling with ..
How do I maintain some of the needed fitness and stay competitive while still trying to stay with in the bounds of what life is throw at me this summer. 

So far it has just been balance and trying to have fun with what it is that I am doing. 
Fun has been the mantra all spring and summer,, and it is a constant
battle for the inner cyclist in me to find the fun. 
More time spent on this rig than any other,, while the skinny tire bikes collect dust in the garage. 
More time pushing a gear that I would have never dreamed of in years past.
Now while the miles have not been huge the smile factor has been,, and it is the 
pursuit of happiness that is keeping me moving.

That and again as my wife calls it my midlife crisis.. 
And this hear clip speaks to me as old guys can still get it done. 


Stories from the road to come.. 
The famdam is heading out to the 303 to do some family time and take part in a 
Yes high country Sk8boarding will take place, and I know that it is unheard of to go to 
Colorado and not ride a bike,, but their just wont be enough time.
Westbound and Down. 

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