Friday, June 12, 2015

One flew Over the

All the weather man could talk about the past few days is 
the 6 inches of rain that was going to come our way.. 
All it did was scare people and get them all building their arc's so 
they could float down river with two of every animal.
It did rain yesterday but if we got more than 
two inches I would be shocked. 
Things are wet and the dirt biking is shut down for a while until 
it drys out which means road style of bikes will need to be ridden if ridden at all. 

Some where in this mess is what i am looking for.. Or at least I think it is there. 
Bench is a mess.
It is kind of a good description of my cycling season so far, and where I stand 
when it comes to things in the future. 
Had a customer ask me some cycling questions yesterday while I worked on 
his oven.  He know my history and used to be a regular at the bike shop that I work at 
years ago..
After talking about gear and tire pressure he started hitting me up about my summer plans of racing and riding,..,,.., and his face dropped when I told him as I of now I just don't care.
He was shocked and tried to talk me out of my current state of burn out, fatigue, completeness.. 
I explained that I am still riding and a good bit but mainly on dirt,, and 
that after my last race and having that comp racer get tangled up with 
me,, and all the travel and all the Training that is needed.. That I am just taking a step back and reevaluating.
And more than anything that I am ok with this..
And after all that was said he looks at me and says "well what in the heck are you doing for fun anymore"?
Safe to say he did not hear a word that came out of my mouth.

So once again I am still here I am still a cyclist and still love all things two wheels, 
Not Back on It,, Never Left. 
The fire just burns a little different. 
Crap I may even line up over fathers day weekend over at Levis for the WEMS race. 

I came across this yesterday.. Thought that it was pretty cool
Stoke comes in all different ways and Genders..

And then their was this which is neater than cool.. 

So if you see me out on the road,, yell or holler at me..
If I pass you on the dirt just give me some room.
And if you are wondering I 
am Still here..

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