Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eleven Images

 This Year was a good year for my family to ride a bike,,, a lot of hard work and tons of great support help make it one hell of a year.  We Traveled and raced we Rode and we Won. We saw a million faces and rocked them all. If this was the year of Darkness Tomorrow starts the year of the Light. The Bringer Of Light,,, A Surge In the Right Direction.  It wont come easy as nothing here never does,, hard work and determination will make the Light shine even brighter. With Strong Family and the Best Products that the industry can offer we will launch into TwoTwelve and not stop until our Goals are met. With two wheels and clear mind we say good-bye to the year that went to 11 and bring in #12.....
Ride With Pride and PARTY ON !!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Travel is one thing that if done well can be fun..
I knew going in to this one that it was going to be a roller coaster ride. 
A trip up to the airport got us a quick trip to the Threshold of HELL.
The Kids were down with a trip through Lego Land..
Anna got back to the hotel and said goodbye to the kids and hit the bar..  6AM flight the next morning was going to be early.

Touch down in Tebow land just as the sun came up. Got to spend some time with my 94 and 92 year old grand parents. They were all smiles as we 
looked at old pictures and shared some important time together.  Plans that had been made to 
see some friends and shake some hands got put on hold due to the weather that had fallen on the 
ground.  At mom's house we got to start partying and celebrating another trip around the sun for my brother and I..

Christmas happened and may were happy and few were sad..  I was still on cloud Nine from 
the few hours spent in Breckenridge on Christmas eve. 
All in all not a bad trip to mom's house not to many feelings were hurt and we got to see some 
nice winter like views.

Next Time that I head out the HIGH country I am 
bringing some bikes yes SOME.. because hanging out with out doing what you want is no fun.. 
Rip the Big Wheels and 
drink moms beer sounds like a good time. 
Now time to get back to work and keep the eyes on the Prize..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outside is the Rightside

It is official ,,, winter has been put on hold. And while I can deal with the
milder temps I sure would like to be skiing. 
The two day  I got on sticks was pure bliss.  And with 
the upcoming trip to the sun shine state... skiing is on my mind. 
But I will survive.  I had thought at one time that I would want to go XC skiing while there
and then thought it would be fun to take PIP on the Mountain,, but it sounds 
as if the snow pack sucks and I have no interest
in shitty snow.

If you have not seen the petition that is going around 
jump on over here.
Getting the word out to all that love bikes the outdoors and all things good and right in the world
is the goal.. 
Be good Do nice Things and get ready for more sunlight.. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Frosty Shins

Well I was not expecting to wake up and 
find 3/4 of one Inch of snow on the ground this morning. 
Just enough to stop the Big Wheeled plans that I spoke of yesterday. And not 
enough to break out the skis and do some slip sliding. 
So with the hanging curve ball that was lobbed up I hit the Crushed GrAvel. 

Just enough to call it a good ride. Spun the legs and made my heart beat and cause some perspiration come from my pores.

The internets here in the South West portion of Wisco are all a blaze do to some short sightedness of the local government. Seems that they are leaving it up for debate ,,,,the idea that the Upper portions of Hixon should be turned in to homes....Another subdivision.
This is hallowed ground a place where we go to hike bike and be in nature. But we all know that
money is what makes the would go around..  Regardless it has caused a fight that I am not sure the city was ready for. 
I am sure the community will rally and maybe even stop the stupid idea..

Kansas City Here we Come....... 

Friday, December 16, 2011


Yep still no snow,, as my skis gently weep over in the corner of the room.
Anna keeps telling me that means that I can ride my bike
and I smile and say I know....the change is just nice and don't get 
me wrong it is only the 16th of December and snow can 
fly at any time all the way up to May,,, But but but we hope that 
does not happen,,,this is not life at 9700 feet. 
I was able to find my self out after work riding the crackandfail 
short trip up the bluff and then down,,doing some recon to see if this weekend 
has some MTB riding in store. I could use it with the mental F*&k that has
been work this weekend. The ride was good legs were mad but I told them to shut up. 
Stopped and it looked like this, 

If you are in the 612 tomorrow you should check out 
Hollywood's Cross For Tots 
bring a toy and race some CX 
 Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the cyclist in you life??
Do you think that they have it all?? Walk on over to the Feedback Sports and
look at some of the stocking fillers..and if you Really want to impress that someone special you get them
one of these..
Can't go wrong with the Pro Elite Work stand. 

My stocking stuffer will be in the form of new brakes from the good folks at Magura .

Like I have said before I dream in two wheels, and can't wait for spring to come. 
Until then I will layer up and ride what I can when I can.  Dreams can be what you make them.
I am trying to make mine come true.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is what I need,, Not the rain that is falling,,
Pulled this from @The bizarre ride.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Skiing this weekend was what the doctor ordered.. Two day of slip sliding and lots of 
gliding, And how amazing 4 inches of coverage can be. Saturday brought exploring of 
new terrain and sunday I got to take the PIP out for her first slid of the season. 
The kid can move when she turns off her brain and lets her body do the 
Being that Drugans is a golf course and not in the heart of town like Hixton forest it is not wrecked by people 
walking and running on the groomed trails. Yes 
people the trails are not groomed for you to walk on they are so people can enjoy some Nordic sports while snow is on the ground.   

Which flash forward to this morning rain was falling from the sky. Yep Rain and lots of it enough to make the snow go away.  And for now it does not seem like any more is on the way. 
With all the changes at work it was a bit slow and i was out early. I took advantage of my time 
and got my workout done and still had time on my hands... Temps were in the high 30's and the wind was low,,, so it was time to get the trusty LemonXone out and go for a nice spin. Dressed light for this time of the 
year and spun out a great Anna loop. Felt good to push the pedals even if I should be skiing. 
Now it is time for snow but more rain is in the forecast.  I am hoping that it does not decide to dump as we g
get ready to go to CO for christmas ,,,just want easy travels.
So one last time SNOW DAMN IT! !!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Their is not much snow on the ground.. but one of the great things 
about skate skiing is you don't need much.. People on the interwebs 
are saying to use rock skis but like it was when I was a skibum... I only
have the pair that I have,,, so run what-cha-brung. 
For almost five years we have lived in this valley 
and I have never driven the 10 miles north of here to go as ski Drugans. 
The golf course is off the beaten path and sits between some good bluff,,adding 
so vertical gain.   Right from the parking lot it was nothing but smiles and smiles.
The skis were moving well with the blue/teal wax  

 and the thin spots were easy to get around. 
Now we could use some more snow because all that is going to do is
make the skiing that much better.. And it seems that their is nothing to stop where the 
groomer goes.  I am ready for a month or two of skiing as a good break from nothing but cycling.. 

Bring on the snow..

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Lips

 There is a episode of MASH where Frank Burns the uptight do right doctor is in 
charge and learns that the M in M*A*S*H stands of Mobil... And he 
orders the camp to "Bug Out" over and over,,, because he can.. 
Some times that is how things go at my work.. 
Shit comes down the pipe only because not because it makes the most sense.
Things are changing once again at the world of Appliance repair and 
once again it is grab on to what ever you can and go for a ride. 
I like to think that fixing things is a noble profession,, helping people out 
and making their life's better. 
The issue and take this to heart all Appliances are made to break,,
and break they do,, and I have to be the grim reaper and tell them that 
the cost to fix is more than the cost to buy new,,,., or something of the like. 
Again fixing stuff is good and things breaking is a factor of life.. 
But big company's need to adjust their models and make stuff that 
last so the American people can not only have jobs but have 
products that last and can fell good about.
Now all that being said things that are getting me excited about bike and riding them...
stuff like new rubber and rubber that does not need an inner tube.. like the new rubber
from WTB
And rubber to get your hands around by Ergon
Still only december but my mind is riding down single track somewhere with the wind at
my back and sun on my face.  Some people may dream of winning the lotto or some 
famous person they want to be or meet ,,,
I dream in two wheels.. I can get enough the best ride is the next ride the very next day. 
I main line the stuff..   Get on Get out Go fast.. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Demented Pixles

Saw this the other day over on Hellinham
thought that it was pretty rad.. Yep rad after years and years of
watching ski movies I thought that this was really original. Wounder if 
little MR T could start skiing like this seeing that he has full
run of the little ski hill in Taos.

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

The guys over the river @ Freewheel put on this show ..... Makes me want to join the FaT BiKe Revolt,,,,but more than anything I need to focus on the ones that I have and Lust after the ones that I don't...Wasn't 
too long ago I was whining about wanting/needing a new cross
bike.,.. Will the AddIction ever end? Can never get enough and thanks to the inter webs I can sit and watch and #allhailtheblackmarket//

Upright and uptight

So we got some of the white stuff on saturday night and in to sunday morning. 
Not much just enough to make  things look postcard perfect for a 
few hours as the brown landscape of the hills turned in to a Andy Williams record cover.
That being said it not enough snow to do any thing cool like ski and 
ski or even ski,, and to boot the ride in this morning was one 
that makes me happy that I can keep a bike up right. 
The city just made sure that the main drive lanes were open 
by pushing the snow into the bike lanes where it froze and made 
white chunks of death. 
But as I always say I would rather spend time pedaling than sitting
in a car. Or eating snow that a dog has pissed in .....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Melting Wax

Dreaming of Summer and Single Track..
Snow needs to fall so we can slip and 
slide. Ready to get the ski tuning bench up
and running,, Bikes still moving and weights being
tossed around. Need to start using the gym,,instead
of the boiler room here at the house,,I in vision
Rocky working out in the barn..   

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puck Rock Shaved my Life

Last day of November,, now maybe all the cheesy mustaches will get 
shaven off and the world will be freed from all the 
lurker porn star want-to-bee's...
Chilly start to the day with temps in the teens,, makes dressing for the 
ride in..interesting,, cold to start but then shweaty upon arriving to work.
Nice thing about today was it warmed up to the low 40's or just 40 
but regardless the sun was out and I was able to go through the 
quarry home. 
With a bit of extra time I rode in to the quarry usually just pass by it
riding on the double track that skirts the edge. When you get
down and into it you realize how much space their is and 
and you spin around at the 360 degree views and imagine all  the single track that could happen
you start to drool a bit.  

Now from what I understand even though this is MVC land trails can not be built due to the 
rattle snake habitat there, and for what ever reason the DNR wants to 
keep bikes out,,, they are afraid that people would disturb the land in now empty 
rock quarry. It is a shame the lines that could be drawn the climbing and open fields of wild flowers wizzing 
by as you descend through would be unlike anything in this area. 
This land is a gem and to a city to a community this could be a play ground for two wheels and hikers
snow play enthusiast etc..
All that being said it was a great ride home getting to blow off some steam from a job that 
as I figure will get me no where in life... And it gave me time to think about 
what is to come and how to get ready for it.  
Skiing if it happens will be a blast but for me it is just what I do until I can 
get back out on the road start getting ready to line up and go in to the red. 
With the sound of feedback in my ears and gravel under my wheels 
 I will survive.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Right Brigade

My son keeps asking me what I want for christmas and my response is
always the same.... I don't know,,,,,,,, I do know but 
the family never wants to have to get me cycling stuff...

One of These or one of These
Snow would be nice some time soon so we can start sliding on the 
white stuff. 
I don't need or want much,,, just a healthy family and all the two wheeled contraptions 
to work and be ready for another race season. 
Calenders are out and time to  start planing

                               2012 Minnesota Mountain Bike Series Race Schedule

 2012 Minnesota Mountain Bike Series Race Schedule
5/20/2012      Afton Avalanche, Afton Alps, Hastings, MN
6/03/2012      Bluff Riders Charge, Mankato, MN
6/17/2012      Red Wing Classic, Red Wing, MN
7/08/2012      Dirt Spanker, Mt. Du Lac, Superior, WI
7/22/2012      Metric Auto Works Birch Bump, Burnsville, MN
7/29/2012      Single Track Attack, Elk River, MN
8/12/2012      White Tail Frolic,  River Falls, WI
8/19/2012      The Great Hawk Chase, Duluth, MN
9/02/2012      Laddie’s Loppet Stage Race, Maplelag Resort, MN
9/23/2012      Revolution’s Single Track Escape, St. Cloud, MN
9/30/2012      St. Croix Valley Woolly, St. Croix Falls, WI

 A few changes to the Schedule which should make it nice and with some alternate weekends 
the Pip and I should be able to hit some of the WORS series along with the big Subaru Cup. 
Need to figure out how to finance the season but should be a big one for the 
kid,,,, one last year as a JR racer. 

Been spending some time over here
reading and enjoying the cycling stories.... well put together and great photos.. Something to help 
get through the long winter. 
December is almost here and that means the bringer of the light will soon snuff out the 
dark... and that is a good thing..  Spin to win and ride with pride ,,, watch out for ice .. and stay warm...
I leave you with this... 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What the???

   Nope ride did
not happen,,,, looks as if they are conspiring. 


Blackfriday riding on my dark horse. Woods 
are where  I want to be. And every time I 
get out there I say this may be it. Still in the 
50's so temps are good for getting out there. 
I saw more people in the woods on the day after
thanks giving than i have in months . Great to see
people on bikes.

Always wanting more and more even when I am 
board with the same loops over and over. More now as
 I have another turkey dinner prepped and ready to cook. 
Food,,,family and Two Wheels.... Good luck to all 
that are racing today in IA go fast and Party ON>>>     

Monday, November 21, 2011


Sitting sill is not one of strong suits. My saturday involved 
doing some stuff around the house and 
watching the rain fall.... No snow here like up 
north in the cities.. That made for some good 
cross weather for all the MN mafia that were out racing. 
The Hollywood Crew of Hwood and Kwood killed it and 
drilled it for a pair of 2nd places in their races.. way to go guys...!!!
So all that said Sunday with a full slate of football to watch I knew that 
i needed to get out of the house. 
With some T6 layers and a few from Craft I was out the door in 
sub 30 temps... Now even though I raced my MTB all season
with gears I still like to think of my self as a One Speeder.. And that is the 
weapon that was chosen. The one x Lemond is perfect for this time of year and got the job done. 
With the woods packed full of blaze orange deer hunters the roads 
were quite and I had them all to my self.  Rode the EMAG loop that for what it is worth 
has been shut down since aug due to road repair.  Bike felt good and the riding felt better. Movement was good which made for a better day of ball watching.. Now time for the defence to step it up and make 
a complete team..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Going back

I could go for some warm dry and dirty!!
I want to go back and Play

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nuun 4 You

Nuun has a grate deal going on 
Great for the Athlete in your life,,Co-workers
Teachers Etc..  Hydration is always a good idea 
through the holidays and while out playing in the snow. 
Check it out!

Watch out For

Been trying to get ever last ounce of pedal strokes 
out of my legs before the weather shifts.  Up through the quarry and down the bluff
through the woods over rivers.,,.,.all that kind of riding before it
becomes winter commute survival of the fittest. Hoping that 
can get one more year out of the Cannondal CX commuter before it 
has to be put down,, bike is hanging on by a thread. But for
now it still gets the job done. Saw this the other morning heading in 
thought that it was cool being 7:15 in the AM

This Kid here is way smart and a head of his age and the 
stuff that he has come up with is brilliant,, On top of that he 
is fast as hell and has ridden his bike across the USA and is going to do it again.

Their is all kinds of talk about Black Friday and 
how cool it is going to be bla bla bla,,, @ first I thought it was going to be
But found out that it was going to 
just be this which is less much less cool

Not sure but pretty sure that people 
are pretty dumb when deals are at hand...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turn the Page

   This could be it.. The 
last ride 
in the woods and it was a good one. Next 
saturday gun deer 
season starts and my not be the best time to 
be in the woods.  50 degrees out and 
over dressed. Not another soul on a bike
in the woods,, lots of hikers but no
cyclist. Trails rode sweet and the 
carving and drifting factor were
in full effect. If this is it ,,,,
it sure was good. Ready to start get 
things lined up for next season,, dreaming 
about single track and races to come. 
Get out ride your bike and change your life. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I felt like a gringo

November 12 and out in the sun.. Pave to some gravel and then 
up the road that falls apart every 6months. 
D. Boon
Jumped into the single track up in the HPT and was loving the 
35mm tires as they sliced through the freshly fallen leaves.  Riding was good as 
I channeled my inner Stevil only to find  a sign and some tape closing off
 a section of trail.. Said NO Trespassing Nov 1through Dec 31..
Not a huge section of trail but closed none the less. 
From there things went sideways phone beeped and I got 
called in to work,.. Good thing that spinning wheels can make 
me smile so damn big..  Coming down the quarry road on canty brakes can be a bit unnerving,, but you 
just have to let it go and  hope no deer get in the way.

No Feelings

It it the time of the year when i sit and wait for the bringer of the light. As the darkness creeps deeper in to the 
soul and surroundings of my tiny universe preparations are made.  The pagans may 
dance around Stonehenge others hang mistletoe
me i continue to turn the cranks knowing that with every turn
I am closer to the sun,,,,coming back.  
A lot of time is spent on the the Red bike as it bends the space in front of me and leaves the pain behind. 
Layers and speed = time spent moving. 
It all adds up and the hope is that it adds up to the 
sum of the it all. 
Bring the light and fight the darkness,,as long as it keeps you moving.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Off season Racing

Off the couch and doing my first CX race of the season. 
The Midwest Single Speed CX Championship. 
Last year had a good race and finished out of the money by one spot. 
This year the field was bigger and it was going to be fast. 
From the word go Hwood and my self with the work of Thorny were off 
the front. Nice course with some minny barriers which made for some 
humor when the roadies had to try to bunny hop ,,, some man made stairs and lots and 
lots of turns. Hollywood and I pulled hard to get some separation and get to
the prim at the start finish line. I had a great lead out for the captain of the team
and he scored the 25$$. From there I kept on the gas... Then started to 
blow up,,,but Hwood was gone with the eventual winner. 
From there I bounced off the ground a few times went crossed eyed and 
rode into some course tape. All in all not a bad day for coming 
off the couch,, I like the idea of cross racing but am not willing to drive 2.5 hours 
for a 60 min race. Have not seen the results I finished somewhere around
12th. Paying for the efforts today.. 
Sophia and finished the day off with going to get the end of the season 
awards. Got to party with the Hollywood Team and 

collect our #1 overall award.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


In my former life I lived and breathed in 
restaurants. Working in kitchens was my ticket to high places through out 
the west and for the longest time the way that I made my living. 
I have worked in some real shit holes and for some big assholes. 
But for all the shit and cornholes I worked for some amazing
Chefs. Two of which were down in Scottsdale.. James and 
Erik had trained under Alain Ducasse in France and in Monte-Carlo.
The time I spent with these two shaped me for the years to come. You may even say that 
it changed my view on food and hard to fit the molds of other chef's to follow. 
The food was real and methods were old world... They preached fresh and whole
and explained why food should be prepared the way it had been for hundreds of years. 
Old world style with a touch of modern tweaks. 
It was hard and a lot to learn bit it stuck with me and to this day I still practice the 
techniques at home.  
I miss food and miss cooking,,,, I don't miss the hours and substance abuse and crap that 
went along with good food. 
Being a cyclist and being in a house of cyclist,, we eat a lot and I try to make sure 
that we eat well.  Teaching the young-lings why and how is tough but 
 I hope that they can take it with them. 
So long rant short I came across on PBS this evening a guy on  the 
east coast of Wisco who is doing the same thing but with his own twist.
Can't wait to go and visit the family over on that side of the state so I can dig 
in to some of his creations.