Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Lips

 There is a episode of MASH where Frank Burns the uptight do right doctor is in 
charge and learns that the M in M*A*S*H stands of Mobil... And he 
orders the camp to "Bug Out" over and over,,, because he can.. 
Some times that is how things go at my work.. 
Shit comes down the pipe only because not because it makes the most sense.
Things are changing once again at the world of Appliance repair and 
once again it is grab on to what ever you can and go for a ride. 
I like to think that fixing things is a noble profession,, helping people out 
and making their life's better. 
The issue and take this to heart all Appliances are made to break,,
and break they do,, and I have to be the grim reaper and tell them that 
the cost to fix is more than the cost to buy new,,,., or something of the like. 
Again fixing stuff is good and things breaking is a factor of life.. 
But big company's need to adjust their models and make stuff that 
last so the American people can not only have jobs but have 
products that last and can fell good about.
Now all that being said things that are getting me excited about bike and riding them...
stuff like new rubber and rubber that does not need an inner tube.. like the new rubber
from WTB
And rubber to get your hands around by Ergon
Still only december but my mind is riding down single track somewhere with the wind at
my back and sun on my face.  Some people may dream of winning the lotto or some 
famous person they want to be or meet ,,,
I dream in two wheels.. I can get enough the best ride is the next ride the very next day. 
I main line the stuff..   Get on Get out Go fast.. 

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