Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Travel is one thing that if done well can be fun..
I knew going in to this one that it was going to be a roller coaster ride. 
A trip up to the airport got us a quick trip to the Threshold of HELL.
The Kids were down with a trip through Lego Land..
Anna got back to the hotel and said goodbye to the kids and hit the bar..  6AM flight the next morning was going to be early.

Touch down in Tebow land just as the sun came up. Got to spend some time with my 94 and 92 year old grand parents. They were all smiles as we 
looked at old pictures and shared some important time together.  Plans that had been made to 
see some friends and shake some hands got put on hold due to the weather that had fallen on the 
ground.  At mom's house we got to start partying and celebrating another trip around the sun for my brother and I..

Christmas happened and may were happy and few were sad..  I was still on cloud Nine from 
the few hours spent in Breckenridge on Christmas eve. 
All in all not a bad trip to mom's house not to many feelings were hurt and we got to see some 
nice winter like views.

Next Time that I head out the HIGH country I am 
bringing some bikes yes SOME.. because hanging out with out doing what you want is no fun.. 
Rip the Big Wheels and 
drink moms beer sounds like a good time. 
Now time to get back to work and keep the eyes on the Prize..

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