Monday, December 12, 2011


Skiing this weekend was what the doctor ordered.. Two day of slip sliding and lots of 
gliding, And how amazing 4 inches of coverage can be. Saturday brought exploring of 
new terrain and sunday I got to take the PIP out for her first slid of the season. 
The kid can move when she turns off her brain and lets her body do the 
Being that Drugans is a golf course and not in the heart of town like Hixton forest it is not wrecked by people 
walking and running on the groomed trails. Yes 
people the trails are not groomed for you to walk on they are so people can enjoy some Nordic sports while snow is on the ground.   

Which flash forward to this morning rain was falling from the sky. Yep Rain and lots of it enough to make the snow go away.  And for now it does not seem like any more is on the way. 
With all the changes at work it was a bit slow and i was out early. I took advantage of my time 
and got my workout done and still had time on my hands... Temps were in the high 30's and the wind was low,,, so it was time to get the trusty LemonXone out and go for a nice spin. Dressed light for this time of the 
year and spun out a great Anna loop. Felt good to push the pedals even if I should be skiing. 
Now it is time for snow but more rain is in the forecast.  I am hoping that it does not decide to dump as we g
get ready to go to CO for christmas ,,,just want easy travels.
So one last time SNOW DAMN IT! !!!

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