Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Splash

Looks like the Revolution will be Televised


Taken me some time to find a chance to sit in front of the computer.
Trying to make hay while the sunshine's and for once the sun has been
The whole family packed up the camper and headed north to 
Bay City for some relaxing and some bike racing.
Got us a nice spot with the Henderson's right next door.
After a good pre-ride on saturday in the misty rain it was 
race time sunday afternoon. The sky were dark and we were all
sure that rain was on the way. Got a call up this week which was
nice to start on the line instead of behind it. At Red Wing it is a long lead out 
before the single track starts, and I watched as Brendan and Jeff  Hall
pinned it around the fields of weeds and flowers. 
Getting into the single I was right where I needed to be sitting 5th wheel when 
the Boss Hwood and a front tire wash out and he went down. In the ensuing 
mess I had 4 chasers get around me and it was game on time. 
Fought hard to close down the gap and even got in front of this group,
but must have done too much as heading out on lap two and trying to stay  on
Hall's wheel I lost some ground. 
Oh the rain,,,well it never happend ...the sun came out turning it in to a steam bath for
the rest of the race. Laps three and four I felt good working to keep the chasers at bay
and getting closer to the ones in front. Fourth lap was working with young Jake, until
the last time up the Hairway to Stephen climb,,, by this point with lap traffic and the 
end near I just rode the bike in,,, happy with the work that had been done, and already thinking 
about what needs to be done to go faster. 
Huge thanks to all that have made it happen this year,, so far June has been a good month of racing.
Bike and moving parts all doing what they are supposed to do, Could not be doing this racing
thing with out all the people to the right of these words.
7th overall and because MN breaks all the Cat's down 2nd in the Pro's.....Sophia got 3rd overall
and walked away with 70 bucks,,, not bad for her first podium.
Now a week off and time to ride..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flying V

We have been stuck in one hell of a shit as weather pattern.
This week it has not driven me to mad because I am not trying to do to much.
This will be the forth week of racing this month and it is one of my favorite races.
Originally I was going to be race the Subaru Cup but 
as the race got closer I decided that a 5th row start and the $$ to shell out was not 
what I wanted to do. Yes it wold have been a chance of a life time to 
race against some of the top racers in the country, but I could not get my head around it.
So that race is on saturday and on sunday is  a Minnesota race that
at this point in time means a bit more to me.
The summer if you can call it that with this weather.... is shaping up 
nicely and the conditioning is coming along.
The Dakota 50 is starting to get
closer and I want to be ready. 
Not sure what is happening with Spot my main contact Gavin who I have dealt with for the 
past 4 years has moved on and I have not had the chance to bridge or build a new realtionship
with the next in line.
                                       First week of July will be a nice change being off from racing and we have a lot going on with 
a Wedding and the Forth,, but bigger than that Steve and Denise Garro are coming
up for their family reunion. This is a good old time and beer will be 
drank and fish will be eaten. And story's of the old days will be told. Their are times that
I wish summer lasted for ever.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Twin 6's

As a kid growing up and skiing Afton almost every weekend getting to 
race mountain bikes as an old man is a blast.
This is a race that I look forward to every year. Around 5000 feet of climbing 
4 laps and always a lot of pain. Driving up along the 
river on RT61 I could not get the visions of nasty nasty mud out 
of my head,,, The night before here in Lacrosse we got 5 inches of rain and the same 
weather went through the St Croix river valley.
I had extra tires and some nerves all packed away in case they were needed.
Found the Hwood crew and started the warm up routine  making sure that
the Spot was ready for war.
Still no call up DU to the DNF in the first race I sat second row looking 
out across the wet lead out. 
My man Holeshot Henderson took off from the line and we all went in behind
as the fist of many climbs started. 
At the bottom shady lane I was sitting in fourth behind TJ, Brendan, and Jessie, as they 
started to pull away. Not wanting to be in No-Mans-Land I was happy as Jake and SKJ came around.
I was able to pace with those two until we watch the eighteen year old pull away and then SKJ started to 
go backwards. By lap four I was all alone with a nice big gap behind me, by this time I 
was able to just ride and finish the race. Not having to push it super hard in the last lap made the heat and 
the pain in my legs not bother me to much. 
Across the line in 6th place which is my best at Afton yet moving up 4 places from last year.
Huge thanks to all the sponsors that are making this season come together the way that 
it is. Now it is time to get the Spot all cleaned up and ready for this sunday at Red Wing, another
killer race course with tons of climbing. Until then rest recovery and dodging rain drops.

Up Up Up

Hill climbing and people chasing.
Afton is a good bit of pain.
Always on of my favorites..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wish I was Ocean sIZe

Goals are good things to have... I try to make them,,, I try to  stick to them

when I can,,,,
This morning I had goal in mind and it involved my single speed Lemond and
it all started with promise and vigor.
Then my rear tire went flat,, DU to a big ass staple in the rubber.
Pulled it out and still had time to go up Bliss and then repeat. 
That is when the tube must have been in between the rim and tire and K...boom...
My Kick ass wife came and got me and I changed shoes and bike and headed to work. 
This time up the Quarry road and then down bliss. Felt good and 
was happy that the gravel was dry. 
Through out the day at work all I could think about is bikes 
and what to do with my self torn about racing the Subaru Cup or 
racing the next day in Red Wing. One is a once in a life time chance to 
race against the top guys in the nation and the other is 
part of the series that i am chasing points in. 
Which ever I choose it will be good and fun and for two hours hurt just a bit. 
To clear my head I went out on the Spot and once again climbed the 
quarry hill and rode the uppers of the HPT as the sun started to set. 
Wheels felt fast and legs felt ok... 
Now rest and the the 5 AM train. 
Summer does not suck.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Been a long Time

It had been a few years since I went and raced the Big Ring and with the Subaru Cup coming thought it was a good idea. The family and I loaded up the Pop Up and some food and got rolling.
Sophia and I had enough time to ride on saturday and got to see the lines through the rocks and feel the speed on the wide open sections.
Now for me this is like a dirt road race and not the best format of racing for my self. Regardless my biggest fear was the start DU to the fast tight corners. I made it trough and was able to get on the wheels of the fast guys as the speeds climbed. For the first third of the race I was right where I wanted to be,,,after coming out on to ski trail shortly after the Hocheemin trail I lost the wheel in front of me and the group started to pull away. I went and could not shut it down,, then a group of three came around and I was so spent for the previous effort they gaped me,, was able to get on the wheels in front and sit,,,but they to started to pull away. This is pretty much where I sat for the rest of the race on the brink of no-man's-land. I stayed on the gas and by mid lap three and in to four felt good and was able to pick up a spot or two. Flat, Fast, and some tricky rocks.. Happy with the way that the day went,,yes it could have been better 21 out of some 70 racers is not bad but I was up front and should have stayed there. Always next time, and it goes down as some really good training.
 The Kid killed it finishing only three mins back from the only other Cat1 JR and beating 4 or so of the Cat 1 women. She railed the tech sections on her new Tomac Flint and enjoyed the new shifting and speed on the ski trails. Next up is back to Minnesota and Afton Alps which with all the climbing is so much better for me.. Good race ever one it was fun and we'll do it again real soon..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hard Charging

Photo from Dana
Sophia and I headed over to Mankato on Sunday.  I have had good luck racing there in the 
past. It fits my style being a ski hill race. In years past I have been on the one speed but this year
just trying something new. About a 50 yard dash to the first climb. I got there in good shape after working my way up to the front row for the Gun. 
Following the lines of those in front of me I hit the Frog Pond in good shape. 
Following close to SKJ I called out and went for the move up to the 5 spot and tires rubbed and
I was down. Back up and rolling with my Cateye now in my back pocket I could feel the chasers
coming and I did not want to loose my position. 
Over the course of the next tow laps I went back and forth finally getting passed
by young Jake he was flying. The whole time I kept reminding my self that this 
was my first real test of the season and I just needed to keep the pressure on no matter how hot is was and it was hot. 
I managed to pass two more in the last of five laps and crossed the line in 8th place. 
Landed in the money and got to cheer on the kid as she crossed the line. 
She killed it one hard race for her but she dug deep and pulled it out. 
The next test is the coming weekend in Wausau and that one will be a barn burner.
Thanks to all that have made this season happen I hope to have may more good days on 
the bike and watch this kid of mine grow in to a fast Cat1 racer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Big Wheels

The Kids new Wheels are together.
Need to have Tostin go though my work before  I 
send the kid off to play.
Sweet ride and I think that she is going to go fast. 
And Tomac!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Taint that hot

Well it is warm finally after a cool wet spring it is safe to say that the Heat is On. 
Such a change in the temps can make the body do weird things like sweat from 
places that you are not used to.
This morning at 5AM it was nice an cool 
minus the wind from the south. Again for an Emag ride their were
20 plus riders. All taking turns and pulling through. As the hills 
started to show and the ball of orange rose in the sky the 
whip started to crack on the sharp end of the group.
I like the morning rides when I can make it good people strong riders and 
gets you wired for the first part of your day.
Weather is going to be good for the weekend and the shop should be 
buzzing tomorrow. 
Bikes are cleaned and ready. This will be the kids last
ride on her Fisher before she jumps to the Tomac.
One Iconic name to the next. I can still remember Tomac riding a disc wheel on the 
kamikaze down hill in Mammoth.
Here is to a good weekend and some fast wheels... 
As Jay would say 
Party ON!!