Monday, June 13, 2011

Been a long Time

It had been a few years since I went and raced the Big Ring and with the Subaru Cup coming thought it was a good idea. The family and I loaded up the Pop Up and some food and got rolling.
Sophia and I had enough time to ride on saturday and got to see the lines through the rocks and feel the speed on the wide open sections.
Now for me this is like a dirt road race and not the best format of racing for my self. Regardless my biggest fear was the start DU to the fast tight corners. I made it trough and was able to get on the wheels of the fast guys as the speeds climbed. For the first third of the race I was right where I wanted to be,,,after coming out on to ski trail shortly after the Hocheemin trail I lost the wheel in front of me and the group started to pull away. I went and could not shut it down,, then a group of three came around and I was so spent for the previous effort they gaped me,, was able to get on the wheels in front and sit,,,but they to started to pull away. This is pretty much where I sat for the rest of the race on the brink of no-man's-land. I stayed on the gas and by mid lap three and in to four felt good and was able to pick up a spot or two. Flat, Fast, and some tricky rocks.. Happy with the way that the day went,,yes it could have been better 21 out of some 70 racers is not bad but I was up front and should have stayed there. Always next time, and it goes down as some really good training.
 The Kid killed it finishing only three mins back from the only other Cat1 JR and beating 4 or so of the Cat 1 women. She railed the tech sections on her new Tomac Flint and enjoyed the new shifting and speed on the ski trails. Next up is back to Minnesota and Afton Alps which with all the climbing is so much better for me.. Good race ever one it was fun and we'll do it again real soon..

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