Thursday, June 30, 2011


Taken me some time to find a chance to sit in front of the computer.
Trying to make hay while the sunshine's and for once the sun has been
The whole family packed up the camper and headed north to 
Bay City for some relaxing and some bike racing.
Got us a nice spot with the Henderson's right next door.
After a good pre-ride on saturday in the misty rain it was 
race time sunday afternoon. The sky were dark and we were all
sure that rain was on the way. Got a call up this week which was
nice to start on the line instead of behind it. At Red Wing it is a long lead out 
before the single track starts, and I watched as Brendan and Jeff  Hall
pinned it around the fields of weeds and flowers. 
Getting into the single I was right where I needed to be sitting 5th wheel when 
the Boss Hwood and a front tire wash out and he went down. In the ensuing 
mess I had 4 chasers get around me and it was game on time. 
Fought hard to close down the gap and even got in front of this group,
but must have done too much as heading out on lap two and trying to stay  on
Hall's wheel I lost some ground. 
Oh the rain,,,well it never happend ...the sun came out turning it in to a steam bath for
the rest of the race. Laps three and four I felt good working to keep the chasers at bay
and getting closer to the ones in front. Fourth lap was working with young Jake, until
the last time up the Hairway to Stephen climb,,, by this point with lap traffic and the 
end near I just rode the bike in,,, happy with the work that had been done, and already thinking 
about what needs to be done to go faster. 
Huge thanks to all that have made it happen this year,, so far June has been a good month of racing.
Bike and moving parts all doing what they are supposed to do, Could not be doing this racing
thing with out all the people to the right of these words.
7th overall and because MN breaks all the Cat's down 2nd in the Pro's.....Sophia got 3rd overall
and walked away with 70 bucks,,, not bad for her first podium.
Now a week off and time to ride..

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