Friday, June 3, 2011

Taint that hot

Well it is warm finally after a cool wet spring it is safe to say that the Heat is On. 
Such a change in the temps can make the body do weird things like sweat from 
places that you are not used to.
This morning at 5AM it was nice an cool 
minus the wind from the south. Again for an Emag ride their were
20 plus riders. All taking turns and pulling through. As the hills 
started to show and the ball of orange rose in the sky the 
whip started to crack on the sharp end of the group.
I like the morning rides when I can make it good people strong riders and 
gets you wired for the first part of your day.
Weather is going to be good for the weekend and the shop should be 
buzzing tomorrow. 
Bikes are cleaned and ready. This will be the kids last
ride on her Fisher before she jumps to the Tomac.
One Iconic name to the next. I can still remember Tomac riding a disc wheel on the 
kamikaze down hill in Mammoth.
Here is to a good weekend and some fast wheels... 
As Jay would say 
Party ON!!

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