Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Case of the Tuesdays

Finishing strong!
Months end today and the fat tires were out again. 
Had the day off DU to the fact that originally we were going to
be on the road in CO but plans changed. 
Not going to work is a fun felling.... had a good amount of stuff around the house to do
and still a pile of bike stuff to work on. 
The kids
new rig is in the works and hope to have it done before we 
race on sunday. Waiting on one last part from King which will be the icing on the

I made it out for two hours on the Spot, with the gears back on. 
Felt good bike was riding well and it was shifting good. 
I do find my self wondering and worrying about what gear I am in
with this set up I need to just ride and not think. Years as a Onespeeder. 
The woods were amazing today especially with the 30+ winds
was going to do the TNWC ride but did not want to play in the wind with 
a large group. Coach said go ride dirt so I did. 
Back to work tomorrow but only a three day week, that will be nice.


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