Sunday, May 22, 2011

And I fell Fine

Yesterday as I toiled in the mud and slop fighting my
mechanical intrusion all I could hope for was the End Of Days..
It never happened. That would have been an easier way for me to 
bow out of the carnage.
Today was spent cleaning soaking and repacking 
bearings and other bike parts. 
I know that this is all part bike racing just not the part that I wanted to start my season off with.
But now it is only up,,, I have seen the bottom and know that I don't like it.
I was all ready to rip off the gears and go back to my roots of racing a onexone.
But I also know that the conditions yesterday played a huge roll in my
Two weeks we head to Makato and this will be more my style of racing lots of 
up and down. 
We had some serious rain rip through the area and once it 
was over and the sky's cleared I headed out for some post Rapture 

bike practice.

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