Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Potholes in my Lawn

 A good day for fenders and taking it slow.
Yet again another day of cold air and gray sky's.
By this time last year the family had been strawberry picking at least twice so for no go on the berries..
 Got a new camera from my old man says that
 it should stand up to being in my pocket 
while riding and it is water proof up to 6 feet. 
should be fun to play with. 
Now if I could just mount it to the bars for some 
single tack videos.

Bike Path is falling apart and the city painted arrows and
drew a path on how to get through them, don't think that 
they want to fix them anytime soon 

Did ride the Spot for a bit last night trails are still pretty wet so 
I just did repeats on the quarry road. Bike is happy that all the mud is off of it. And the shifting for now seems to be working. Still going to take it off for the trip up north this weekend and try it one more time at Mt Kato.
Watch for potholes......

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