Monday, May 30, 2011


Took the new Rockwood up north 
to test out the house on wheels. We were only nervous about the weather that
has been a plague here in the upper midwest. 
Hooked and ready to go bike in the hatch and beer in the cooler.
Found our spot and needed help on the first pop of the camper
but once up it was like heaven. 
Found the local bike shop in Hayward,,,,,New Moon,,,,,
and they pointed me in the direction of some single track goodness.
Had the family drop me off and I headed in to the woods.
18 miles of single track goodness, following the Berke trail. 
Popped out at at OO where the ski race crosses the road and pounded the pave
back to the camp site. I was happy to have the bigger gear on made the road 
less mind numbing.
Great time Beer Fishing and some Good old 
Camp Fire fun.  We even woke up this morning to a pretty big Thunder Storm
but we were high and dry. 
Already planing the next trip, up to the Big Ring Classic and a side trip
to see the Belt and Trophy. 

Party ON!!

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