Monday, May 16, 2011

RU Comming?

How did you get to work today?
Me I rode my DaRk SpOt and played on the local single track.
To get there that means climbing up the bitch of a Quarry hill but the 
payoff is all in what you are rolling on. 
My big boy job has been real real,,,,,,,real slow lately which is bull 
but it makes for getting out with the sun up and time to spin.
So how did you get home from work?
Me  I rode single track again.. Why not "When In Rome"..
This time the sun had moved and the day was much warmer, and the trails were
as ripping as they were hours before. 
The first Mountain Bike race is coming this weekend for me and the PiP.
Been working hard to make sure that I am going to be ready. 
The bike is flying and from time to time I feel like I know what I am doing.
All the fast guys are going to have a few races under their belts, I hope that I can
keep up. Until then I will keep the Bike Practice coming.

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