Monday, May 2, 2011

Not good enough

Again and again I can stop saying how hard of a weather week it has been. 
Yes it is/was the last week of April and we had just got back from a perfect week in the SW.
But the cold wet conditions are getting old. 
So here comes saturday and cold gray and windy was the call for the day. 
Got a bunch of house work done as it has been neglected do to travel, and then some bike
work in the Garage. Being OCD I squeezed in a mellow spin to 
loosen my legs from Fridays attempt to ride MTB's.
Goal for the day was to stay loose and race bikes up Grandad's Bluff.
As soon as the kid got off work we got ready and spun down to 
Lacrosse to get our place in line. It was cool that i can deal with but when the 
rains came that made it even tougher and to top it off we had 
an hour or so to wait for our trip. 
I went before sophia and she followed one minute later.
For me I was hitting my times but must not have gone across the top as fast as I 
needed to go. Stopped the clock at9:38 8 seconds slow than my goal. The Kid managed a 13:29 which is not bad for the pig of a road bike she rides. 
After a quick bit to eat at Culvers came home to find out that the Henderson's were on 
the way down for the next days Road Racing. 
Jay and fam showed up more bikes were played with and then sleep was had.
As yesterday goes Both Kwood an Hollywood had great races in some shit ass weather. 
I stayed far away from my bike.... I got work to do not where I need or want 
to be.. And 30 bucks for a cold day on the bike was not in my cards.
The crowds at the Fitness Fest were good for the weather. 

Now if we could just get spring weather i think the whole state would be happy.

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  1. I hear you on the weather.... tired of the jackets, the warmers, etc....