Monday, September 26, 2011

Jail Break

Last Minnesota race of the season was Saturday.
A bit of a drive from here to ST. Cloud,, but it was worth it 
to finish off a great season. Hollywood had
some Tshirts printed up to celebrate the team competition that we won even with one 
race to go. So their was a lot of hooting and hollering for black and white. 
Low turn out with the USPG going on in Mad Town and the fact that 
it is a long season. One through four were all there and on the 
line. We hit the single track in that order and for the most part that is 
how we finished. Me and Young Jake spent the better part of the race trying to crack the
 chasers behind us,, but being so tight and twisty and being at full speed 
the whole time that was tough to do. 

Finished up to find Kwood with an ice bag on her face and the Kid with her
wrist taped up.. Sounds as if the Rock Garden caused some issues..
All in all a good day and a great season.. Thanks to 
Hwood and crew for making it all happen..
More to come but for now...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knock it Back

Staying hydrated is Important for a cyclist or for anyone's day to day activity's. 
In this world were are bombarded by images of Pro Athletes on the sidelines
with the big G or some other sugary drink.
 Sugar is the last thing that you need while being active 
and your body is craving electrolytes.
But why should just the Pro's be concerned with hydration?
I think that proper hydration is overlooked by millions of Americans. 
And in this day and age of ever expanding waist sizes from the over consumption
of soda and sugary drinks the attitude needs to change.
These are just some of the reasons that I drink Nuun....
For me it is a life style drink as much as a Hydration drink. 
I start off everyday with a bottle of Nuun to get me going and 
get that first splash of H20 in my system. 
One tube of Nuun tablets is enough for 12 16oz 
bottles. And if you are using your own reusable bottle
that is 12 more bottles that don't end up in a landfill. 
It is pretty simple great tasting and refreshing,,, easy to use and easy to 
pack in and pack out. 
And most important it is good for your body and good for your health. 
So get all Lubed up on Nuun of a healthier you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Freak Seen

Seems to be never ending the procession of bikes that need to be cleaned. 
My road bike got good and dirty on my short recovery ride in the rain 
yesterday. Riding in the rain is not my favorite but it is good for the soul
and when you have a DarkHeart every little bit helps. 
One big advantage I have on most if not all my bikes are solid parts..
The kind that you can put on and almost forget about. 
Is a company that I have very happy to represent for the past few years.
As many of you know they make the best rotating parts on the market. 
Of the 5 King headsets in the house one is super special to me...
I have had it for over 10 years and it has been on a number of bikes. And  still to this day it is 
as strong and smooth as the day it showed up. 
Hubs ,Headsets or Bottom Bracket I know that I can count on these parts to 
stand the test of time. Easy to service and so damn great to look at. 
I am very grateful to CD and the rest of the crew in the
People's Republic of Portland.
Just typing this makes me want to get back out there and ride some more. 
Get up get out and Ride your Bike..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ripon it Backwards

Moving through mood swings and dealing with fall and my
racing season coming to an end.  Sounds a bit pathetic but cycling is 
my only outlet and time spent with the crew at the 
races is the happiest time of my days. 
Just put the Camper away for the winter,, slight chance that it could come back out 
but in the coming weeks family is super busy. 
Up and out early this
morning on the Gunnar to log some road miles and get some
tempo in my legs.  No real plan just get loose for some mountain bike riding 
with the kid later. Bike and body rode well even though at times I felt 
like I was fighting my rig.  Fresh Pave and a few hills made the soul smile a bit. 
Had enough time when I was done to get changed in to a fresh kit and
saddle up with the PiP. 
For the second ride the sun came out and legs were felling really fresh and 
I wanted to go, which can be a problem for pip cuz she gets dropped. 
The trails rode super sweet and both the kid and I were riding strong. 
She is all excited about the contact she has had with Rick Dam from Ripon college.
I love to see the spark just not the price tag that comes with the school. 
With every person in the world up in Cable we decide to ride a bunch of the trails 
assbackwards. Told her that it would be good practice for the St Cloud race
next weekend. 
Fun sun and two wheels makes me fell whole again. Would love to change my life and 
be back working in the cycling world. Then I could be surrounded all the time 
with the stuff that i love. 
Good job to all those that raced today some good times were put in 
by a lot of folks. And as always the Black and White was well 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whipping Post

Some times I feel like I am tied to it.. 
After not making it to one since May? I showed up for a Tuesday Night World Champ ride. 
I was excited to ride the climb that is dubbed the wall. 
As normal only guy in the group on a bike made of elements dug from the earth. 
Up and over the bridge and in to the land of 10,000 lakes. 
My goal was to have a good ride and see if I could wake my legs up. 
Not sitting on the front was the main goal. I took a pull or two and pushed it 
a few times on the hills and gave it a go on the big hill. Legs just seem like they can get 
the funk out of them... We go to finish heading down the TV 19 road at break neck 
speed... maxing out at 49 in a group of people that for the most part I have not ridden with was a bit 
nerve racking.. All in all i managed a 60+ mile day and made my legs hurt
but I told them to shut up...

Which is good because I got get out on the MTB and get a good Spin in the Woods. The trails were supper sweet and the cooler temps and north wind made it a perfect day to be in the woods. Bike was happy and legs were happy I was happy..

Next up is the last race in the MNSCS I need to make sure that I am ready because I know that every one else will be. I have had  good fun season and ridden a bunch of sweet trails.. It is going to be 
hard to say good bye to the season when it is over.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eyes with out a Face

Simple easy to use and all the info that I need at my finger tips.
In these day of bigger and more info,,, Cateye continues to knock it out of the
park with function.
No watts or Gps,,, Just How fast and How far,,, and no wires to get in the
A simple touch of the computer screen scrolls though the info.
I have it on my 2 road bikes and on Anna's.. And Sophia and
I have the non Candace version on our MTB's.
TP @ Cateye HQ located in the Peoples Republic of Boulder
takes good care of us and we are very very grateful.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How is Your Form

Big wheels and some sexy tubing.
Bikes from Arizona,, Check them out you 
will be happy with what you see. 
Designed and tested on some of the best Single Track in 
the country.
Daryl and his crew are cranking out some serious racing machines..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Look here

A short phone call with Justin @ Look and a few new sets of
Pedals are on the way. I could have use the unbroken side in the race on saturday and sunday..
But I did not want to have a mechanical issue..
Little did I know that my chain was going to blow up...
So I borrowed a set of SPD's and I can now remember why I have used a pair in
over 10 years.
My interface with my Look pedals is by far the best platform and confidence that
I get when carving a corner or hopping a log is second to none.
Bike Practice will start in earnest as soon as I can get my
legs and body to stop being so tired.  But until then
go out and change your pedals to some
Quartz and ride some single track..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Packer Time

Pain in the back is what I am feeling this morning..
Felt something strange while riding yesterday and now it is 
flaring up. Up a positive note the bike rode better yesterday than 
it did all weekend. I have to say that this was not a good weekend to have 
the force against me. With the shattering of a pedal on friday and then the 
chain breaking on saturday in the short track.. only to be followed by 
getting pined to a tree while heading into the first section of single track.
I have saved the best for last two weeks until the final race in the series and I hope that
I can be ready. Most if not all people are racing the Fat Tire in 10 days which will help
with all of their fitness and if not doing that racing cross.  So all the chips are against me 
and I need to find the resources to stay on top of what ever game that I have left. 
It is forth and one and I am not bring out the kicker ,,,,we are going for it.
Go Pack Go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Black and White

 What a weekend... Huge Thanks go out to the Richards family
and the staff at the Maplelag Resort.
Sophia had a great weekend of racing and is riding really strong. She ended up in third place overall after a 
strong showing in the XC race on sunday. 
My self I had an ok weekend it just seemed to be on thing going 
wrong after another. Started the weekend off with a shattered pedal then my chain broke in the 
Short Track.  Had big aspirations for the XC on sunday.
As we came off the ski trail and funneled in to the single 5 guys wide I got jacked in to a tree. 
Once I was able to recover and get back after it I was able to make up some time. 
Fought hard and got a gap and rode away but was never able to 
get across to the group in front of me.

Family had a blast swimming some hot tubing and even got 
to watch some lake jumping. 
Kids ran in a wolf pack all weekend and James even 
did all three races. 
 More photos to come as we ease back in to real life. 
Check out the new Kits that the Kid and I were rocking over the 
weekend.. Party ON!!!