Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Packer Time

Pain in the back is what I am feeling this morning..
Felt something strange while riding yesterday and now it is 
flaring up. Up a positive note the bike rode better yesterday than 
it did all weekend. I have to say that this was not a good weekend to have 
the force against me. With the shattering of a pedal on friday and then the 
chain breaking on saturday in the short track.. only to be followed by 
getting pined to a tree while heading into the first section of single track.
I have saved the best for last two weeks until the final race in the series and I hope that
I can be ready. Most if not all people are racing the Fat Tire in 10 days which will help
with all of their fitness and if not doing that racing cross.  So all the chips are against me 
and I need to find the resources to stay on top of what ever game that I have left. 
It is forth and one and I am not bring out the kicker ,,,,we are going for it.
Go Pack Go.

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