Monday, September 26, 2011

Jail Break

Last Minnesota race of the season was Saturday.
A bit of a drive from here to ST. Cloud,, but it was worth it 
to finish off a great season. Hollywood had
some Tshirts printed up to celebrate the team competition that we won even with one 
race to go. So their was a lot of hooting and hollering for black and white. 
Low turn out with the USPG going on in Mad Town and the fact that 
it is a long season. One through four were all there and on the 
line. We hit the single track in that order and for the most part that is 
how we finished. Me and Young Jake spent the better part of the race trying to crack the
 chasers behind us,, but being so tight and twisty and being at full speed 
the whole time that was tough to do. 

Finished up to find Kwood with an ice bag on her face and the Kid with her
wrist taped up.. Sounds as if the Rock Garden caused some issues..
All in all a good day and a great season.. Thanks to 
Hwood and crew for making it all happen..
More to come but for now...


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