Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Black and White

 What a weekend... Huge Thanks go out to the Richards family
and the staff at the Maplelag Resort.
Sophia had a great weekend of racing and is riding really strong. She ended up in third place overall after a 
strong showing in the XC race on sunday. 
My self I had an ok weekend it just seemed to be on thing going 
wrong after another. Started the weekend off with a shattered pedal then my chain broke in the 
Short Track.  Had big aspirations for the XC on sunday.
As we came off the ski trail and funneled in to the single 5 guys wide I got jacked in to a tree. 
Once I was able to recover and get back after it I was able to make up some time. 
Fought hard and got a gap and rode away but was never able to 
get across to the group in front of me.

Family had a blast swimming some hot tubing and even got 
to watch some lake jumping. 
Kids ran in a wolf pack all weekend and James even 
did all three races. 
 More photos to come as we ease back in to real life. 
Check out the new Kits that the Kid and I were rocking over the 
weekend.. Party ON!!!

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