Monday, September 19, 2011

Freak Seen

Seems to be never ending the procession of bikes that need to be cleaned. 
My road bike got good and dirty on my short recovery ride in the rain 
yesterday. Riding in the rain is not my favorite but it is good for the soul
and when you have a DarkHeart every little bit helps. 
One big advantage I have on most if not all my bikes are solid parts..
The kind that you can put on and almost forget about. 
Is a company that I have very happy to represent for the past few years.
As many of you know they make the best rotating parts on the market. 
Of the 5 King headsets in the house one is super special to me...
I have had it for over 10 years and it has been on a number of bikes. And  still to this day it is 
as strong and smooth as the day it showed up. 
Hubs ,Headsets or Bottom Bracket I know that I can count on these parts to 
stand the test of time. Easy to service and so damn great to look at. 
I am very grateful to CD and the rest of the crew in the
People's Republic of Portland.
Just typing this makes me want to get back out there and ride some more. 
Get up get out and Ride your Bike..

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