Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tanking it

I think that I have made it through the weekend.. Even with the few minutes that I have to be awake I am ok with that statement.  It was not an easy start to the weekend.   My workweek ended with having to come home and take the Dog to the vet.  This hung over all day long and even broke down a time or two on the commute to work,,,luckily it was raining.  He was a good dog and for what it is worth I never really wanted him..  I was buying knives for a new job that I was taking down in Scottsdale when Anna fell in love with the Dogie in the window. 
Fourteen years goes buy and many memories of the pup are in our heads.
The Pip and I went and rode today at Levis Mound,, some of the most primo single track in the area and for only one hour of driving,, it is easy to get to and so much fun....and today this weekend for all that went on fun is what we needed..  Next it is time to get ready for the Loppet.. Heads down and legs spinning. 
This is not only going to be one of the best race weekends but also the best weekend of the summer even if it for what it is worth the last. 
So bring it on,, this weekend has been a heavy duty judy of a trip,, I am ready for what comes next..

Friday, August 24, 2012

HaRdEr ThAn U

I learned a bit about my self this year doing the Ragnarok 105 the little brother to this race.. Flying down gravel roads at speed is something to be savored..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frank the Tank

After talking to Hwood I thought that it could be fun to go up and
race the Pre-Fat on saturday..  But between being tired their is some stuff going on at the home..
Tired I am took all of sunday off after my bummer of a race on Saturday.  Monday I took it easy easing back into a week a full week of work,, but got back after it on tuesday.. I could just not shake the Flat Slow feeling that I was having. The weather man said that the ragweed was at it's highest level of the summer and I started think that could be part of the puzzle.  After another day of good work on the bike and a sluggish feel I got some allergies meds and felt much better today. Did some hill work through the quarry and then back up bliss twice..  Finally a bit of snap and some confidence the kind that I need to fight for overall in the MNMBS.
Then their is stuff at the home front.. Out Pup of 14 years Franklin is not doing so good. he has not eaten in 5 days, and is not drinking much water. Their are moments where he seems to have some spunk but I think that it is mis directed.. He has had issues like this before over the past few years but have never seen him go this long with out eating. Going to see the doc tomorrow and their is a chance that he may not come home. We don't want him to be in pain or discomfort he is old and has been a good friend and dog.. We'll see what the doc says.. Sophia is the one that i am worried about the most,, she has grown up with the pup and even though she does not like to walk him they are buds,,,,before james came around she call frank the tank her brother.. 
So all in all a nice chill weekend will be nice before we head up to Maplelag for the Loppet. 
I will be able to put in some good work/miles and chill out especially if  the hearts are heavy here in the house.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kicked in the Cup

It was over as fast as it started,, but I was in it for the ride.  Coming off my race on sunday I was ready for a fast race and I was ready to fight for not getting pulled.. Just did not think that it would be some damn soon that my race would be decided. 
I got a 4th row out of six and was happy that I rode the parade lap before the start happened. 
Just before the call ups I saw Sam Schultz shredding the loop a loop that had two-three foot high speed bump over a water pipe for snow making, then a hard left into a dip then a large table top then two more hard left turns and back to the start line to start the climb..
Why the description of the the Parade lap?? Because this was the end of the beginning.

Going 9 wide into the field I we were hit by a wall of dust and it became impossible to see and when my sight came back we were standing still at the snow making pipe.  Back onto the gas and into the left turns.. By the time I hit the climb I was already sitting 40ish,,as the single track approached we were stopped again,,,, and it felt like for ever that I stood there and waited my turn to get in to the trail....  At this point I was racing for pride and was going to give it a go and put on a show. 
On the first big descent I got loose in one of the the ground and a tree started to come quick I had to duck my bike as it flipped over head. Rattled but not broken I adjusted my left grip and barender,, and was back to chase.. I was back far enough now that I did not see the race in front of me.. Even with all the crap that went wrong in the first lap I still had 20 min lap,, the winners were going 15 if not faster...
I duked it out for three more laps and getting cheered on by friends and family and those who stoke to see the Twin Six Metal on course. When I finally got pulled I smiled and thanked the UCI official and hollered at the USA official to give me a high five,, which he did but he looked confused. 
What do I take from all of this,, one stoked to be a part of the to meet some unreal people and spend some quality time with the family.. Would I do anything different,, maybe but when it came to fitness and equipment I was ready more than I have ever been. 
I will be back knives sharpened and ready to Slice and Dice.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As the days draws closer to saturdays race I can't help but think that I will be if lucky somewhere in the fifth row or so for the start of this event. Regardless it is going to be a good fun day and a chance to line up against the best in the country. And to top it off I will get to cheer on the Pip as she races for  USA Cycling Midwest Regional Championships, which will crown champions in all age classes and ability categories as "Fastest in the Midwest”.
After sunday's speed fest I have been taking it bit easy simple spin to work on monday and just a bit over an hour yesterday just priming the motor for saturday,,probably wont get on the mtb until pre ride on Friday.  We have a nice camp spot all set and should be able to ride back and forth from the venue, and it should be far enough away that it will be quite and a great place to sleep. 
As I get ready I am not letting my head get full of self doubt,
 I know my place but also know the work that I have done leading up to this will pay off and only lead to good things. 
Now if I could only figure out a way to make the days go faster so I could get through this humpday and bring on the weekend?

Monday, August 13, 2012


River Falls Wisconsin was hosting the seventh stop of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series yesterday.  This used to be the home of the Border Battle between Wors and MMBS but with low participation due to being on the west coast of wisco wors dropped it.
Lacrosse legend and now River Falls local Bob M was putting on the race and showing off his trail building skills. Wet weather was forecasted and never showed,,,instead what we got was grey sky's and cool temps.  Always a interesting start here with a swooping down hill start to a jeep road climb that was freshly groomed which made for some neat traction when climbing in a pack. 
And that is how it all started,,, I hit the hill towards the  front and looked for wheels,, Brendan was off the front and Paul and Michael were caching into the first field. I made a pass on Paul and got on Mcburnsy wheel,,shortly their after he dropped a chain and now I was out in front. My goal here was to push it as hard as I could and to see what became of this. 
By the second field Jessie came around and I was able to hold off Ben K, as we dove back into the single track, I stayed here for a good bit just pacing and sitting on wheels until the next jeep road climb.. I tried to climb in to big of a gear and at the top paid as I had 2 come around. Through the pinwheel and back to the start climb I was able to move back up but was worried about the speed that we were going and if I could hold on.  At the start of lap 3 I had to ease off and settle in and now had teammate and local trail user Barry on my wheel as wing man.. The rest of lap 3 and 4 were more of the same until the almost end when Barry and I  had chasers coming.. Up the last climb I had to give one last push and from there on out was able to flow to the finish.  Once again crossing the line in 7th place , but super happy on my performance and preparation for not only this event but for those to come.  Not always mentioned is all the help that I get from the people and company's on the right side of the page here. I could not do this and train and every thing else that goes along with trying to be a Professional Bike Racer,,, Dad and Worker guy... Thanks to all my supporters.. Next up the big test of the Pro XCT..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Finally felling like I know what I am doing. That full day off the bike on saturday was great, and it gave my stupid toe a chance to not be in a cycling shoe for a whole day. Since then I have been working my self over trying to find that spot of just to the edge. The SSCX bike has come out to change up the work and fend off the burn out. Forgot what it is like to push a 44x17 up hills,, i know their are those out there that will say that I am soft now that I shift but nothing that makes me loose sleep at night.  This is what makes me get sweaty teeth, but if I stick to the plan I am sure that all will go well.
Summer is flying by and with all the racing going on this month and in to the first week of September, i have not done anything for getting ready for Interbike.
If not sleeping through the night this is something that should put nightmares into my darkhearted soul..
I am ready for some time away call it a vacation or call it time not working on crappy appliances. 
or I just could be this guy....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunnyside Up

After a total washout on saturday it was great to wake up to the sun yesterday morning. It was such a perfect morning with deep blue skies and cooler temps than we have had in forever.
Goals for the day were simple ,,,Enjoy the day.... Yes I needed to get out on the dirt and spin the legs but I did not need to do any kind of kill your self work out. 
We now fall into the part of the summer with a lot of racing and some big/important races. 
Next week is what was the Boarder Battle,, it was too far away for the WORS series so Minnesota 
kept it as part of their series, that is followed six days later with the Subaru Cup part of the 
XCT National series,, then a break of a week then off to Maplelag for some stage racing. 
So dirt it was with the kid and the trails had recovered nicely after the rain that we
received on saturday.
It was hard to tell that it had rained.. Trails were perfect and we had them all to our selves, and as I have been doing it lately we rode the trails the opposite direction.  Pip had asked why
at one point that we were riding in the direction that we were I smiled and said because. 
After a few hours on the dirt and face hurting from smiling I was ready to 
sit and chill and enjoy the rest of the day.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Plowing through another week of work, and getting some much needed down time in. 
It is stupid but I have been fighting this stupid blister on my right foot,, on the little toe.
This is the chocolate foot and the need to be able to drive that foot forward and through the single track is very important. 
Tuesday morning I headed out early to ride some dirt before work.. It was a beautiful morning and I hit the trail flying, and things were good,, then as I leaned in to a corner I caught a stump with this bad toe.. I was seeing red and some good pain.. With some ice and ibuprofen and rest
things have gotten a bit better.  The swelling is down and I can get my foot in  a shoe now. 
With the whole famdamn gone at the dells I decided to go and give it a shot. 
Foot was happy bike was happy and I was smiling from ear to ear. With the touch of rain that we had
gotten yesterday morning turned the trails in to a playground of fun.  And now that it is August and the miles on these trail is stacking up time to ride them backwards.. Now I know that this makes some in the area angry that the trails are being ridden this way but I am a firm believer that  as long as I pay attention no one will get hurt. I come from places that the trails get ridden in all directions,, and I have to say that our trails ridden the opposite direction are like second trail (very much like second drink) it gives you a chance to see things in a different light and you get to climb some awesome hills.  I was thinking as I was out yesterday that we need to put on a TT here but have it start at the bottom of the quarry hill and have it snake up through the trail and ended at the weather ball with beer and fun times.  But we'll see never been able to get an event off the ground here.