Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tanking it

I think that I have made it through the weekend.. Even with the few minutes that I have to be awake I am ok with that statement.  It was not an easy start to the weekend.   My workweek ended with having to come home and take the Dog to the vet.  This hung over all day long and even broke down a time or two on the commute to work,,,luckily it was raining.  He was a good dog and for what it is worth I never really wanted him..  I was buying knives for a new job that I was taking down in Scottsdale when Anna fell in love with the Dogie in the window. 
Fourteen years goes buy and many memories of the pup are in our heads.
The Pip and I went and rode today at Levis Mound,, some of the most primo single track in the area and for only one hour of driving,, it is easy to get to and so much fun....and today this weekend for all that went on fun is what we needed..  Next it is time to get ready for the Loppet.. Heads down and legs spinning. 
This is not only going to be one of the best race weekends but also the best weekend of the summer even if it for what it is worth the last. 
So bring it on,, this weekend has been a heavy duty judy of a trip,, I am ready for what comes next..

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