Monday, August 13, 2012


River Falls Wisconsin was hosting the seventh stop of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series yesterday.  This used to be the home of the Border Battle between Wors and MMBS but with low participation due to being on the west coast of wisco wors dropped it.
Lacrosse legend and now River Falls local Bob M was putting on the race and showing off his trail building skills. Wet weather was forecasted and never showed,,,instead what we got was grey sky's and cool temps.  Always a interesting start here with a swooping down hill start to a jeep road climb that was freshly groomed which made for some neat traction when climbing in a pack. 
And that is how it all started,,, I hit the hill towards the  front and looked for wheels,, Brendan was off the front and Paul and Michael were caching into the first field. I made a pass on Paul and got on Mcburnsy wheel,,shortly their after he dropped a chain and now I was out in front. My goal here was to push it as hard as I could and to see what became of this. 
By the second field Jessie came around and I was able to hold off Ben K, as we dove back into the single track, I stayed here for a good bit just pacing and sitting on wheels until the next jeep road climb.. I tried to climb in to big of a gear and at the top paid as I had 2 come around. Through the pinwheel and back to the start climb I was able to move back up but was worried about the speed that we were going and if I could hold on.  At the start of lap 3 I had to ease off and settle in and now had teammate and local trail user Barry on my wheel as wing man.. The rest of lap 3 and 4 were more of the same until the almost end when Barry and I  had chasers coming.. Up the last climb I had to give one last push and from there on out was able to flow to the finish.  Once again crossing the line in 7th place , but super happy on my performance and preparation for not only this event but for those to come.  Not always mentioned is all the help that I get from the people and company's on the right side of the page here. I could not do this and train and every thing else that goes along with trying to be a Professional Bike Racer,,, Dad and Worker guy... Thanks to all my supporters.. Next up the big test of the Pro XCT..

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