Friday, July 31, 2015

Here We Go

It is no secret that I have not been around much this summer on the racing circuit. And almost be gone from the interwebs. Their has been a lot of things going on to this guy and this family over these long summer days. 
Well I can finally tell the world what is going on. 

After six years at my current job and eight years here in the Driftless,, I am closing up shop and heading up to the 612.

I put my notice in yesterday and the wheels are in motion to get this family on to the next chapter in our lives. 
I have accepted a position as a Sub Zero/ Wolf / Asko factory Technician. 
I'll be working for Thomas Service out of St Paul and moving the family her soon up to the eastern side of the metro.

This is a huge change but jobs like this don't come around everyday.
I'll be working on the top of the line appliances and only that.
If you don't know about the Sub Zero product you will be blown away when you read more about them.
Now moving to Minnesota will be a big change for my Wisco Wife but I am sure that we will be able to make that change with out too much struggle,, I just need to make sure that she can see the Pack play on Sundays. 

I am super excited and look forward to the whole family being up there with me and getting settled in. I have about two weeks left before I am moving and starting to work...
This house has to sell and then we need to find a new one..
It still seems like their is so much left to du but we have our heads down
and smiles on our faces...

We are Going to Follow the sun Across the Big Muddy..
Here we Go.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Light at end of the Chunnel

No the rumors are not true I have not fallen into a black hole or been locked up in a Mexican Jail. 
It is more like i have been bouncing around the cosmos getting bogged down in the moon dust that can sometimes clog your drivetrain. 
Life here is ever changing and evolving.
Lots of stuff has been in the works since going out to my cousins wedding, then 
finding out that grandpa passed on the fourth of July.
It is safe to say that my brain has been spinning and my mind has 
turned into mush.

But I have been turning to the things that make one fell better and give drive and meaning to the
My skatetoy is always a simple thing to get me moving and give me a quick jolt,
it allows me that feeling of just being the slight bit of out of control.

But at the same time making me feel like a kid again .

And while this here Lamere has taken me a while to get put back together 
it is back and better than ever and ready to party.

My hopes are that I can get my self back into racing shape but more work is going to be needed to get there and dare i say it I may just have to work towards some cross racing fitness. 

Grounded and sane,,, at least for now finding the path that will lead me to the 
next adventure and loving the group that will get me there. 

It is the simple things that are always in the strangest of places if you look at it right.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Now that Grandpa has passed and the summer keeps chugging along their will 
be one more stop for this guy in the 303.
It is last minute and going to put a crimp on other things that I need to be doing but it where I need to be surrounded by friends and family as we remember the life and times of 
one great man and one great couple..
Grandpa will be laid to rest right next to grandma where I held onto him three years ago as he blew her a kiss and said that I will see you soon.. 

I did call the Boss,, yesterday and explain and apologize for my lack of racing this summer,,
I had planed for more than I have been doing but 
with all that is going on and trust me their is more going on than meets the eyes,, I just have not been able to put the fitness and time together.
That being said I am in the process of finally getting the Lamere back together,
so the shifting option will be back on the plate.. 

Recovered from the weekends fun with the Forth and then off to 
Point for a late afternoon showing of 
the Boys on there home turf.. 

They killed it and Anna and I showed the young kids how to shake their asses off..
From there a walk to the Elbow Room and then like old time because of a flat tire on 
the bike Anna was riding we walked from downtown just north of Campus.
Love that Girl.

So form the mind of a spun crazy man 
comes word that are all over the place. 
More Adventures to come so much more to do. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Gail Howard Curran Sr

On the Forth of July ,, My Grandfather Gail Sr,, passed away quietly in his home surrounded by his family.. 97 and one half years old.. 
This here is a photo of us last November and just last week I got to sit next to him and one last time share stories of my youth and my time spent with him.
I spent a lot of time with this man,,as a young child spending weeks at his home over the summer, going on day trips up into the mountains and traveling around Denver and keeping me busy while my parents got relief from me being home.. 
In 87 he and I flew out to Reno where I got to spend a good long time with my family in Reno.
Grandpa worked for United Air and for years and years he could travel when ever and where ever he wanted. So again he was always around a very important part of my life. 
For all the years that I lived in the Mountains west of Him I was spoiled to be able to stop in and share my young kids them.. I will be strange to not have him around but will always have the memories.
I will miss him but very happy that he is now with Grandma, and soon the whole family will get together again and celebrate his life.. 
1978  Denver
1998 Lacrosse
Love You Old Man.. 
Now get some Peace.. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Water from my Still

I took part in a Dirtbag Triathlon yesterday.. Now this is much different then 
the swim,, bike,, run,, thing that is oh so popular now a days.. 
Mine started off with a Single Speed Mountain Bike ride,,
from the house up the bluff through the trail and quarry then home..

A quick transition at home,, change from the super suit and into street clothes
and off to the pub with my lovely wife and 
share dinner and have a few beers,,,

Then back to the home and another shoe change and off to 
the rollerpark to session on the sk8toy with the boy of summer..

Don't get me wrong this is no easy feet,, it takes years and years of training and 
hard work and dedication.. 
The last leg of the event is by far the hardest,, after pushing the one cog and a few beers it is hard to convince your legs rolling and jumping on things is what they are supposed to be doing. 
But don't worry i am professional and my life has been made for this moment.
Easy to say that yesterday I was winning at life. 

Up next the holiday weekend as long as I can get through today's work shift.. 
Family time tomorrow around the pool then off to 
Stevens Point to see the Boys play a home town show..
And to get to check out Points new Skate Park,, the photos of this new cement part look unreal for a town that for years had nothing..

Now time to recover with coffee and get ready for things to come..
Enjoy your weekend Blow something up,,, Drink Fall down and Repeat.. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wedding Bliss

Twenty Years ago we had a bundle of joy show up during the late afternoon Simpsons.... 
Sophia came into our lives and it change our lives.. 
Two young,,, Scared new parents holding a perfect little human..
The first two people to come and meet the new family member were my Aunt Joanie and young cousin Nick. They came down to the hospital on Colfax with smiles across their faces and little stuffed lion.
Years went by and kids grew up.. On one of the tips that my aunt and uncle made to the High Country to hang out and enjoy Breckenridge while it was still a fun place to be,, I gave them my saxophone to give to little Nicholas.
It was that time in life when music instruments were to be chosen, with the gift of that sax he went on to a life of making music and seeing the world. 
After graduating CSU he went back to get his Masters,, and that is where one day and marching band camp he found his love.. 

This was the whole reason that we drove to Colorado.
He and Katie got married in a very nice ceremony late sunday,, and it was one of first times that the whole extend family had gotten together since grandma had passed. 
Good times were had and drinks were consumed.
These two are going to have a great life together,, and who would have thought that the Sax that I got in 1984 would make all this happen,..

 The weeding was not the only thing going on in the Land of mountain and herbs...
We got to spend some time with my 97 year old grandpa..
Crazy that the man is still as sharp as a tack at this ripe old age.. Don't get me 
wrong he is starting to fade but seems to be just trucking along..
I have now been out to see him five times over the past four years and every time that I leave I think that this may be the last.
I hugged him and told him that I loved him and held back the tears.
That home that he still lives in was my second home as a child, and their will come a day that 
we will no longer go to visit..

Both Grandpa and my Aunt and Uncle live in Arvada Co which is home to one of the 
raddest skate parks that I have gotten to lay four wheels down on. 
And being that it was going to be a short trip with lots of places to be due to the weeding I did not bring or seek out a bike,, even though I could have had one waiting for me at any front range trail head if I wanted. 
Skateboarding was going to be a good release for me after thirteen hours of driving straight through. 

The Boy and I were pretty good and spoiled staying only a few blocks away from this Plaza.
The early morning session was the perfect time of the day for us as the park was pretty quite.
New lines were found and fun was had...

James took a shine to the snake run that ended into a twenty foot wall,, he spent the weekend working his way to the top..
This old guy did what he does best..... backside board slide,.,.,, over and over again..
slid up and down any and every thing that I could. 
Gaps,, hips,, lips,, they were all skated and destroyed.. 
We even got to make a last minute charge up to breckenridge and rode the park up there
which was built by the same people that built the one in Arvada.

It was a good six days spent with the family even if two of them were long days in the car,, but these trips are going to be few and far between as we all age,, and people move on. 
It was good to get home not that I want to get back to work this morning but I do want to get 
to building my new shifter bike,, and 
when I got home I found this waiting for me ..

It has been a week off the bike and I am itching to get back on it,, and with a
 holiday weekend coming I am sure that fun will be had 
and toys will be ridden..

That is all for now Thanks to Nick and Katie for letting me and my family be Prat of their special day.