Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Now that Grandpa has passed and the summer keeps chugging along their will 
be one more stop for this guy in the 303.
It is last minute and going to put a crimp on other things that I need to be doing but it where I need to be surrounded by friends and family as we remember the life and times of 
one great man and one great couple..
Grandpa will be laid to rest right next to grandma where I held onto him three years ago as he blew her a kiss and said that I will see you soon.. 

I did call the Boss,, yesterday and explain and apologize for my lack of racing this summer,,
I had planed for more than I have been doing but 
with all that is going on and trust me their is more going on than meets the eyes,, I just have not been able to put the fitness and time together.
That being said I am in the process of finally getting the Lamere back together,
so the shifting option will be back on the plate.. 

Recovered from the weekends fun with the Forth and then off to 
Point for a late afternoon showing of 
the Boys on there home turf.. 

They killed it and Anna and I showed the young kids how to shake their asses off..
From there a walk to the Elbow Room and then like old time because of a flat tire on 
the bike Anna was riding we walked from downtown just north of Campus.
Love that Girl.

So form the mind of a spun crazy man 
comes word that are all over the place. 
More Adventures to come so much more to do. 

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