Friday, July 3, 2015

Water from my Still

I took part in a Dirtbag Triathlon yesterday.. Now this is much different then 
the swim,, bike,, run,, thing that is oh so popular now a days.. 
Mine started off with a Single Speed Mountain Bike ride,,
from the house up the bluff through the trail and quarry then home..

A quick transition at home,, change from the super suit and into street clothes
and off to the pub with my lovely wife and 
share dinner and have a few beers,,,

Then back to the home and another shoe change and off to 
the rollerpark to session on the sk8toy with the boy of summer..

Don't get me wrong this is no easy feet,, it takes years and years of training and 
hard work and dedication.. 
The last leg of the event is by far the hardest,, after pushing the one cog and a few beers it is hard to convince your legs rolling and jumping on things is what they are supposed to be doing. 
But don't worry i am professional and my life has been made for this moment.
Easy to say that yesterday I was winning at life. 

Up next the holiday weekend as long as I can get through today's work shift.. 
Family time tomorrow around the pool then off to 
Stevens Point to see the Boys play a home town show..
And to get to check out Points new Skate Park,, the photos of this new cement part look unreal for a town that for years had nothing..

Now time to recover with coffee and get ready for things to come..
Enjoy your weekend Blow something up,,, Drink Fall down and Repeat.. 

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