Monday, July 20, 2015

Light at end of the Chunnel

No the rumors are not true I have not fallen into a black hole or been locked up in a Mexican Jail. 
It is more like i have been bouncing around the cosmos getting bogged down in the moon dust that can sometimes clog your drivetrain. 
Life here is ever changing and evolving.
Lots of stuff has been in the works since going out to my cousins wedding, then 
finding out that grandpa passed on the fourth of July.
It is safe to say that my brain has been spinning and my mind has 
turned into mush.

But I have been turning to the things that make one fell better and give drive and meaning to the
My skatetoy is always a simple thing to get me moving and give me a quick jolt,
it allows me that feeling of just being the slight bit of out of control.

But at the same time making me feel like a kid again .

And while this here Lamere has taken me a while to get put back together 
it is back and better than ever and ready to party.

My hopes are that I can get my self back into racing shape but more work is going to be needed to get there and dare i say it I may just have to work towards some cross racing fitness. 

Grounded and sane,,, at least for now finding the path that will lead me to the 
next adventure and loving the group that will get me there. 

It is the simple things that are always in the strangest of places if you look at it right.  

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