Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 Sixes are better than One

I want to take some time and let you know about the people that keep me moving.
I first stumbled upon Twin Six in late 2006 and right away liked what 
I saw. As the impending move back to the Mid West became more
apparent I wanted to line my self up with what would soon become a phenomenon.
After talking with Brent we realized that we went to High School together and 
coming from a school with 18,000 kids we never new that the other existed.. But that was
almost twenty years ago. 
Once I was firmly planted here in SW Wisco, I got my first T6 set up..
Back then their were only a few items in the collection. I started off with a 
Deluxe jersey and Alp D'huez t shirt.. At the first go of racing in the mid west I looked like a winner with my classic T6 Kit.
Brent and Ryan have a simple goal.
That is to give the cycling world better graphic's and the best cycling clothes on the market.
They are two guys who risked it all to take their love of cycling and make it their life.
Since the humble start they have gone Global ... You can now see them in the pages of
most major cycling magazines, on the backs of the Team Metal riders,, on the racks
of some of the largest cycling retailers and supporting some important causes.
Global Domination was the original credo and that has been achieved,, but
let me tell you that they are not going to stop there.
I could not do it with out the support of these guys and owe them a lot
of thanks for keeping me motivated when I feel like I can go on.
Stay Metal & Ride with Pride..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nice Grass

Ended the work week and started saturday with a good block of 
single track riding. Bike body and mind are all riding well. 
Getting things prepped for the Loppet up at Maplelag.
Loading up on the single track is going to be a bonus when the wheels start 
spinning on the  Norther Minnesota dirt.. A Time Trail and Short Track
on saturday and then the XC on sunday all while being pampered @ the Richards beautiful resort.
Went up to middle north wisco and ran into some friends who were plucking some pretty kick 
ass music.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Packers vs. Vikings ,,, Brewers vs. Twins ,,, and
This race stood to be a big field and the weather and 
trail conditions were perfect. For what it is worth a very flat course with a small 
climb at the start and a smaller one in the middle.
Some faces were missing Matter and Tristan,, and Brendan
but there was still 80 some for call ups and the word GOOOO.. With the big three not racing  I got the first one with my second place in the MNSCS,, and needless to say
my heart was pounding with 79+ people breathing down my neck. Next up was Nathan ,

who would go on to win the day ,, and then the rest filed... and it was go time. 
I got on H-woods wheel as he charged up the start hill and around the grassy field
and in to the single track.. I was able to bridge up to the end of the front group and it took all I had
to hang on as the pace was fast. 
First lap and second lap kind of blend togother,,with the pain of trying to recover 
from the full out effort.. 
Heading in to the single on the third lap is where the passing seemed to start.. Lap traffic and those with
fresh legs started to make the passing and single track more interesting..
Pulled hard and pushed hard... again not finishing where i want to be,,
could have use a sustained climb to stretch out some gaps..
Came in 21st and worked hard,, and I am hoping to be able to build for Maplelag.
Kid kicked ass racing up an age group so she did not have to race
as a Jr. she said that her chest hurt due to allergies and
still managed to come in 12 over all and 3 in the Age Group... Good 
job kid,,,

Up Next Maplelag!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crash in to me?

More photos this time from the last Duluth race.
I was happy with the way I was able to fight back but not happy with the way the race started. it is frustrating when at the line you are getting pushed around. Makes me worry about  the race coming up this weekend. Last time I raced it 

their was pushing and shoving before the climb right after the start.
Hoping for a clean race and hoping for a good day in the saddle. Now it is time to get the bike ready would love to get my new wheels built not sure if it will happen.. Until then rest and fuel up..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Not done yet

Photos from the Single Track Attack... Dana does great work taking photos and making to all the races.. This was a frustrating race for me with all the work that was put in to get nipped at the end.. 
All in all so far it has been a great season but so much more work to be done.. I have a lot of people to thank for keeping me going,,but most of 
all  my family for keeping me strong and supporting all the travel. The time I get to spend with Sophia as we criss cross the upper mid west will stay with me for ever...

Purple Tubers

Another week has flown by.. and it is hard to remember all that went on.
All I know is the rain out on saturday gave me time to clean 
bikes and to clean up the work bench.  
Sunday brought sunny sky's and much motivation. While the rest 
of the cycling world was racing some where some how,,,,,, I was out to ride. 
Wanted to take the Pip out for a good ride and make her work just a bit. 
So after crossing the big muddy we followed the river road till we got to the 
bottom of the T-shrumper hill..She did great,,showing that she can climb
a long accent. 
Then down the tv 19 road and back to Wisco. 
The child only ever wants to ride MTB's and I understand but it is not 
always possible,,,plus as I tell her it is good for her to do some speed work on the road. 
 Had some killer Frisbee throwing before 
dinner,, but something was just not right. 
What it was ,,,was I was itching to get out and ride some single track. 
Legs were happy and ready to go... so after a dinner of 
Roasted Peruvian Fingerling Potatoes with crispy bacon and caramelized shallots, Grilled Pork Tenderloin and fresh Green Bean,, I got all suited up and off I went. 
The bike and trail were like one flying and flowing trough the woods as the sun 
went down over the bluff. Exactly what I needed.
Now time to get ready for the test on sunday, The Trek Boarder Battle. This is not my favorite
race course but an important race. The Pace of front is going to be tough and the lap traffic is going to be
thick.  The goal is to get off the line and stay towards the front. We'll see some of the big guns are in 
top form. 
It is also Anna's birthday that day and one of her gifts just showed up in the mail...
I hope that they give her miles and miles of pedaling pleasure.. Thanks Northwave..
Now if you have not yet done it today go and ride your bike,..,.,.,.,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chinese Fire Drill

Have not taken a chance to just relax after the 
last race in Duluth. With  back to back weekends of racing I had all 
intentions of chilling out on monday. I ended up
taking the kids up to HPT and sent Sophia out to DU the 
TT that was going on. I figured good for her racing the day before 
to go out and do a lap and do it hard. She did well 45 mins she has some
time to make up I told her under 40 would be a good target.
James and I went and rode some single track... He is still working on
clipping he can clip out no problem it is the getting in,,, which is the inhearent issue with 
SPD's. I had no desire to do a TT but was talked into it. I could tell that 
I was tired as I was all over the trail even one time almost going over the bars. Still managed to do it in 32:49,,,,, 2 1/2 minutes faster than the field...Pretty sure with happy legs I can go sub 30..
Now nothing until the boarder battle one of my least favorite races.... but need to be there 
for the team. Until then more and more miles.. I fell like I am in some of the best form of the summer
and with the fight and work that I had to do on sunday I am ready to give it a go again. 
Ready set go..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Big Lake

 Sunday morning Sophia and I headed up to Duluth.. Last minute race decision but a really good choice.
The single track in Lester Park is some of the best that I have been on all summer. A great mix of climbing, tight single track,, and flowing descents.

  My race did not start as I would have liked.... We had 50 feet from the line to the bottom of the hill. At which point I was crashed in to from the left and pushed across the field. I was able to stay up right but had to get off and get all cyclocrossy to get moving again.. Hwood helped me bridge across and now I needed to settle down before the single track..
That part did not go so well... Hit the single tack in panic chase mode and was all over the place.. With Eric O and SKJ on my wheel I had a guy stop on a short hill in front of me forcing me off my bike and clogging up single track.. Back on and chasing I was bouncing off every thing,,, Heath is still mad at me for being so sloppy..
  I was able to mellow out by the time I hit the park for the first time.... something about a screaming ski hill double track descent got me to chill.. Lap two went better and by three I was being pulled up hill by the Big Russian... Nicoli pulled through to the start of the park on the forth lap,,, He I as able to ride with Eric O and we set a good pace. I was able to get around Eric before the ski trail down hill to the finish line. 8th overall out of the dough by one but got points that I needed...

The Pip had a great race and pulled out a third overall,, she is killing it on some of these races... She has been riding a good bit and says that she can feel the difference.

Took the boy out for a ride last night and he had some fun till he got stung by something.. The trail group was having a TT and Pip did well for racing the day before.. I was talked in to giving it a go,, and sure did not have anything in my legs.. I got a good time for being tired but I think I can shave some minutes off of what it was..

Photos from Skinyski

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get it done

Images from last weekends race in Elk River,,, thanks to Skinny Ski dot Com..... Last week was a warm one due to the rain,, and that is my fear as I watch the radar for up in Duluth right now.. Rain on the way could turn this race tomorrow in to a bit of a slop fest..

The single track we will ride is amazing but it is the ski trails that you climb and descend that can be a bit soupy. Should be interesting. Fingers crossed for another good weekend of racing,, especially with all the driving that is going to go on... In the immortal words of Hwood.... Party ON!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I really thought that I was going to get a break..
The past few days have been a blast.. Just Riding Along,, enjoying the summer
and the two wheeled fun. 
Pulled the Single Lemond out for the Tuesday morning Road rIde and that 
was a blast.. And yesterday got to ride single track with the Pip....again good times....
For the cherry on top rode to work this morning via single track and 
some much neeed dirt ripping time..
With more planned and three weeks off from racing
I see this.
The kid has done well this year with the Jump to Cat 1,, and for the 
rest of the week if not longer her name gets to be up to there. 
I think that we have to go to Duluth again and race on sunday 
LIVE that first Place Call UP. 
Bit crazy we said that we were not going to go,, a brake was needed......
But this changes the game.
Standing on top never Sucks

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Kid GOT Paid

Went on a car drive to go race bikes this past weekend.
Never a close one seeing that we have to drive to and through the 
Twin Cities.  The Pip and made it with enough time to 
get warmed up and scope the course out. From the looks 
of it had rained pretty hard the night before,, but lucky the terrain there drain quick.
Standing on the line the regular hitters were there and as always I wanted a good start. In addition to the 
normal folks Young Jack showed up and Sporting the BMC kit that has brought him 
so much success this summer. 
Off at the word go out on the road and into the power line climb. At the top
I cut to the inside not knowing the SKJ was moving up behind me. He went in the grass and over the bars. 
Back to the road and into the single sitting on Eric O's wheel. After a bit 
Jack came around to chase down Brendan and Sam who were off the front.
At this point Eric and I had built up a good gap and were flying, and that is 
when SKJ made it back to us and around, which gave us something to chase. 
The pace was high the corners were tight I blew a few and lost contact with the
two in front of me.. Fought hard and got them back in my sights but never on 
a wheel again. For the next lap and three quarters I was right there working it and staying away till
the end when Barry chased and got me with 1.5 to go. I was done at that point worked from the pace and the heat. Another day in seventh and another top ten Finnish. All in all a good days work.
The Pip in the other hand had a great day and fought hard to get 2nd overall and a huge payout. 
Good job kid..