Monday, August 15, 2011

Purple Tubers

Another week has flown by.. and it is hard to remember all that went on.
All I know is the rain out on saturday gave me time to clean 
bikes and to clean up the work bench.  
Sunday brought sunny sky's and much motivation. While the rest 
of the cycling world was racing some where some how,,,,,, I was out to ride. 
Wanted to take the Pip out for a good ride and make her work just a bit. 
So after crossing the big muddy we followed the river road till we got to the 
bottom of the T-shrumper hill..She did great,,showing that she can climb
a long accent. 
Then down the tv 19 road and back to Wisco. 
The child only ever wants to ride MTB's and I understand but it is not 
always possible,,,plus as I tell her it is good for her to do some speed work on the road. 
 Had some killer Frisbee throwing before 
dinner,, but something was just not right. 
What it was ,,,was I was itching to get out and ride some single track. 
Legs were happy and ready to go... so after a dinner of 
Roasted Peruvian Fingerling Potatoes with crispy bacon and caramelized shallots, Grilled Pork Tenderloin and fresh Green Bean,, I got all suited up and off I went. 
The bike and trail were like one flying and flowing trough the woods as the sun 
went down over the bluff. Exactly what I needed.
Now time to get ready for the test on sunday, The Trek Boarder Battle. This is not my favorite
race course but an important race. The Pace of front is going to be tough and the lap traffic is going to be
thick.  The goal is to get off the line and stay towards the front. We'll see some of the big guns are in 
top form. 
It is also Anna's birthday that day and one of her gifts just showed up in the mail...
I hope that they give her miles and miles of pedaling pleasure.. Thanks Northwave..
Now if you have not yet done it today go and ride your bike,..,.,.,.,

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