Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Packers vs. Vikings ,,, Brewers vs. Twins ,,, and
This race stood to be a big field and the weather and 
trail conditions were perfect. For what it is worth a very flat course with a small 
climb at the start and a smaller one in the middle.
Some faces were missing Matter and Tristan,, and Brendan
but there was still 80 some for call ups and the word GOOOO.. With the big three not racing  I got the first one with my second place in the MNSCS,, and needless to say
my heart was pounding with 79+ people breathing down my neck. Next up was Nathan ,

who would go on to win the day ,, and then the rest filed... and it was go time. 
I got on H-woods wheel as he charged up the start hill and around the grassy field
and in to the single track.. I was able to bridge up to the end of the front group and it took all I had
to hang on as the pace was fast. 
First lap and second lap kind of blend togother,,with the pain of trying to recover 
from the full out effort.. 
Heading in to the single on the third lap is where the passing seemed to start.. Lap traffic and those with
fresh legs started to make the passing and single track more interesting..
Pulled hard and pushed hard... again not finishing where i want to be,,
could have use a sustained climb to stretch out some gaps..
Came in 21st and worked hard,, and I am hoping to be able to build for Maplelag.
Kid kicked ass racing up an age group so she did not have to race
as a Jr. she said that her chest hurt due to allergies and
still managed to come in 12 over all and 3 in the Age Group... Good 
job kid,,,

Up Next Maplelag!!!!

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