Thursday, August 4, 2011


I really thought that I was going to get a break..
The past few days have been a blast.. Just Riding Along,, enjoying the summer
and the two wheeled fun. 
Pulled the Single Lemond out for the Tuesday morning Road rIde and that 
was a blast.. And yesterday got to ride single track with the Pip....again good times....
For the cherry on top rode to work this morning via single track and 
some much neeed dirt ripping time..
With more planned and three weeks off from racing
I see this.
The kid has done well this year with the Jump to Cat 1,, and for the 
rest of the week if not longer her name gets to be up to there. 
I think that we have to go to Duluth again and race on sunday 
LIVE that first Place Call UP. 
Bit crazy we said that we were not going to go,, a brake was needed......
But this changes the game.
Standing on top never Sucks

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  1. After looking again they screwed up the standing and Pip is still second... Which is nothing to frown about.. Racing this weekend,,, and going fast....