Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Kid GOT Paid

Went on a car drive to go race bikes this past weekend.
Never a close one seeing that we have to drive to and through the 
Twin Cities.  The Pip and made it with enough time to 
get warmed up and scope the course out. From the looks 
of it had rained pretty hard the night before,, but lucky the terrain there drain quick.
Standing on the line the regular hitters were there and as always I wanted a good start. In addition to the 
normal folks Young Jack showed up and Sporting the BMC kit that has brought him 
so much success this summer. 
Off at the word go out on the road and into the power line climb. At the top
I cut to the inside not knowing the SKJ was moving up behind me. He went in the grass and over the bars. 
Back to the road and into the single sitting on Eric O's wheel. After a bit 
Jack came around to chase down Brendan and Sam who were off the front.
At this point Eric and I had built up a good gap and were flying, and that is 
when SKJ made it back to us and around, which gave us something to chase. 
The pace was high the corners were tight I blew a few and lost contact with the
two in front of me.. Fought hard and got them back in my sights but never on 
a wheel again. For the next lap and three quarters I was right there working it and staying away till
the end when Barry chased and got me with 1.5 to go. I was done at that point worked from the pace and the heat. Another day in seventh and another top ten Finnish. All in all a good days work.
The Pip in the other hand had a great day and fought hard to get 2nd overall and a huge payout. 
Good job kid..

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