Monday, March 30, 2015

Fast Cars.. Cheep.. Thrills

I survived another weekend,, 
and I say that because it seems like each and every weekend I am coming 
up with newer and better ways to totally destroy me self.
This one was no different, coming home from work and heading out on the 
single cross,, just as the UPS driver pulled up with a new Sk8toy for me. 

I got my first Gonz board in 87 then later in the 90's as I was getting older and 
Mark had started up Blind I was not only hooked on his boards but his graphic have always 
be top notch stuff.
This new deck is an 8.6 with a bit of a bottle nose which gives it a bit of a different feel underfoot. 
So while the clan watched TV I played in the garage and skated the night away..

My plan for saturday was more the same... beat my self up on the single cross and take the boy out to the park and play.. And that was only going to happen if the snow 
piles had dried up and the park was clean.. 

After another flogging on the Purple Reign  and a bit of a nap on the pleather couch I found my self at the park once again. 

The constant banter back and forth between my child and I has to become 
some what of a running joke between the two of us..
He seems to know what I am going to say before I even say it,.,.
And it is normally something to the extent of go Faster!!
Going faster always seems to smooth out the rough edges. 

After getting the kids new whip almost together 
I once again found my self on the back of the Nature Boy,,
this day only to find 30+ mph winds greeting me in the face as I worked my way back home..
Sundays nap was topped off while watching live skateboarding from

So after watching people roll around their was only one thing left for us to
Yep go and ride on our rollerboards.. 
Me and the kid had a good rail session going back and forth with the 
Go faster catch phrase.. 

Wheels moving.. Bodies Thumping as they hit the Ground..
World is Turning.
Life is Good..

Friday, March 27, 2015


I must be an old man... 
Still recovering from going out to a rock show Wednesday night. 
I was not even out that late but still threw me off for the rest of the week..
I hopped on the Nature Boy and rode down to Lacrosse and
all the memories of doing this pedal day in/out flooded my mentals.
I was meeting Hwood and his lovely wife along with special Tim
downtown to see the Supersuckers. 

I had rockstar parking right in front of the venue and the 
Hollywood Cycles crew was there shortly after as we geared up for a good show. 
The Caviler is great spot to see a show,,, not only do they have a nice bar with decent 
beer prices ,,, the sound in this old theater is spot on.. 
Even when their is only 30 people at the show..

Yep thirty people,, pretty lame for a college town on a wednesday night..
But I was there and the band put on a great show..

At the end high fives were given and 
I pedaled home and was in bed by midnight..
So again not a late night but damn I am worked..
So much so that 
last night at the indoor skate session i was worthless..
I ended up just watching the boy skate.

I just rolled around and kept it mellow,, I have a fresh deck coming today and vacation
in a few more,, I was going to check my self before I wrecked my self..
No need to beat my self up anymore than I  have lately..

So Bring on the weekend I am ready to chill and enjoy some not work time..

 I have earned it..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Double WiDe

Between the weather taking a turn for the worse and their not being enough light
in the day,, it is hard to find the time to get out and du what needs to be done.
I almost bagged it yesterday and did not leave the house even though
the roads were dry and it was not butt ass cold. 
My motivation was the fact that the LaMere was not only boxed up
but now on a FedEx truck on it's way down south.
I really had no excuses and only had about an hour of time before lights were going to be needed.
So I jumped on the Nature Boy and did the One Hitter loop out the front door..
It is called this because for the most part it is rolling roads till the 
mid way point till you get to a one mile long straight up hill.
The loop on my geared bike can be done in or just under one hour,, the SSCX sometimes takes 
a touch over an hour due to slog up the incline..
As normal it is a battle up the hill with only  being able to stand or sit pushing the early season 42x18
but I got it done and made it home in time for left over pork tacos..
Happy I left the house ,, Happy to be moving.. 2 or 4 wheels are never wrong. 
This is the sign at the top on the way down.. All Down Hill to home!!

Thursday sk8 day is coming back into play as the outdoor is covered in snow which will force us 
back into the indoor.. I know that this kid pictured here is thinking more about the desert than 
anything else at this time.. It has been three weeks or so since we have had to sk8 indoors...
It is great that we have it but have been spoiled with the great out of doors..

Speaking of indoors here is the winning run from Tampa the other day..

The Dude put on a clinic and just killed it,, some say that Nyjah got robbed but 
Oliveria's run was killer..

This next one show the determination that is need to jump down 20 stairs while
your board is flipping under you..

This is supposed to happen tonight and I am a bit scared
as it will be past my bed time and it is a Wednesday night..
But life is too short not to?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Time For Desert

Like the most of the rest of you I woke up to a blanket of fresh heavy 
A clean blanket covering the once thawed ground around my house. With all this new 
fresh pow pow,, all I can do is think of the desert and the eight daze of work that I have to try to 
plug through. 

I was able while things were dry to get my Plastic bike out and test the new and old parts and see what my body thought of going up steep hills.
The trails behind the house were the testing ground and I was pleased to find them almost bone dry on the west faces and tacky on the east. 
It is no secret that the trails here are steep and they don't offer miles upon miles of distance but what they lack in that they make up for in fun factor. 
The total mileage for the day with a stop at the bike shop was only twelve miles but I managed just under 2k of climbing and descending.. And this is the old school kind of descending,, the kind where you put your seat in your chest and hang your ass off the back.. 
Needless to say it was a good ride and good to be out on one of my favorite whips,, The bike and mind are ready for the desert ,,,, now if only the body will show up and kick ass. 
With that part of the weekend over the bike now looks like this.. 

Bike riding was done with and it was time to pick up where we left off at the skateboard park..
Thursday and Friday saw some good skating and fun new lines drawn up,, and both 
the boy and I were ready to get after it,, especially after watching live streaming of the Tampa Pro contest all morning saturday..
I Ganked my tail under one of the metal pieces of ramp fraiday which just meant that I got to Order a new deck so I have a fresh one for vacation.. 

And the wheels rolled on and on... The saturday afternoon session must have lasted up to three hours and the crew all showed and level rose and the young rocket
kept pushing it harder and harder..
Finally sticking boardslides on the Rail. 

And the old man started and now has the 50/50 over and down the Huba..

The wheels keep on moving and the spirits will stay high..
We wont be skating this week outside and trying to 
make it to the indoor may not happen with 
all the karate that the boy has.
For now it is time 
to get the bike in 
the mail
to get all the loose ends 
tied up.
I am ready
for sun singletrack
and no work .

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bending it Back

I found my self alone on the couch the other night as everyone 
had gone to bed before nine o'clock,,,
so what else to do?? Stream old 80's skate videos from my phone to the TV!
I found my self watching the H-Street debut movie from 
88... I had it on the other night when the twenty something crowd was over..

For me it is the beginning edit of Matt Hensley that I really really like.. 
It goes on from there and just keep delivering with the first full part from
Danny Way..
For us mid western kids growing up on The Bones Crew this 
was something like we had never seen and 
sure changed the way we skated for years to come.. Not to mention the next year on a
 family vacation I got to go to San Diego and skate at the same park as Way was in the movie..
Needless to say I barely got a dozen runs in on the mini with the hip,, the locals were off the hook.. 

As I continued to flip through old clips and cast more stuff to the big screen I came
across a Transworld 30th clip about Matt Hensley and learned not only why he 
walked away from the sport when he was at its highest points 
but then learned he was and has been playing in the band Flogging Molly.. 

I think it is pretty dam cool how this stuff goes full circle and how the artistry and creativity 
never seems to leave the mind of a rollerboarder no matter which way they seem 
to go.. 

For me the Battles continue.. The boy and I met the crew down at the park and for once we had it to our selves with no scooters and just a hand full of us..
I am not sure what got into my head but I started working on the last rail that i have never
slid.. It is a funky set up as you need a bunch up speed coming up to the to of the pyramid box.. 
I got on it first try and bailed second landed but the board shot out and I bent some fingers back...
But I kept at it and by try six or so I was rolling away.. 
If it wan't for backside board slides I would just be the weird old guy at the park.. This way I am the weird old guy that can do a trick or a few.. 

The LaMere is all together and only needs a few tweaks and I hope that i can get out and 
ride on it a bit this weekend.. Not a lot of stuff open but I know of a hill or two that I can go up and test the bike before I need to tear it down and put it in to a box...And ship it off to AZ.. 
So ready for some sun some riding and Skating in some cement parks..
Two Weeks and Counting ,, but who is counting?

Now time to fix some broke down stuff.. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Going for Broke

This place needs a lot of help and the City is saying once again that they 
have no money,, Go figure..

I posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram and Facebook the other night of some of the problem areas,, but had to stop because their are too many and I ran out of time.. 

The word is that today and tomorrow they are going to get out and start working on the problem areas,, the catch is they only have 4 sheets of Skatelite and that maybe just maybe they can get enough chicken scratch together in a month or two and get four more sheets..
I am hoping that my grey matter can get around an idea or two to come up with some fund raising efforts and get this stuff fixed,,,, make it safe for the kids... 

And the old guys who like to Play!!

This is coming out

in May and has been getting much hype as bits have been getting filmed for a 
while now.. Should be a good one.. 

These guys are going to be back at it also ,, with some new footage,,
I know that i have shown this before but it is too much fun.. 

In closing

The wind has been blowing making for some interesting bike riding,, 
but head down and pushing through I will continue to ride and smile. 
Don't Call it A Come Back..
I never Left..

Monday, March 16, 2015

Granny Gear

You know that you are getting old when you have some twenty something friends over for drinks and they bring their little one and the cute little things starts calling you and your wife grand ma and Pa,, 
That being said it is safe to say that it is a typical monday start to the week and 
feeling sore and stiff.  But once again only due to all the movement that 
comes from a busy weekend. 

I have managed to stick together a solid bock of days pedaling my bicycles,,
and it has me looking into the future knowing that I have a 
 lot of work to do but I must say I am happy where i am with 
what I have. 

Fridays warmth and early end to the work day made for a good mix of bike riding beer drinking
and good old family time,,, that is because the kid came home for spring brake. 
But while I was out working my lovely wife tag a picture for me 
in solidarity from fridays post,.,

It made me smile and was super happy to see her out on the plastic 
road machine now that it is all tuned up thanks to the crew at Blue Heroin Bikes. 

Saturday saw more of the same except the fact that I needed to head out before the temps
got to be really warm.
The boy and I were heading to the cites to pick up his Karate Monkey and had plans to do some Thrashing while we were up there.

He was all set to ride some different parks,, but after getting the bike downtown then finding a 
lunch spot and then fighting traffic to stop at the Famillia for some wheels,,, we were both 
burned out on the hussel and bussel of the 612.
So we just came home and kicked it at our park and sessioned with the local pro ripper kids..
I do have to say the new Spitfire wheels are killing it right know pretty stoked,,

I have posted a few pictures of the boy showing off for his sister at the park and it is 
pretty funny how may vies and thumbs up that he has been getting on the instagram..
From time to time I like to lurk and see who is liking stuff,, and I have to say that it is a pretty interesting world out there.
But regardless just stoke to see the boy thrashing. 

Wrapped up the weekend with some cabbage and porkchops from the grill,, I 
can safely say that i was pretty shelled from the ride I did in the heavy wind yesterday.
I made the decision to head out on the All-City and do the loop that I have been doing on the shifter bike. 
I knew that once I got to the top of the bluff I was going to be manhandled by the wind,, and it is safe to say that I was.
But it helped cap off a good week of riding and it is has the flame inside burning at full strength.

Spring is here and it is going to be a while before we get 
back into the woods but there are good signs that it wont be too long.

Now I just need to figure out how to get loose and get this party started.. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

I aM wHaT I sAy I Am

It is hard to be awesome twenty four seven,, three sixty five,, but this old sack of bones does what he can and how he can..
The body is still in the process of getting better and healing from all the 
recent ailments,, not at 100% yet bet getting better..
The color in my kankle is starting to go back to it normal flesh tones and
rolling around on the sk8toy is not overly pain full.

The boy and I loaded up the Rav and headed over to Back River Falls yesterday afternoon to 
meet the skate crew and rip their little park..
I had called the parks director earlier in day asking to see if the snow had cleared and if the park was skateable which he assured me that it should be and mentioned he would check and get back with me..

I never heard back and the boy and the boyz were all itching get over there and give it a ago so I 
said WTF..   It is a quick drive and we do it a bunch to either ski or go and pedal Levis Mound and were at the spot before we knew it.. For the most part it was dry just had to put up with a bit of moisture smack dab in the middle of the bowl,,, which both the Rocket and I were hoping to ride. 
But we found other lines and watched the pro kids kill it as they always do..
Again just another day in the pursuit of being awesome. 

It feels so good riding outside after months of indoor riding..
The weather has been so nice the past few days I was able to 
get out on the shifting road bike and do some Arizona practice..
And again so nice that I was able to ride with out gloves,, a hat and 
even went out in shorts.
I snapped this photo after climbing one of tougher hills by the house 
and was just so happy to be out in the sunshine.

I got home posted the photo,, along with another one tagging some sponsors 
and just being so damn happy to be out on the bike and not the broken man that I was last 

Later that evening my phone makes a noise and lets me know that my photo has been shared?
So I pop on the facebook and find that yes it has and it was sent from an acquaintance to 
a friend with the caption,, something like I guess spring has sprung?
Offline I contacted both the sender and the receiver,, the one who had the photo posted to his page said he had no idea what the point was and had taken it down once he saw it,, and I never heard from the sender.
Now let me say  I was not offended or  upset,, or lost any sleep.. I put my self out there 
I am an open book,, I post a lot of pictures and content for my self and for my family and for my Sponsors.
I have been before and sure I will again be the butt of jokes from particular groups with in the close-nit cycling community.. Jabs have been made for phots taken of my self riding or pictures of my bikes,,, I have been poked at for tagging sponsors and mentioning those who continue to support me and my cycling life. 
I will not stop being who I am and will not stop doing what I do,,, if you have issues with my
internet profile,, You can step up and speak to me like the grown men that we are,, or you can just stop looking at what it is I have to say..
I am proud of what I have become and where I come from and where it is that I am going. 
So with that said H8ters are going to hate and that is just the fuel to all the Winners in the world. 
The internet is a tool and should only be used for good,, and it gets ruined when  
asshats click send.. 

And in closing today a beer gets poured on the curb for our Internet 
Hero Stevil from All Hail the Black Market..
Our man messed up his knee riding his bike the other day and 
is going to be laid up for a while..
Get healed up and 
before you know it you will be back at the art of Slappy's..

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

StarBelly Sneetche

Mondays attempt at a meaningful post was a bit of a cop-out,, but then again I was
dealing with a waterpark hangover and a kankle at was slowing me down.. 

Last night I noticed that it has started to change colors so we are on the mend..
With the super nice for March weather I was once again out coaching the boy as he rolled around on his Sk8 toy and even managed to push around myself.
My goal is a simple one get as healed up as I can with out anymore tissue damage so 
when I get to Arizona I can play on both the bike and the rollerboard. 

My partner in Crime is ready to go,, and the rumor is that we 
may even be able to roll around the local 
park one of these super sunny evenings..


Now for your Wednesday dose of I wish I was young like these guys,,, this kid Ben
is a full on nut and skates some crazy lines,,
he is fun to watch..

The last Kid Ben skates for this kids Dad's Company,, 
This nut does not fall far from the tree and 
as he grows only gets more and more rad,,
It is a shame I can't help my little ripper like Papa Hawk did for

I leave you with this,,, skating in the Garage this came over the speakers,, and 
the  first thing the boy said was " huh sounds like the California Uber Alles band ?"
Smart kid,, 
Music in the 80's seemed to have a bit more meaning than what you hear today.

Now get out enjoy the weather 
and get your wheels Rolling,,..

Monday, March 9, 2015

Trying to post From the back of a speeding car.,.,.,

The week ended with the young Rockets new board showing up to the house..
And after gripping my new deck I  set in on his.
It was to be a fresh wood Friday session... So we headed downtown and ripped the indoor till it closed.... Everyday should be new griptape day...

Saturday mooring brought some warming temps and anybody who is anybody was out racing their fat bikes.
Not having one and not racing I was going to go or and do what I do.
With the single still geared 36x18 I figured it would be a good test to head up the vista trail.
I was out early enough to still have frozen trails and good snow coverage.. And other than a small spin out I was able to climb the whole thing.
More SK8ing became our afternoon but my luck was not very good... Coming off a board slide I one again tweaked my knee... I was able to shake that one of and keep rolling... All was good till I slipped out of a half cab and rolled my ankle this put me on the ground..
I can walk ,,  but it is sore and swollen ....
And I am tired of constantly being hurt... I may need a new life style..

Sunday morning I was able to get in to my riding shoes and go for a spin before heading to the Dells.

Sundays ride was good because it was outside.. But so much has changed in the woods in under 24 hours.
The ground  was still frozen and where the snow has been was now ice... And only due to the millions of foot prints frozen in time was why I was  able to get any traction..
Hard to believe that people we out on the trail when it was wet..
Fast forward to this morning  after running around a water park
This old man is battered and sore..
My ankle/foot is a kankle... and  I am freaking out as we leave to AZ in three weeks..
I got to get my self right..

Friday, March 6, 2015

Going Back To,,,

Not that I believe the weather man for a minute but as far as I can
see into the future it seems as if spring may slowly be creeping in.. 
And this is good,, I would like to end my riding indoors and switch to the outside style..
This should all come together here as we spring forward saturday and get that 
long evening sunlight. 
Again this is all good stuff,, and crap do I have a lot of work to get done. 

First and foremost I need to get the Lamare back up and running,, 
Magura has sent a new set of MT8's and they need to get on the bike,, brake lines need to be cut and the back needs to get the fluid pulled out so I can run the line through the frame then 
bled and then set up,, so just with that I got some work to do,, and that is on top of needed to recable the read shifter and orange seal the tires,, all of this needs to be done so it can be tested and ready for Sedona in four weeks,,from today. 

A balance needs to be found for me between the Sk8boarding and Bike riding,,, 
I am hoping to get out tomorrow and ride the frozen single track one last time before everything turns to slop and mud,, Then it will be time for the 1x1 Cross and Road bike... And all of this 
while I nurse my injuries from the past few months of skating indoors..
I can't wait to ride the parks down in Az,, smooth fast cement and fresh air,,,
it is going to be too awesome

The Boy and I got some new backpacks coming to us so we don't have to put our
boards under the plane,, Last time with his new board of two days it came out from under the plane all chipped up.. Not happy he was. 
So we have a couple of these coming so his new Curren Flip will stay nice and fresh. 

Now just need to get through one more day of Work and day dream of days to come.. 
Here is some Motivation ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wheels go RoUnd and rOuNd

The internet blew up yesterday when Shane O'Neill's new edit dropped on
the Thrasher website.. 
He has been know for skating some unreal lines and he has at times been
called video game like,, 
Last year he gave us this...

But as shoe clips go the TNT SG is by far one of the best..
This Anti Hero rips apart his home turf of San Francisco..
Oh yea and he sk8's for Vans.. 

That is all I have for shoe commercials..

Very Creative,,

We had a member of the cycling family get into a nasty snowboard
wreck the other day.
Perry Jewett
is a stand up guy who does a lot for the cycling world and 
his cycling community in Spearfish South Dakota.
Perry the creator of the Dakota 5-0 busted his pelvis up pretty 
bad and had to be not only be flown to Denver but went through 5 hours of surgery.
Helicopter flights suck and he is going to be laid up for a while..
If you have ever done his race or rode his trails make sure you drop him a line and 
wish him a speedy recovery.
Here is a clip for 2008 it was the year that I made it out to Do his race..
There is even a gimps of a old washed up bike racer at one minute ten seconds into the video..

I have been trying to explain to the boy about Rock bands and Punk bands how how from time to time they unplug and play the same music but just a touch different.
This here is one of the best examples that I have had to show 

Sit back enjoi and get your Hump Day started.
And Jam Econo.. 

Monday, March 2, 2015


It is another one of those monday mornings where I wake up and wounder if my 
aging body is going to make it through the week. 
Typical start make coffee add ice to my left shoulder and take a nap on the 
I don't remember tweaking my knee this weekend but man it is giving me some pain and not sure how I am going to deal with this new bit of aging..
It was a full weekend with 
the oldest coming home and letting me and Anna out of the house for a good 
old fashion night out on the town.

Some dinner some drinks then off to see the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, which played their best show that we have seen them play so far. 
The venue was perfect and the sound was even better. 
I shook my ass for a good long time until gravity told me it was time to sit and chill which 
I did with a true show of force.. 

Saturday showed up and I was groggy from staying up late and partying the night before,,
but I knew that I had to do something with having both kids in the house,, the stircrazy vibe was in full effect.. 
I convinced the Rocket to go to the park and his sister would come and watch him skate..
He put on a good show for her then I sent them off for Ice Creme while I rode with out them for a while and crushed it a bit more when they got back..

I had made some plans with the local rippers to meet up sunday morning and get some more work done in the park..
Cole and Christian met me at 10ish and we got locked in to the park before hours to 
try and complete the work on the upper part of the Euro.
Again crazy how frustrating it is to get these pieces of wood to match up,,, don't think that their is a straight line in the place.. But with time and patients we were able to cut two more
slabs of masonite and make things smoother..  I then drove the shop vac through the place and tried to make it as clean as we could.. I am so over riding inside,.,.

I managed to body slam my self a few times yesterday sliding out on a new trick,, I have been landing a fakie to fakie 50-50,, so yesterday I started on the mini doing a fakie Backside smith ,, landed a few took them to the bigger ramp and slid out and slammed.
After a few more tries and just not feeling it I cruzed home and went bike riding,,, because nothing bad ever happens while riding.. 

Got all kitted up and headed out the door not really expecting much of anything and just let the magnets in my brain pull me in a direction..
Ended up at the bottom of the Vista trail and was worried that my 36x18 my be a bit much to try and climb a snow covered hill..
With my head down and legs churning I powered up through the tough bits and rolled the rest.. 
This trail is so packed in you could have rode a road bike up there.
Got to the top and did some exploring before heading home,, ready to take up my place on the couch..
By the time my ride was done it was safe to say that I got as much as I could out of my weekend..

Now it I can just figure out why my body hurts in so many places.. 
Oh right it must be Monday,,