Monday, March 2, 2015


It is another one of those monday mornings where I wake up and wounder if my 
aging body is going to make it through the week. 
Typical start make coffee add ice to my left shoulder and take a nap on the 
I don't remember tweaking my knee this weekend but man it is giving me some pain and not sure how I am going to deal with this new bit of aging..
It was a full weekend with 
the oldest coming home and letting me and Anna out of the house for a good 
old fashion night out on the town.

Some dinner some drinks then off to see the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, which played their best show that we have seen them play so far. 
The venue was perfect and the sound was even better. 
I shook my ass for a good long time until gravity told me it was time to sit and chill which 
I did with a true show of force.. 

Saturday showed up and I was groggy from staying up late and partying the night before,,
but I knew that I had to do something with having both kids in the house,, the stircrazy vibe was in full effect.. 
I convinced the Rocket to go to the park and his sister would come and watch him skate..
He put on a good show for her then I sent them off for Ice Creme while I rode with out them for a while and crushed it a bit more when they got back..

I had made some plans with the local rippers to meet up sunday morning and get some more work done in the park..
Cole and Christian met me at 10ish and we got locked in to the park before hours to 
try and complete the work on the upper part of the Euro.
Again crazy how frustrating it is to get these pieces of wood to match up,,, don't think that their is a straight line in the place.. But with time and patients we were able to cut two more
slabs of masonite and make things smoother..  I then drove the shop vac through the place and tried to make it as clean as we could.. I am so over riding inside,.,.

I managed to body slam my self a few times yesterday sliding out on a new trick,, I have been landing a fakie to fakie 50-50,, so yesterday I started on the mini doing a fakie Backside smith ,, landed a few took them to the bigger ramp and slid out and slammed.
After a few more tries and just not feeling it I cruzed home and went bike riding,,, because nothing bad ever happens while riding.. 

Got all kitted up and headed out the door not really expecting much of anything and just let the magnets in my brain pull me in a direction..
Ended up at the bottom of the Vista trail and was worried that my 36x18 my be a bit much to try and climb a snow covered hill..
With my head down and legs churning I powered up through the tough bits and rolled the rest.. 
This trail is so packed in you could have rode a road bike up there.
Got to the top and did some exploring before heading home,, ready to take up my place on the couch..
By the time my ride was done it was safe to say that I got as much as I could out of my weekend..

Now it I can just figure out why my body hurts in so many places.. 
Oh right it must be Monday,,

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