Friday, March 20, 2015

Bending it Back

I found my self alone on the couch the other night as everyone 
had gone to bed before nine o'clock,,,
so what else to do?? Stream old 80's skate videos from my phone to the TV!
I found my self watching the H-Street debut movie from 
88... I had it on the other night when the twenty something crowd was over..

For me it is the beginning edit of Matt Hensley that I really really like.. 
It goes on from there and just keep delivering with the first full part from
Danny Way..
For us mid western kids growing up on The Bones Crew this 
was something like we had never seen and 
sure changed the way we skated for years to come.. Not to mention the next year on a
 family vacation I got to go to San Diego and skate at the same park as Way was in the movie..
Needless to say I barely got a dozen runs in on the mini with the hip,, the locals were off the hook.. 

As I continued to flip through old clips and cast more stuff to the big screen I came
across a Transworld 30th clip about Matt Hensley and learned not only why he 
walked away from the sport when he was at its highest points 
but then learned he was and has been playing in the band Flogging Molly.. 

I think it is pretty dam cool how this stuff goes full circle and how the artistry and creativity 
never seems to leave the mind of a rollerboarder no matter which way they seem 
to go.. 

For me the Battles continue.. The boy and I met the crew down at the park and for once we had it to our selves with no scooters and just a hand full of us..
I am not sure what got into my head but I started working on the last rail that i have never
slid.. It is a funky set up as you need a bunch up speed coming up to the to of the pyramid box.. 
I got on it first try and bailed second landed but the board shot out and I bent some fingers back...
But I kept at it and by try six or so I was rolling away.. 
If it wan't for backside board slides I would just be the weird old guy at the park.. This way I am the weird old guy that can do a trick or a few.. 

The LaMere is all together and only needs a few tweaks and I hope that i can get out and 
ride on it a bit this weekend.. Not a lot of stuff open but I know of a hill or two that I can go up and test the bike before I need to tear it down and put it in to a box...And ship it off to AZ.. 
So ready for some sun some riding and Skating in some cement parks..
Two Weeks and Counting ,, but who is counting?

Now time to fix some broke down stuff.. 

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